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Monday morning Sharpeshooting

by | Aug 1, 2022 | Mondays | 2 comments

Ugh. Monday. And I was SO enjoying the weekend… (Actually, I wasn’t, because I ended up eating Indian food last night. Which I don’t personally enjoy, hard as that may be for some to believe. Long story, let’s just say that there weren’t a lot of options and there was a very nice lady involved.) So here we are with yet another Great Mondaydact Browser Killer to make this particularly bitter pill a bit easier to swallow.

Now, I dunno about y’all, but once I’ve had my morning coffee and sent over a huge number of shitposts on my Telegram channel to my dozens (literally) of followers, I like to indulge in a bit of the old Sharpe series, starring none other than Sean Bean. I’m a big fan – my buddy WB introduced me to it, and I’ve enjoyed every one of the episodes ever since. It is a great show, and is a perfect showcase for Bean’s acting talents and hilariously awesome Yorkshire accent. If you’ve never seen it, well, get yourself a VPN, “sail the high seas“, and download it today. The whole series of 14 made-for-TV-movies is all available online, and it’s brilliant.

The Mighty God-Emperor

His Most Illustrious, Noble, August, Benevolent, and Legendary Celestial Majesty, the God-Emperor of Mankind, Donaldus Triumphus Magnus Astra, the First of His Name, the Lion of Midnight, may the Lord bless him and preserve him, reckons that the proposed prisoner swap between Russia and the USSA is a very bad deal:

Former President Donald Trump suggested that the proposed prisoner swap between Russia and the United States that would return jailed WNBA star Brittney Griner in exchange for a Russian arms dealer “doesn’t seem like a very good trade.”

“She knew you don’t go in there loaded up with drugs, and she admitted it,” Trump told the Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show. “I assume she admitted it without too much force because it is what it is, and it certainly doesn’t seem like a very good trade, does it? He’s absolutely one of the worst in the world, and he’s gonna be given his freedom because a potentially spoiled person goes into Russia loaded up with drugs.”

Trump was referring to reports that the United States is attempting to secure the release of Griner, and former U.S. Marine Paul Whelan, in exchange for Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout who is known as the “Merchant of Death” due to his weapons sales that fueled deadly conflicts around the world. 

“She went in there loaded up with drugs into a hostile territory where they’re very vigilant about drugs,” Trump added. “They don’t like drugs. And she got caught. And now we’re supposed to get her out — and she makes, you know, a lot of money, I guess. We’re supposed to get her out for an absolute killer and one of the biggest arms dealers in the world. Killed many Americans. Killed many people.”

He’s right, but let’s wait and see what the Russians do. Let us be extremely clear about this: entering Russia with hashish, of ANY kind, is a CRIME. I once had to work quite strenuously to dissuade someone from taking marijuana cigarettes to Russia after a visit to a country where weed is legal. I can’t stand that shit myself, I think it’s disgusting, but if people in Russia want to indulge in that crap, that’s up to them. However, the Russian authorities regard it (rightly, in my view) as a serious drug, and have been cracking down HARD on its importation, sale, and distribution.

Griner should have known about these things. Just because you can carry around that crap within the USA, does not mean that such rules apply OUTSIDE of it.

The Russians view Griner’s arrest, jailing, and possible conviction as simply their legal system in practice. I concur. Once she actually is convicted of something, THEN the US State Department can get involved – until then, they are just making a mountain out of a molehill.

#BasedTucker is Based

Jul 25, 2022

Jul 26, 2022

Jul 27, 2022

Jul 28, 2022

Jul 29, 2022

Dawn of Battle

The Male Brain has plenty to keep us occupied today. We start with the trailer for the next instalment in the epic John Wick series:

As TMB put it: “It’s going to be LEGEN- wait for it 9 months – DARY“.

New channel MR. OBVIOUS points out that, if women are getting vastly more responses than men for the same job searches, then that is very ominous for society:

Common Sense Soapbox takes on the issue of bullshit statistics and how they can be used to scare you witless for no good reason:

The Babylon Bee continues to predict the news before it ever happens:

Poli-ticking Off

Mark Dice points out that Alex Jones, for all of the honestly nutty things that he says, actually had a very good point about the dangers of gatekeepers:

China Uncensored offers a distinctly sardonic (yet biased and very American) take on the upcoming visit by the Wicked Witch of the West to Southeast Asia:

Jacob Dreizin has not one, but TWO video updates offering up his thoughts about the developing economic meltdown in the collective West:

The dynamic duo over at Redacted ask a rather germane question:

Col. Douglas Macgregor (USArmy-Ret) has always been a voice for reason and restraint in the Banderastan War, and over the past week he has provided a number of useful insights about where that war is going and how it will end:

The inimitable, irrepressible Katie Hopkins has some very useful life advice:

Дед Сварилвый Говорит!

Grandpa Grumpuss grumps, grumpily about the tactical realities on the ground, and how, even at the tactical level, the hohols will be unable to make much headway in the Kherson direction against the Russians:

It’s All Greek To Us

The dynamic duo of The Duran have been super busy, even more so than usual. First up, Alexander Mercouris provided a long update last night, discussing the hohol failures in the Kherson direction, and the brewing crisis over Taiwan and China’s rhetorical warnings:

His good friend and colleauge Alex Christoforou talks about Nasty Pelosi‘s visit to Southeast Asia and the rapidly-unwinding, always ridiculous narrative about how the Russians somehow bombed their own POW centre in Donetsk:

And in their joint programme, the two examine Ukrainian claims of a massive counteroffensive by the Ukrainians that has gone precisely nowhere:

Righteous Rantery

Lord Razor of the Fist Clan explains the sheer stupidity of current US economic policy:

Paul Ramsey notes that Brandon is so weak, addled, and deluded, and bleeding so much support, that the political sharks in Congress and elsewhere are eyeing him hungrily:

PJW notes with some amusement that Starbucks’, purveyor of terrible coffee and overpriced food, has only itself to blame for its own problems:

Karma really is a bitch, ain’t she?

The lovely and charming Dr. Sam Bailey and her (very lucky) husband, Dr. Mark Bailey, interview Steve Falconer about myths and lies in the current medical industry:

Warriors of Faith

Dr. Jay Smith from PfanderFilms and his good friend Lloyd de Jongh explain why the Islamic doctrine of taqiyyah is so important and prevalent among followers of the Great Deceiver:

Al-Fadi from CIRA International and The Dizzle shred through the Izzlamist lie that Aisha was somehow a teenager when Mo’Lester consummated their marriage:

Manly Men of Manliness

Terrence Popp and his buddy Blake O’Kleiner (who is wearing a pretty damn cool shirt) unpack the story of Laura Friedman Williams, who banged 8 guys in one year after divorcing her husband:

It is a complex topic, because the woman’s husband originally cheated on her. But, relationships almost never break down just because of one side. And the two gentlemen drop HUGE loads of wisdom during their Ride & Roast on this and related subjects.

Joker from Better Bachelor simply doesn’t know how to deal with the latest internet horror:

Burn Paedowood to the Ground

Midnight’s Edge can’t quite wrap their heads around just how dumb the Amazog showrunners are with respect to The Lhurrd of the Rangs:

Overlord Dicktor Van Doomcock breaks down the awful working relationshit between Queen Karen Kennedy and Jon Favreau, which has resulted in disjointed and increasingly poor-quality STAR WARS shows from the House of the Devil Mouse:

Gary from Nerdrotic is also severely unimpressed by Amazog’s attempts to woo actual fans of the original books and the Peter Jackson films:

Ryan Kinel is chuffed to bits about the fact that

The Drinker reckons that Marvel’s “Phase 5” is going to be awful, and I really can’t argue with that:

Reading Too Much Into Things

Your “Science is F***ING WEIRD” moment of the week is from Dawn Pine is about how caffeine makes you spend more on things you don’t actually need:

The study finds that drinking a caffeinated beverage before shopping leads to more items purchased at the store and increased spending. Their studies also show that the effect of caffeine is stronger for “high hedonic” products such as scented candles, fragrances, décor items, and massagers and weaker for “low hedonic” products such as notebooks, kitchen utensils, and storage baskets.

Several studies have demonstrated that caffeine intake enhances arousal, which is experienced as a state of activation and alertness that can range from extreme drowsiness to extreme excitement. Arousal can be a positive hedonic state — referred to as excitement or energetic arousal — such as when one feels active, energized, and excited or a negative hedonic state — referred to as “tense arousal” — such as when one experiences tension and nervousness. Energetic arousal enhances the perception of product features and, in turn, increases purchase intentions for hedonic products such as buttery, salty popcorn, chocolate candy, and luxury vacations.

Prior research has shown that consuming caffeine in the range of 25 mg to 200 mg enhances energetic arousal with practically no effects on tense arousal. This study examines effects of caffeine intake in the range of about 30 mg to 100 mg since most caffeinated beverage servings have caffeine content in this range. As part of the study, the research team set up an espresso station near the entrance of two different retail stores in two major cities in France and outside a department store in Spain. Upon entry, half of the 300 shoppers were handed a complementary cup of coffee containing caffeine and the other half offered decaf or water. “We found that the caffeine group spent significantly more money and bought a higher number of items than those who drank decaf or water,” says the researchers.

Caffeine also impacted the types of items bought at the stores. The group that took in caffeine bought more hedonic (enjoyable/fun) items such as scented candles and fragrances. However, there was very little difference between the two groups with regard to utilitarian purchases such as utensils and storage baskets. Also, the effects of caffeine on spending hold for those who drink a little over two cups of coffee (or less) daily and is weakened for heavy coffee drinkers.

Your long read of the week is also from The Male Brain, and looks at the legendary sci-fi TV show, Stargate SG-1:

In the mid-1990s, Showtime was trying something new. To attract subscribers to the premium cable service Showtime was investing in its own original content — dramas and adult comedies, and a healthy dose of mature science fiction.

While the big broadcast networks were trying out shows like Earth-2 and Space: Above and Beyond (which would prove to be short-lived), science fiction and fantasy was really thriving in the realm of syndication — local TV affiliates that would air shows like Star Trek: Deep Space NineBabylon 5Hercules, and Earth: Final Conflict. Syndicated shows could air at any hour of the day, often on a Saturday afternoon. But still, they garnered millions of viewers.

On basic cable, SCI FI Channel too was beginning to experiment with originals like Welcome to Paradox, and to import already produced shows from elsewhere in the world, like Lexx. But it would be a few years before the channel really found its original series groove with the likes of Sliders (picked up in 1998 after Fox cancelled it) and Farscape (1999).

Showtime turned to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer to help fill the new schedule, signing a multi-show deal with the historic studio’s television arm. In 1994 MGM had hired John Symes away from Paramount to rebuild its fledgling TV division, and Showtime was to be the focus.

Stargate SG-1 might have started as a way to create an original series for Showtime by capitalizing on a popular movie. But under the guidance of co-creators Jonathan Glassner and Brad Wright, and a really exceptional cast and crew, SG-1 helped to create a new renaissance in science fiction on cable. It ran for 214 episodes and spawned two spin-off series (so far!), as well as a pair of DVD movies, far exceeding the ambitions of the original movie.

For more than a decade Stargate was the cornerstone of the Vancouver television industry. And let’s be honest: after it jumped networks in 2002, Stargate helped to put SCI FI Channel on the map.

In celebration of today’s 25th anniversary of the show’s premiere, let’s look back on the history that made Stargate SG-1 such a great show, how it weathered big challenges over 10 years in production, and why its legacy continues to endure with fans old and new.

You know what shocks me the most about Stargate, the original movie?

That’s James Spader on the left. WITH HAIR. As in, Admiral “Red” Remington from The Blacklist. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it.

Linkage is good for you:

And some more from Dawn Pine:


The Neo-Tsar gave an excellent speech at Russia’s Navy Day celebrations yesterday, in which he laid out a powerful and straightforward new doctrine for not just the Russian Navy’s various fleets, but for the Russian military and economy in general:

Those Who Fail To Learn From History…

History lessons of the week, from The Male Brain:

Your Great Man of the Week is Tarquin, last of the ancient Roman kings before the advent of the age of the Senate:

HALO Nation

Slayergod Remy aka Mint Blitz does what only he can do:

For the Emperor!!!

Poncha explains why Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III ended up being a complete and total disaster for the entire DoW franchise and its future plans:

Tales from the Twilight World

If you are a Tolkien fan and you haven’t yet subscribed to Nerd of the Rings, you’re missing out on some absolutely amazing content:

That’s Not Gone Well…

Wazzocks gonna wazzock:

Kitchen Nightmares with the Angry Scot:

Comedy hour:

Pictionary, Pulchritude, Pew-Pews

These next ones are supposedly fake news, but who knows anymore:

On we go:

Just imagine being the poor schmuck who ends up dating the Gretard… Makes your balls shrivel!

Headlines of the week indicate that Floriduh Man has gone Space Truckin’:

Great song, by the way.


Your “Zeroth Law of Robotics” moment of the week:

Can’t argue with that
That’s a relationship guaranteed to last – based on SCIENCE!!!!
Ironic, given that poodles are actually excellent gun-dogs and retrievers
Important, elocution is

Animal Planet

Your aminules are adorkable moment of the week:

And also your animals are absolute DICKS moment of the week, to balance things out:

And finally, your “Meanwhile, in Russia” moment of the week:

Fight Quest

Lawrence Kenshin explains the origins and effectiveness of the Dutch style of kickboxing – a style that combines the extreme power and ferocity of muay thai low-leg kicks with the body-punching and stand-and-bag balls-out aggression of kyokushin karate, the hand-work of savate, and the low centre-of-gravity of classic boxing:

There’s even a surprise appearance from the Buakawminator toward the end – one of the very, very few Thai fighters of his era who successfully mauled and manhandled many different practitioners of the Dutch style.

The Lords of Steel

Gym beast props this week go to Zac Myers for this set of monstrous lifts:

Livin’ in the Land of the Metal Gods

Also Einstein: “I fear that someday people will post my pic on the Internet with bogus made-up quotations in Comic Sans font”
Great song, that one – though I’m not a big fan of this kind of metal

Hot Totty

OK, chaps, here we are at last, the real reason why you waste your entire Monday going through this collection of weirdness. The Instathot to get the week started is Amira K, age 27, a half-Lebanese lady originally from New York F***ing Shitty, now living in Italy. As for what she does – other than posting very vacuous and unintelligent memes on her Twatter and posing in lingerie, I really have no clue. Nor do I particularly care. All we can say with reasonable certainty is that she looked much better BEFORE all the surgery.

All done, boys, now get your butts back to work.

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  1. Robert W

    This summary of Dutch Kickboxing was really well done, thank you for sharing.
    Some of these men are just enormous, it’s amazing their bodies could handle the training and competition circuit. Even the sparring looks downright abusive on the body.
    Interesting split between having dedicated pad holders (thai) instead of training partners running the pads (dutch)

    • Didact

      Yeah, the Dutch fighters back then were just jacked. Of course, the rules on drug testing, particularly in Japanese promotions, were… shall we say, lax compared to the modern day. Which is why you would get fighters like Alistair Overeem coming in looking like championship bodybuilders. Back then, the “Ubereem” was just plain terrifying. He would walk into the ring in Pride looking like an absolute beast.

      Interestingly, Dutch kickboxing forced a number of changes to muay thai as well. Back in the early 90s, MT scoring rules had changed in the stadiums to favour kicks over punches – the second-highest scoring technique back then, apparently, was a kick to the neck. (I took a shin-bone to the neck once. Even though the other guy was wearing shin-pads, it SUCKED.) So nak muay trained to win fights on points, and de-emphasised boxing skills.

      That all changed when Dutch fighters like Rob Kaman, Ramon Dekkers, Ernesto Hoost, and others arrived on the scene and started fighting in both domestic and international MT competitions. They began winning by knocking out Thai fighters with punches. “Mr. Low Kick” Kaman was particularly notorious for this – he would blast his opponent’s legs with low kicks and then set up very hard, very heavy punches behind those kicks.

      At first the Thais were incredulous and didn’t want to change anything – they figured that their kick-based style could defeat the “farangs” easily enough. But it didn’t work. So they adapted and started learning more punch-based techniques.

      You can see this evolution by watching the Buakawminator’s run in K-1. If you watch his fights in the 2004 K-1 MAX Grand Prix, you’ll see that he absolutely smashed both Kohiruimaki and Masato with knees and kicks. But in the 2005 final against Andy Souwer, he lost to a narrow split decision. In my view, he was robbed, but he saw clearly that it was Souwer’s punching power and boxing that gave him the edge in that fight.

      So Buakaw went back to basics and started training heavily in boxing, incorporating a much more punch-heavy style with boxing slips and weaves into his base style of MT. The result was that he came back in 2006 and KO’d both Sato and Souwer with punches, not kicks.

      Today MT has evolved as an art to be more complete and well-rounded. But, as Samart Payakaroon points out, in Thailand itself, the art has regressed. The influence of the gamblers has created a clinch-heavy style that emphasises power and brute strength, not technique or skill.

      This will all self-correct eventually. MT has evolved dramatically as an art since its origins in muay boran, and will continue to move and refine itself as international competition becomes tougher. Fortunately, it has progressed, whereas a lot of other traditional martial arts have not.


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