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They didn’t sink the damn ships

by | Nov 12, 2020 | Politics | 5 comments

Remember ze Germans – or, to be more precise, their government – decided that they were almost irredeemably racist, and tried to fix the (non-existent) problem by importing a MILLION Syrian and North African “refugees”? How do you suppose that turned out for them?:

As the world watched in awe five years ago, new faces were welcomed into Germany with balloons and banners proclaiming ‘We love refugees’.

More than a million strangers headed there from faraway lands at the height of Europe’s biggest migration crisis since World War II hoping for a new life in the West.

In a rallying cry to her nation, the German chancellor Angela Merkel declared in the autumn of 2015: ‘We can do this. We are strong and can manage it.’

Even as Mrs Merkel’s historic speech was broadcast on German TV, reports flashed up on the screen that trainloads of men, women and children were clamouring to be let in at her borders. And they were.

In astonishing scenes a few days later, thousands of bedraggled, tired migrants turned up at railway stations in German cities to be met by local children blowing soap bubbles and handing over teddy bears as the country threw off its dark, xenophobic past to become the humanitarian face of Europe.

But today the celebrations for migrants are over in this powerhouse of the European Union. 

Many of the foreigners who entered Germany in those heady days are being forcibly sent home to Africa, south Asia, the Middle East, Russia and the Balkans on secret flights, marshalled by security officers, after being frogmarched to airports from their beds by armed police.

As a result of this policy, some have disappeared into hiding and live on the streets in a bid to evade deportation orders handed out with alacrity by German courts.

Others live in fear in migrant camps dotted throughout Germany. They know that any day a police posse could arrive, handcuff them, and drive them straight to a waiting plane destined for their home country.

The Mail has discovered that hundreds who were afraid of being deported from Germany have fled to Calais where traffickers put them on boats or on lorries on ferries across the Channel.

Funny how that works, eh? Indeed, we might observe that the Germans have, FINALLY, begun reacting to the rapefugees among them with downright Teutonic efficiency.

Look at what the German government is doing, very much in secret. They are literally secretly rounding up people and throwing them onto specially chartered flights and returning them bodily to their countries of origin.

This is richly ironic given that the ancient ancestors of modern Germans, the Visigoths, were directly responsible for bringing down the Roman Empire back in the late 4th Century:

“Sinking the damn ships” is a horrific thing to say. It is a horrific thing even to contemplate. That does NOTHING WHATSOEVER to change the ABSOLUTE MORAL NECESSITY of doing it.

Look at what has happened across Europe in general, and Germany in particular, since that evil bitch Merkel decided to open up her country’s borders to hundreds of thousands of rapefugees. Islamist attacks have skyrocketed across Germany, France, Sweden, and the other countries that accepted large numbers of such “migrants”. So have instances of rape and sexual assault and abuse against women. The peoples in those countries who dared to protest against their own governments were shouted down, derided, and in some cases arrested and lost their jobs, simply because they stood up for themselves.

And now, thanks to those same abominable governments and Establishments, taxpayers in those countries are saddled with repatriation costs to send these people back to their home countries.

This is on top of the VAST amounts of money wasted on welfare payments to the rapefugees, who were expected to integrate into the European economies and ways of life. The idea was that they would provide a major supply of cheap labour to power the sclerotic European economies and increase bottom-line profits across the Continent. That plainly didn’t happen. Most of the “refugees” who came over were actually utterly useless for even unskilled employment.

This is not a new trend. Take a look at the results from this report dating back to February 2018, discussing findings from the most welcoming European countries:

In Sweden and Denmark, just one-third of refugees who had been in the country for five years had some form of employment—including part-time work. Meanwhile, refugees in the other countries have fared somewhat better, with 40 percent in the Netherlands and nearly 50 percent in Germany working after five years. Almost 60 percent of refugees in Norway were employed five years after arrival. This is partly explained by the fact that Norway has had labor shortages for the last decade, having issued almost 20,000 work permits to EU citizens every year.

While a refugee’s chances of finding work increase with each year of residence, after ten to 15 years employment generally plateaus at a rate significantly below that of the overall population. The exception is Germany, where over the long run refugees reach an employment rate nearly equal to the overall population. However, these figures are based on the experiences of smaller groups that arrived over the last 15 years, and might not hold for the more than 1 million who arrived in Germany in 2015-16.

The traditional challenges facing refugees in finding work, combined with the overwhelming number of arrivals in 2015-16, have increased the willingness of recipient-country governments to review their integration policies and find ways to promote faster tracks to employment.

So basically, these people need to be hosted at massive taxpayer expense for five to ten years before they can start making any serious economic contributions. And even then, barely half of them, under the best case scenario, actually end up becoming useful, productive members of society.

Why is that? Well, it’s actually really straightforward to understand.

Take it from someone who has lived in seven different countries: when you up sticks and move to a completely foreign country, you are NAKED AND ALONE. It’s a very scary feeling if you are going entirely by yourself. If you are fortunate enough to be sponsored by an organisation and your way has been prepared for you, then you have a substantial safety net. And if you are lucky enough to go live with someone – as I have done on several occasions – then you will have a real edge. You have a local contact that speaks the language, knows the customs, understands how to get things done.

The “refugees” who came over from the Middle East and North Africa are not in that position, at all. Most of them do not speak any European languages. Their qualifications are considered garbage by “snooty” Europeans – who in reality simply insist on doing things their own way. (When Europeans try to break into Russian or Eastern European labour markets, they often find that their own fancy degrees and qualifications don’t count for shit out there – turnabout is, after all, perfectly fair play.)

Those people came over to Europe with almost nothing. Most of them are not refugees at all, but are in fact young men looking for jobs and free shit – you can find videos of African hooligans screaming into the cameras demanding phones and cash and prizes simply for showing up on Europe’s doorstep all over teh innarwebz, if you care to look hard enough.

Some of those people did come over with their children and families, and struggled desperately to take care of them. But they appear to be in a distinct minority. The majority of those “migrants” were in fact going to Europe to take advantage of the continent’s absurdly generous welfare systems.

But they didn’t fit in. They couldn’t. They don’t have anything like what European employers are looking for.

Incidentally, the promise of cheap labour was a big part of the reason why the Euzis were dumb enough to let all of those people in. Supposedly those people would slot right in to continental Europe’s absolutely sclerotic economies, where the labour participation rates are significantly lower than they are in the USA. This influx of cheap labour would push down wages and boost business profits, thereby increasing continental tax revenues and paying for the largely bankrupt social welfare systems across the land.

But none of that actually happened.

Instead, we have seen human misery and suffering on a massive scale. Those rapefugees never integrated into European society – they were never supposed to, either. They were there to signal virtue and assuage White guilt without actually accomplishing anything useful.

And now many of them are headed to Britain, where the government of PommieBastardLande is somehow even more cucked-out and pozzed than that of the Scandicucks and the Germans. I’m not even sure how that is possible, but that is the simple truth. Indeed, if you look at the composition of the UK government these days, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Britain is now a province of India – which is itself richly ironic given the history between the two countries.

And what will be the inevitable end result of this latest wave of mass migration into Britain? Well, the Limeys already have a major problem with Islamic child-grooming gangs across their country – which Whites dare not talk about for fear of being labelled RAAAAACISS!!!. They simply will not call out the Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi, Middle Eastern, and African Muslims in their midst who happily kidnap and groom and rape White girls – sometimes with the tacit cooperation of the police.

All of that is BEFORE we get to the large and growing pool of radicalised – which is to say, fundamentalist – young Muslim men throughout the UK. They believe, probably with some justification, that they will eventually take over the UK government and implement shariah law throughout the country. Their hosts certainly aren’t doing much to stop the process, after all.

Can you now see why sinking the damn ships is always the more humane option?

Ask yourself what is the greater evil:

Should you spare a hundred thousand “refugees” who clamour to come into your country and demand free stuff, which you happily give them because you are rich and they are poor?

Or should you instead torpedo their ships, shoot them at the border, and leave their bodies to rot in the sea and the sand – because the cost of letting them in is a massive economic burden upon your native people, mass rapes of your women and little girls, suicide bombings and terrorist attacks at Christmas, huge increases in sexual assault and violence against young women in public, and the utter destruction of your civil liberties?

The choice is really between putting the blood of others on your hands TODAY, versus putting the blood of your children’s children upon your grave long after you are dead.

Small wonder, then, that most people choose the latter, since they won’t be around to face the consequences of their actions. Yet those consequences are in fact far more evil and terrible, because the suffering is greatly multiplied across and down the generations.

Now, there ARE cases of large numbers of refugees becoming successfully integrated into a new society. The Polish, for instance, took in 2 million Ukrainians after the fall of the Soviet Union. That worked because the Ukrainians are a tough, hard-working, decent Slavic people and they actually have quite a lot in common with the Poles. That is a fact. The two countries share significant commonalities of language and culture. They also have a strong shared history and they are ethnically very similar. And even though the Poles are mostly Catholic and the Ukrainians are mostly Orthodox, the two are not so different as you might think.

The Five National Attributes – blood, language, culture, history, faith – worked out very much in favour of that integration. So too did the integration of East and West Germany. You CAN make these things work – between highly similar peoples.

You CANNOT make them work between radically different peoples. The price is always far too high.

So, if the choice is between killing a few thousand today, to deter hundreds of thousands from swamping a nation’s borders…

… or permitting those hundreds of thousands to come in, and extend the suffering and horror of war across millions in the generations to come…

Then, to me at least, that’s a really straightforward choice.

That, quite simply, is why you ALWAYS SINK THE DAMN SHIPS.

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  1. Moritz Kraemer

    Gotta love being proud of my government once every fifteen years

  2. Matt FreeMatt

    Not everyone embraces the Enlightenment, the French are finally learning this. Maybe the Germans will get it.

  3. Post Alley Crackpot

    “They are literally secretly rounding up people and throwing them onto specially chartered flights and returning them bodily to their countries of origin.”

    Most of these people in emergent Socialist regimes seem to expect some kind of continuity to their everyday lives.

    What they never seem to expect: incredibly forceful push-back.

    Right now in America, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear about the emergence of private and covert paramilitary death squads whose idea of Christmas planning consists of more than making a list and checking it twice.

    Rounding up the usual suspects right now may be seen as attempting to avoid a White Van Christmas Party, but my expectations are that this would instead encourage a more clever and thoughtful type of White Van Drivers.

    But there’s one point of yours that bears further thought.

    “[Refugee] qualifications are considered garbage by ‘snooty’ Europeans … [but] when Europeans try to break into Russian or Eastern European labour markets, they often find that their own fancy degrees and qualifications don’t count for shit out there …”

    One of the reasons why many governments offer a better visa tier for people who intend to start businesses: these people not only do not believe in the Labour Theory of Value, but also they operate as an extreme exception to it.

    The people who show up in some country’s immigrations bureaucracy to hope for work visas are the ones who tend to believe in the Labour Theory of Value to such an extent that they also believe that their labour is quantitatively and qualitatively better, regardless of any evidence in opposition.

    When I make Crackpot Jokes about how most people are inherently Socialists (or lumpenprole Ricardians), it’s because of the Labour Theory of Value assumptions they make that colour literally everything they believe they believe in.

    How much does increasing the availability of low-to-medium skilled labour tend to cause it to trend toward zero in terms of incremental returns? Even putting such a thing on a graph and showing the trend does a lot to further discredit the Labour Theory of Value, and yet people still hold on to it because for a lot of people, that’s all they really have.

    Nota bene for all of the people fearing the replacement of human labour with AI: the policies you have already embraced with regard to mostly unchecked population growth have already done more to disrupt your Labour Theory of Value claims than any emergent AI could.

    A truly forward thinking humanity would understand how to work successfully with AI and how to leverage it in one final assault on the Labour Theory of Value.

    Consequently, a truly forward thinking government would not only sink the ships, but also would mine the harbours of all of the ports responsible for sending out the ships.

    Future historians may look fondly back on the success of the campaign called The End of Excess Labour, not because of any satisfaction of inter-class warfare according to Marxist theory, but instead because of what those classes were forced to become.

    • Didact

      Right now in America, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear about the emergence of private and covert paramilitary death squads whose idea of Christmas planning consists of more than making a list and checking it twice.

      I’m counting on this happening within the next year. LTC Kratman and I discussed precisely that possibility in my interview with him a few weeks ago. He’s even got a book on the subject in the works – The Care and Feeding of Your Right-Wing Death Squad. It’s not aimed at people like us – it’s aimed at Leftists, to make them understand what is coming, and consequently wet their short trousers.

      Consequently, a truly forward thinking government would not only sink the ships, but also would mine the harbours of all of the ports responsible for sending out the ships.

      It’s a nice thought, but the only people capable of doing that right now are the Americans, the Russians, and the Chinese. The Chinese are going the OTHER way, expanding out into Africa – and I am greatly amused to see the Africans getting both a serious dose of their own medicine via massive immigration, AND an understanding that colonialism isn’t just a White man’s game.

      The Russkies, meanwhile, are more worried about their declining demographics and the fact that the Chinese are eyeing up the whole of the Far East as their own territory. They also rather deliberately make immigration to Russia VERY difficult, unless one is married to a Russian AND speaks the language reasonably well.

      This bizarre belief in diversity and immigration is a curiously Western delusion. I have no idea why so many Westerners fall for it, but guilt appears to be a major factor.

  4. Post Alley Crackpot

    “… it’s aimed at Leftists …”

    A pre-review review then.

    “It’s Hilaire Belloc’s ‘Cautionary Tales’ for misbehaving political children, but with black bags and bullets.”
    — Post Alley Crackpot



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