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They’re not completely cucked out

by | Dec 12, 2020 | Politics | 0 comments

The conventional wisdom about the Euroweenies is that they no longer understand what a nation actually is, and have simply surrendered their identities and their love of their own peoples in favour for fancy-pants and lollipops handed out by the globalist abomination that we call the European Union.

They are therefore in terminal decline and should all simply tell their women to put on burqahs and niqabs and tell their men to convert right over to the religion of “peace”. Which, by the way, truly is a religion of peace – because if you question or criticise it, you will rest in peace. (That’s not my original aphorism, some genius on YouTube coined it.) There are no brave men and women left in Europe – the red-pilled men are checking out of their broken and corrupted societies, and their women are all crazy tattooed ugly feminists.

Judging by this truly lovely young lady from the Netherlands, though, the conventional wisdom is wrong:

No tattoos. Long beautiful real blonde hair (insofar as I can tell). Charming, slightly husky voice – that’s seriously my Kryptonite, by the way. Intelligent, witty, well-educated, and absolutely not a feminist. Interested in traditional values and standing up for her people. STUNNING looks.

What a woman! That there is wife material – based, admittedly, entirely on appearances.

She is just about everything that I approve of in a lady. That is one truly lovely example of European womanhood, and I genuinely hope that she has a wonderful, happy life as a wife and mother to a good man. If her younger compatriots want a role model to look up to, that is one for all to admire.

The main point here is that people who write off Europe are making a category error. The European people are not the same as the European governments. And indeed, the people of Europe, particularly in rural and suburban Europe, are firmly turning away from the lies of feminism and globalism.

Judging by what I have seen of my time in Eastern Europe – which is VERY different from European Europe – the Europeans understand their own identities in ways that outsiders cannot understand. The Germans know who is, and is not, German. Likewise the French. Likewise the Spanish, Italians, Poles, Swedes, and ESPECIALLY the Swiss.

These peoples and nations will reassert themselves very soon. They are already in the process of doing so. Just take French President Macron. In the wake of a recent RIF attack, in which a Chechen Muslim beheaded a French teacher for the “crime” of showing those old Charlie Hebdo cartoons, the guy that most sensible people on the Right think of as a closet homo, projected himself as the Second Coming of Rambo and made clear that France will NOT back down with respect to its secular values.

Again, that’s a globalist par excellence telling his people that he won’t tolerate Islamist wingnuttery.

Peoples across Europe are rediscovering their balls and their spines. It’s glorious to watch. The nations of old Europe are reasserting themselves. You won’t know it by watching or listening to the never-to-be-sufficiently-cursed whorenalists and presstitutes of the mainstream (((media))), of course. But don’t worry too much about that. Those same people will be the first to be lined up for appointments with Madame Guillotine whenever the French finally dust off the old lady and get her dressed up for the masquerades to come.

The same is true for the Dutch. Don’t take my word for it – ask our good friend the Gentleman Adventurer, Adam Piggott. He actually lives there. And he will tell you that, even in the biggest cities of the most liberal of European nations, he is seeing a major resurgence in good old-fashioned nationalistic values.

National identities are very, very hard to kill. Seventy years of the literally Satanic abomination of Communism couldn’t do it in Russia. Eighty years of that same abomination in China has created a very uniquely Chinese identity that is totally incompatible with Western thinking.

The only peoples who have voluntarily subjected themselves to the destruction of their national identities are those of the White West. This was always idiotic and remains so to this day.

I have never for the life of me been able to understand why Westerners are not proud of their achievements. Thanks to the Western world – thanks almost ENTIRELY to the Western world – the rest of the world has seen rapid advances in standards of living and hope for billions that would have been unthinkable just a hundred years ago. The West ought to be rightly proud of advancing the cause of reason, hope, and faith around the world.

Instead, you Westerners shrink from your monumental achievements in every field of human endeavour in shame.

What the hell is WRONG with you people?!?! Can’t you see and understand that you have done more to free the world of mysticism, tyranny, superstition, slavery, and illness than any other group of people in human history?!? Why are you ashamed of this?!

Because of your innovations, hundreds of millions of Indians and Africans have a chance of actually surviving past the age of 30. They have access to electricity, indoor plumbing, clean drinking water, television, the internet, and modern education and healthcare. Yet you hang your heads in shame and think of all of the evils that your ancestors committed under colonial regimes. You blame yourselves for things that had absolutely nothing to do with you, specifically.

And you atone for these imaginary sins by importing millions of people who are nothing like you, and who hate you, and who will never try to assimilate into your cultures.

I ask you again: WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

That lovely and charming young lady in the video up top does not suffer from the same mental illness that so many of your compatriots evidently do. I applaud her for that, heartily and with absolute sincerity.

The day will come when that sentiment is commonplace and the nations of Europe will take pride in who and what they are – and they will express that pride by keeping EXTREMELY strict tabs on who gets in, and who stays out. Do not lose hope, brothers, for that day is coming. Remember that God loves the nations, and with good reason.

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