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Domain Query: Whither Mother Russia?

by | Jun 5, 2022 | Domain Query | 0 comments

The Domain Query series is back with another interesting question from a reader, which I figured deserved a proper and thoughtful answer. This is probably my longest Domain Query episode yet, and I probably do get a bit carried away in my enthusiasm for the topic, but it is an important subject and an interesting one.

New reader Baltbuc sent me the following query via the email form on my site:

Hi Didact,

I found you linked up on the normalamerican news feed. You have a top notch  website and Telegram channel. This is a good article that discusses the problems that Russia faces against the Fake and Gay™ onslaught from America. Russia must be the beacon in the East that holds form and resists. Countries like Hungary show promise but frankly aren’t all that important geopolitically. What do you think is the Russian future?

Put simply, I believe that Russia has a very bright future ahead of it, thanks to its immense reserves of mineral wealth, and its increasingly clear near-total victory over the GloboHomoPaedo forces that have tried, for thirty years, to break the country and bring it to its knees. Those forces have failed, thanks to the hard work and efforts of the Neo-Tsar. The Russian yoot are, in view, the great hope for the future – they are turning HARD away from GloboHomoPaedo, and are rapidly rediscovering love for their Motherland and for the promise that it holds.

There are two significant problems that Russia must address. The first is its birth rate, which remains far too low to promote social growth and stability. The second is the proper distribution of its mineral wealth. Both problems are entirely solvable, though they are also interconnected and cannot be separated. I believe that the Russian people will figure them out over time, and I believe that Russia might just turn its demographics around fairly quickly if it acts in a sensible and well-thought-out fashion.

Be sure to check out Episode 100 of the main Didactic Mind podcast as well, in which I go into greater detail about the economic potential of Russia and how it will evolve over time.

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