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So about that podcasting thing…

by | Nov 11, 2020 | Podcasts | 0 comments

It so happens that my SoundCloud subscription came up for renewal literally just today. I thought I had a two-year subscription, not a one-year setup, but oh well. Now, as I have made clear in the past, because SoundCloud went full SJW and decided to support the Black Looming Menace organisation, I will no longer pay them for their services. Turnabout is, after all, fair play.

This means that all of my older tracks are now hidden from view on SoundCloud. And that’s fine, doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I have all of the original MP3 files saved down and archived on my PC.

So this Sunday’s podcast will still be posted up here, as expected. But you will not see this posted up on SoundCloud. I’ll probably end up on Podbean or some similar service. With respect to the old podcasts, I’ll either upload them onto the new service, or simply put the MP3s up right here. I own this real estate, after all. The only problem with doing that is that streaming podcasts from self-hosted WordPress doesn’t work very well due to providers throttling the downloads themselves.

The point is – we have choices. We’re not stuck in Faustian bargains with our enemies.

Let this be an example to you, my friends: you DO NOT have to put up with Big Tech stupidity and virtue signalling. You can, AND ABSOLUTELY SHOULD AND MUST, build your own platforms. You can find alternatives. There are plenty of them. You just have to grow some balls and a spine and go looking for them.

Most of all, you must refuse to support openly dyscivic, anarchic, violent, anti-Christian Marxists who have plainly made a pact with Satan to promote a virulently destructive ideology. And that means refusing to support those who enable them too.

So don’t worry, the Didactic Mind and Domain Query podcasts WILL carry on. They’ll simply be on a different platform, that’s all.

And always remember: they can’t stop the signal. No matter how many times they try to shut us down, no matter how hard they try to destroy our voices, THEY CAN’T STOP US. And that is a glorious feeling.

UPDATE: Yep, the podcasts are going to be on Podbean from now on. The new setup is actually WAY better than SoundCloud in terms of usability, flexibility, and power – and it’s cheaper too. The major problem is re-uploading all of my old episodes – I have something like 80 episodes to get through, and it takes a LONG time to do this. They’ll all be up over the next few days and the latest episode will be up on Sunday as expected.

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Adam, if you’re reading this, your Pushing Rubber Downhill podcast would benefit greatly from migrating to Podbean.

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