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Flogging a Naughty Dog

by | Jun 24, 2020 | Uncategorized | 9 comments

The reviews for The Last of Us 2 are in, and they are… SAVAGE:

Why do actual gamers absolutely hate this game?

Because it is apparently PACKED full of social justice bullshit, directly in line with the leaks that emerged about a month ago:

It’s worse than you might think, in fact. There has been quite a bit of controversy concerning the character of Abby, a “woman” who is basically built like a freakin’ tank, and with very good reason. But there is apparently a scene about an hour into the game, or thereabouts, which… well, you can click on that link and find out for yourself, though I warn you that it is NSFW and I am absolutely NOT responsible for any rage-vomiting or broken computer screens as a result.

Yeah. Abby is a dude with a woman’s voice, and one of the MALE characters goes knockin’ on his back door, without lube.

There are rumours that Kneel Cuckmann Neil Druckmann actually did the motion capture acting for that scene, in the, um, penetrative role. I do not make any claims whatsoever about the veracity of that rumour, at all. Even so, the idea of inserting a tranny sex scene into a mainstream game is simply disgusting.

The game is apparently the fastest selling title in Playstation history, so Naughty Dog Games is likely to greenlight a sequel to this awful garbage, but if the pattern of previous SJW-infected releases in gaming and film is anything to go by, that sequel is likely to crater in sales.

You can see this based on the huge disparity between critic and player reviews on Metacritic. There is almost NO disparity whatsoever in the original game for PS3, but the PS4 game is reviled by actual players.

The original game was therefore a masterpiece of dark, brooding, challenging storytelling, while its follow-up was a nasty witches’ brew of stupidity, forced social justice narratives, bad writing, moronic characters, and dreadful plotting.

Watch and wait, my friends. Naughty Dog is going to feel the impact of this idiocy in its financials within the next few years, if not months. And its fall from grace will be EPIC as a result.

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  1. Luke

    As much as I'm enjoying this nihilistic gore-porn of a 'game' turn into such a dumpster fire I'm sad it's happening to Naughty Dog. I didn't play the first Last of Us but I played all the Uncharted games and enjoyed them.

    • Didact

      I've heard very good things about Uncharted, but apparently went straight down the shitter with U4 now that Amy Hennig is gone and Kneel Cuckmann is in charge. That's one of the few cases that I can think of where having a woman in charge actually resulted in a good product.

    • JohnC

      Yes the Uncharted games were good. The funny thing about them vs Last of Us is that the story is that in Uncharted is not important and not centrally to the game. It is all about Fun and the characters are light hearted. Drake is someone you would love to have a beer.

      The Last of Us (the 1st since I skip getting the 2nd after the trailer of the lesbian kiss at the E3 2018) is about the story and the Father daughter relationship. Spoilers (mind you the game been out since 2013)…

      Joel is father who loses his daughter at the start of the game. The zombie outbreak cause chaos. Years later he is doing missions and has become a bit bitter. He get stuck with Ellie who he has to escort. The rest of the game is bonding of the 2 characters while surviving the horrors of the world to get to the destination.

      I enjoy these games and would recommend anyone. The thing about The Last of Us 2 is the SJW ruin everything.

      Naughty Dog is probably done unless the employees responsible for this get fire. If not it will keep going like the Zombies from it games then when the sales numbers go down. Very few people like paying for SJWs things in their media and very often SJW companies the standards go down. As it is the politics that becomes important not the products, the customer or the skill labor.

    • Didact

      Naughty Dog is probably done unless the employees responsible for this get fire.

      It's too late for them. Naughty Dog Games is already at the tail end of the corporate convergence cycle. All of the good works that they did with the first 3 Uncharted games are of no meaning at all now.

      At this point, all they can do is fire the idiot SJWs, scrap TLOU2, and start over. This will be hugely costly on every front and could very easily bankrupt the company.

      Such is the price of chemotherapy when the corporate cancer has set in too deep.

  2. Kapios

    I played Uncharted 4. Even by todays standard, the graphics and the scenery are stunning. I liked the story. What I didn't like was the fact that it was turned into a climbing simulation. Not enough shooting. I have mixed feelings about it.


    It's The Last Jedi all over again. Professional "critics" have been predictable since then:

    High critic + high audience score = good product
    Low critic + low audience score = bad product
    High critic + low audience score = bad product that pushes wokeness
    Low critic + high audience score = good product that is anti-woke

    I have a PS3 but I never played any Naughty Dog games because it was my Blu-ray player and Netflix machine that also ran PS and PS2 games. I'll be skipping the PS5.

    • Didact

      Yep. The professional critic class is every bit as bad as the whorenalists these days in the access (((media))). Same shit, different asshole, so to speak.


    Don't take this as defending the game, but I don't buy that the character in the video (disgusting by the way, thanks) is a tranny. She comes off to me as an especially ugly female bodybuilder. I bet that Sarkeesian had something to do with that.

    Also, sex reassignment surgery, and the mandatory post-op maintenance thereof, would be an extremely low priority for medical professionals in a post-apocalypse.

    • Didact

      She comes off to me as an especially ugly female bodybuilder.

      Come to think of it, you could be right. Throw enough steroids at a woman and she basically turns into a dude. The precedent exists…

      (I feel I kind of have to apologise for that video. It's… HORRIFYING.)

      Also, sex reassignment surgery, and the mandatory post-op maintenance thereof, would be an extremely low priority for medical professionals in a post-apocalypse.

      Evidently someone forgot to tell Kneel Cuckmann about that little flaw in his otherwise dastardly plot…


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