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Friday T&A: Благодарю Бога за русских девушек Edition

by | Oct 29, 2016 | fat girl jihad, Uncategorized | 3 comments

Google Translate tells me that the bit of gobbledegook that’s in the title translates into “Thank God for Russian girls”. For the, like, two Slavic-speaking people who read this tumbleweed-infested blog of alcohol-fuelled nonsense and know how to read Cyrillic, don’t blame me if that’s not accurate, technically it ain’t my fault.

If I did, in fact, use the wrong phrase (which is a virtual certainty), anyone who speaks actual Russian- without a Georgian accent, thank you very much- is free to correct me in the comments below.

Assuming, of course, you get past the ladies.

Note: I had to do a fair bit of arduous (read: really good fun) research to find all of these, so I hope you guys appreciate it.

(It also occurred to me while I was putting this together that there might be a bit more A than T this week. That wasn’t intentional. I intend to correct that egregious oversight next week.)

Enjoy your weekend, all you lovable bastards.

A photo posted by Yuliya Lasmovich (@yuliyalasmovich) on

A photo posted by Yuliya Lasmovich (@yuliyalasmovich) on

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A photo posted by Оля Абрамович (@oabramovich) on

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  1. Unknown

    Translation is spot on. Google's Translate monster is improving.

    • Didact

      Thanks mate.

      Though that is just a bit creepy. SkyNet is not too far away from becoming sentient… and then we are all BONED.

    • Unknown

      Nah, it still can't do anything more complex than simple phrases. I'd give it at least another 5-10 years.


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