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An Introverted Alpha’s Perspective

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Halfbreed is a game blogger whose writing first hit my radar when I read this article over at Return of Kings a few months ago. I’ve been reading a fair amount of his writing for the past several months and I’ve always found his perspective on things to be both entertaining and refreshing. (Word of warning: his blog may not be entirely safe for work, so use discretion.)

Halfbreed’s stated and clear intention is to build a harem around himself; he doesn’t care much for monogamy and I have to say that I sympathise strongly with that. Halfbreed stands out relative to a lot of other “game” bloggers that I read in that he is, like me, quite introverted; unlike me, though, he knows how to best apply the strengths of that introversion in practical fashion through game. I contacted him a few days ago asking if he wouldn’t mind answering a few questions and letting me post some of his responses. He very graciously agreed. In what follows below, I have slightly edited some of his responses, but only for the sake of brevity without losing content. So, if you are an introvert and you want to know how to enter the game, how to improve your own game, or what weaknesses to look out for in the game, then get yourself a drink, sit back, and enjoy:

Hey Didact,
I think introvert game has been under-explored in the manosphere.
It does seem like a lot of the “advice” men get, in game and life, is meant for extroverts. I think that can be confusing and difficult for many introvert men. I know it was for me, until I realized what was going on.

  • Did you sharpen your skills through cold approaches first, or did you start with internet dating?

I sharpened my rusty game with internet dating. It’s a great place for introverted men like us to start. It eliminates the need for cold approaching. The computer acts as a buffer make it easier to take the rejection. That being said, you still have to go on the first date and seduce the woman…so it still forces you to learn game. And you still take real life rejection, which is good practice. 

I highly recommend the Blackdragon dating system ( redpillgame.com/blackdragon-dating-system-review/ ) It helped me out a lot. I liked having a system to follow…
I honed my skills on receptive girls through (now almost 60) first dates. Then I could focus on the one-on-one dates, one girl at a time. And once I did a ton of internet date my game was tighter in general. Then, day game approaches got easier.

  • What have been the most critical skills for success in your conquests?

One area that has been important to my success (as an introvert) is learning good harem management skills. It’s an important subset of game, especially for us. Better to keep what you have then go find new women. And when sitting on a harem, it’s easier to pull new pussy (when you want to).

  • As an introvert, what are the most difficult issues that you have to overcome, and how do you do it?

My weakness is laziness, I don’t like trying too hard to get laid… I have the tendency to allow 1 or 2 women to become too important in my life… As far as overcoming these issues? Practice, just being a better man in general. And as you already know, taking the Red Pill forces you down that self-improvement path.

Much gratitude to Halfbreed for his insights and for taking the time to answer these questions. Note that I myself will be applying this advice over the coming weeks and months and will be making notes of those successes and failures right here. I believe self-improvement comes from will, training, and practice, and as such I welcome critiques from more accomplished and capable men like Halfbreed. Take a trip over to his blog too if you have the time. 

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