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On your feet or on your knees

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I do not watch sportzball. I do not care about the NFL, the NBA, the NHL, or any other mainstream American sport. About the closest that I get to caring about what happens in sports is when Roger Federer and maybe five other tennis players- all men, by the way- are playing high-level tennis somewhere in the world.

I also like watching combat sports, but that is because I am something of a borderline barbarian who actually likes participating in certain forms of combat myself.

So I really do mean it when I say that I could not care less about what a bunch of bitchy millionaires do on the football pitch. Win, lose, get sacked, throw a Hail Mary pass, whatever. Wake me up when Federer is showing us all how it’s done by holding a masterclass on Centre Court at Wimbledon, beating the snot out of some hapless victim with almost no apparent effort whatsoever.

I do care, however, when those same bitchy millionaires decide to kneel when The Star Spangled Banner is played, or decide simply not to show up:

It is clear that there is no area of life where the Left will not intrude and impose its view of the world upon the rest of us. It is clear that sports will no longer be allowed to remain apolitical- if, indeed, they ever were.

Those football players kneeling out there are objects of worship and adulation. They are revered by millions of ordinary Americans who pay a lot of money for them to perform their craft. And instead of respecting those same fans, and the love that those fans have for their country and their heritage, these players have decided instead to align themselves with the forces of political correctness and virtue signalling.

F*** ’em.

I have to say, I am actually quite impressed by the God-Emperor’s response to the whole thing. He directly linked himself to the anger that the American people rightly feel at seeing their Flag and their anthem disrespected, and in so doing immediately won the moral high ground in the eyes of a large chunk of the country. He is fighting this war on the Left’s own ground, and he is winning.

He is doing exactly what the Left has done successfully to us for so long: he is applying the Alinskyite rule of forcing his opponents to live by their own principles. And the Left hates that.

Some would argue- and have argued- that Donaldus Triumphus has simply proven himself to be the puppet of the shadow governmentthat they supposed him to be all this time. I must respectfully disagree. I suspect that President Trump’s political savvy and skill is considerably greater than anyone seems to give him credit for, and we will see more of this manifesting itself over the coming days and weeks.

The fact is that the Left overreached, very badly, with these stupid protests. Instead of coming across like a concerted effort to highlight real injustice in America, it now looks like a bunch of overly entitled narcissists insulting huge chunks of the country’s electorate while ignoring the fact that many of those same multi-millionaires have extremely spotty personal lives.

This will not end well for the NFL, the NBA, or any other alphabet-soup sports organisation that sacrifices its primary purpose of providing high-quality sports entertainment upon the altar of Social Justice Convergence.

It will end very well indeed for those of us on the Hard Right who are sick and tired of seeing our culture being destroyed by these buffoons.

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