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Monday morning with Stefan Zweig

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Mondays just blow. Especially when it is the Monday just after a proper snowfall. You see, when snow hits the ground for the first time in the winter, it’s all white and beautiful and wonderful to walk around in. That’s what I was doing yesterday, in fact, and it was GREAT. But then, the day after that, it turns dirty and slushy, or packed and frozen and slippery. Either way, it’s no longer fun. Such is what we’re dealing with here.

Of course, where I live, even the slightest SPRINKLING of white powder sends everyone into a state of absolute panic, running around screaming, “WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!”. They are a lot like Texans in this respect – AND ONLY IN THIS RESPECT.

Nevertheless, that is why the Great Mondaydact Browser Basher exists, so let’s get on with it.

Today’s theme is suitably downbeat for the Monday after Thanksgiving, and comes to us from our good friend, The Male Brain:

I the Lord search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings.” KJV JEREMIAH 17:10

This week’s Monday theme is a man, who I consider to be the closest ever to the saying above. A man, who was able to understand and bring light to historical characters – understanding their hearts and minds. He did so in a way I have ever seen in anyone else.

Stefan Zweig was born in Vienna in 1881 to a well-to-do Jewish family. As the younger son, Zweig was exempt from the obligation to pursue a traditional, breadwinning profession and, instead, dedicated himself to the art of writing. He wrote poems, novellas, historical biographies, novels, and essays. Zweig traveled extensively throughout Europe and his books were sold in many languages with great success.

He attended the University of Vienna, from where he completed his Ph.D. in 1904 with the thesis ‘The Philosophy of Hippolyte Taine’. While studying in university, he published his first volume of poetry in 1901, apart from various pieces in ‘Neue Freie Presse’, the most prestigious newspaper in Vienna, edited by Theodor Herzl. For those who do not know, Herzel is the “Father and foreseer” of the state of Israel.

At the outbreak of World War I, he was conscripted and was assigned to the Austrian Archives of the Ministry of War, but often took leaves and travelled to Switzerland to express his pacifist views. During this time, he wrote the anti-war drama ‘Jeremiah’ that showcased his extreme pacifism and earned accolades from his friend and famous author Thomas Mann.

His most well-known work, The World of Yesterday, discusses the rise of German populism and the long-term tenure of Vienna’s anti-Semitic mayor, Karl Lueger. As someone who had experienced these developments first-hand, Zweig understood that this “new,” venomous iteration of politics had paved the way for the rise of the Nazis. He realized that the xenophobia and anti-Semitic rage that characterized this particular political movement would be exploited and perfected later by the head of the party, Adolf Hitler.

His most popular works from this period include ‘Amok’, ‘Fear’, ‘Compulsion’ and ‘Twenty-Four Hours in the Life of a Woman’, as well as biographical pieces on Marie-Antoinette, Joseph Fouché and Ferdinand Magellan

With the ascension of the Nazis to power in Germany in 1933, Zweig found himself gradually pushed of the German-speaking world. In 1938, with the annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany, Zweig moved to England. Upon the outbreak of World War II, he traveled to the United States and visited South America. In 1941 Zweig immigrated to Brazil with his second wife, Charlotte Elizabeth (‘Lotte’).

Zweig viewed Brazil as a land of hope with a bright future. He believed that there was a chance that the values he cherished could flourish there: the unity of the human race, peace, brotherhood among men, and equality among different races. However, as the Nazis advanced their conquest and the war spread to the Atlantic, the ramifications were felt even in South America. Zweig himself felt ever more isolated and grew aware that the European world he knew and loved was lost forever.

Zweig was able to write biographies in a way that shed light on what the characters felt and thought. If he didn’t know, he would write that it is unclear. However, if he had a thesis about why someone did what he did, he would use multiple sources to prove and show how it fits the narrative.

His first book that I have read was Fouché’s biography. Zweig was able to nail down one of the most outrageous, secretive and formidable characters of the French revolution (and the Napoleonic era). When you read the book, the guy comes alive and you get the feeling that you truly understand that enigmatic character. He was able to repeat it with Mary, Queen of the Scotts, showing that he can understand females as well.

On February 22nd 1942, Zweig and his wife, Lotte, were found dead in each other’s arms. The couple committed suicide by taking a lethal dose of pills. Zweig passed first, with Lotte following.

His suicide letter read:

Before parting from life of my own free will and in my right mind I am impelled to fulfill a last obligation: to give heartfelt thanks to this wonderful land of Brazil which afforded me and my work such kind and hospitable repose. My love for the country increased from day to day, and nowhere else would I have preferred to build up a new existence, the world of my own language having disappeared for me and my spiritual home, Europe, having destroyed itself.

But after one’s sixtieth year unusual powers are needed in order to make another wholly new beginning. Those that I possess have been exhausted by long years of homeless wandering. So I think it better to conclude in good time and in erect bearing a life in which intellectual labour meant the purest joy and personal freedom the highest good on earth.

I salute all my friends! May it be granted them to see the dawn after the long night! I, all too impatient, go on before.

Stefan Zweig

Petrópolis 22/2/1942

Pics and memes:

That’s the chap himself
He even had a stamp made in his honour
Trailer to film picturing his last years
Biographer George Prochnik talks about his subject Stefan Zweig
Short biography

If you’ve ever found yourself on an aircraft, clutching the handrest as the pilot slews the bird all over the place in what seems to you to be a deliberately stupid joyride before thumping the damned thing into the runway, and you’re watching your life flashing before your eyes, remember that the guy in the cockpit is SHITTING HIS PANTS, as this video of epic bad-weather landings from Topfelya shows us:


If you’re finding today hard to deal with, let’s give you a pick-me-up in the form of LEGENDARY ADVICE FROM A LEGENDARY LEGENDSIR CHRISTOPHER LEE himself:

As far as I am aware, Sir Christopher Lee never publicly proclaimed himself to be a Christian, which left him open to considerable attacks during his lifetime about his supposed interests in the occult. Watch this interview of him, from way back in 1975, and draw your own conclusions about what the man believed:

#BasedTucker is based:

The Male Brain is back with some great Thanksgiving-related material for our Heathen Rebel Colonist friends. We start with a terrific video from The Babylon Bee, which continues its sterling tradition of reporting all the news before it ever happens:

It’s been some time since we featured Ryan George, so here you go:

And now let’s have some Thanksgiving memes:

Est. 2016
Always plan ahead
Can’t relate. One day and it’s over.

Isn’t that how Jews feel after the Feast of Booths? Or Passover? Jus’ sayin’…

That should be a Jewish joke

I sent that one to my aunt, who is a psychotherapist. She didn’t get the point…

Let’s expand – stop uploading stuff that no one cares about but you.
Been there, done that
Unrelated, but we need to invite these dads to hang with us

Mark Dice notes that turnabout is fair play, and uses the Clown News Network’s own tactics against them, but this time to make them sound like they’re telling the truth:

Jason Siler compiles the perfect Christmas hit-list for the White House and the Fake President:

Bill Whittle and his buddies have some sage advice for The Hero Kyle Rittenhouse:

Paul Ramsey unpacks the reality behind the Ahmaud Arbery verdict:

PJW has a pair of videos up about the truth behind the Waukesha Wakandan:

The lovely and charming Dr. Sam Bailey conducted an excellent interview with Dr. Tom Cowan about the pandemic of stupidity that has swept the world:

The Dizzle and his buddy The Apostate Prophet discuss the recent interview done by AP with well-known New Testament scholar (and atheist critic of Christianity), Bart Ehrman:

Anyone with half a brain who understands what Dr. Ehrman is saying, knows immediately that his positions on the New Testament directly undermine everything about Islam. Only truly gullible idiots would believe the dawahgandists when they say that Dr. Ehrman’s criticisms of textual variants between New Testament manuscripts, support the inerrant preservation of the Koran. The argument is in and of itself profoundly stupid.

Dr. Jay Smith from PfanderFilms and his new friend Thomas continue to unpack the Syro-Aramaic background of the Koran, and come to some startling conclusions:

Al-Fadi from CIRA International and Dr. Jay Smith look at textual variants between different versions of the Koran, and note that these variants completely undermine the entire theological basis of Islam:

Dr. Frank Turek from Cross Examined has some harsh, and entirely justified, words for the Church about same-sex so-called “marriage”:

China Uncensored notes that the CCP isn’t exactly hiding its territorial ambitions right now:

America Uncovered unpacks the utter nonsense of “Build Back Better”:

Jared Taylor from American Renaissance explains in detail why the Arbery verdict is actually awful for Whites:

One of the strangest aspects of this case is the role of the Bryan video. Two days after the verdict, NBC News published an indignant article called “They Nearly Got Away With It.” It noted that the three men were not arrested until two and a half months after the shooting, and only after the video was “leaked.” It was not leaked. In consultation with his lawyer, Gregory McMichael gave the video to a radio station in the hope that its release would put down rumors among blacks that his son had done something wrong. He thought it would settle any questions about what provoked the shooting!

Public and media opinion appear to be unanimous: the video proves that the defendants were essentially a lynch mob, and that they were indicted only because this devastating evidence came to light. On the contrary, the video is perfectly consistent with Travis McMichael’s initial statements to the police, his testimony at trial, and District Attorney Michal Barnhill’s decision not to bring charges. To see in that video evidence for malice murder — of “an abandoned and malignant heart” — is to see something that isn’t there. This stark divide in how people interpret the very same images is just one more example of how race has enflamed the American mind.

The reaction to the video’s release was something akin to panic in Georgia. The state promptly passed its first hate-crime law — even though there is no evidence race played any role in the case. The legislature also repealed the citizen’s arrest law. At the signing ceremony for the repeal, Governor Brian Kemp said, Georgia was “the first state in the country to repeal its citizen’s arrest statute,” adding, “Today we are replacing a Civil War-era law, ripe for abuse.” Is any Civil War-era bill ripe for abuse?

The new law forbids citizen’s arrest except for store employees who hold shoplifters for the police, and restaurant personnel who stop anyone trying to leave without paying. Georgians can still use deadly force to protect life, but if they stop a burglary, car theft, or even arson (except to protect a residence), they will be criminals.

If Georgians were going to tinker with legislation, might they have reconsidered a law that could land a man in prison for life for trying to head off a man he thought was a fleeing criminal who was then shot by someone he didn’t even know was armed? The injustice of this seems to have occurred to no one. If the law was to be changed, it was strictly to inculpate these three men.

The defense will appeal on grounds of jury intimidation, prejudicial instructions to the jury, admission of evidence, and probably other grounds. What are the chances of an appeals court infuriating the entire media/political establishment and ordering a retrial? Zero. In a case like this, racial hysteria makes impartial justice impossible. Probably the only forlorn hope these men have is that a decade or two from now, the racial climate will have changed to the point that a governor or president might grant clemency.

Terrence Popp takes note of the ongoing crisis on the Belarus-Poland border and points out that migrants are indeed becoming a weapon of war – which, in fairness, they always were:

Midnight’s Edge break down the very odd case of Queen Karen Kennedy’s contract renewal:

Overlord Dicktor Van Doomcock takes apart Kevin Feige’s reputation as the supposed “saviour” of the MCU, and points out that he actually had some pretty nefarious plans for the main cash cow of the House of the Devil Mouse:

The Drinker‘s breakdown of the problem with modren movies is superb, and very much on-point:

Your “Science is F***ING WEIRD” moment of the week is from Dawn Pine, and concerns a scientific exploration of gaming (seriously):

The monetization of the modern Triple-A game has undergone severe changes, as free-to-play revenue models and game as a service distribution strategy have become standard for game developers. To date, the established tradition of the industry’s political–economic analysis focused on the value extraction and user exploitation of video game as a cultural commodity, centered on the video game as generating value through the selling of boxed or digital units. In this article, we present a new analytical framework grounded in understanding the modern video game as an asset that continuously generates revenue for its owners. This theoretical lens encapsulates the changes in contemporary game development, distribution, and value generation. To demonstrate, we apply it to the analysis of the monetization strategies of three recent free-to-play Triple-A titles: Fortnite (2017), Apex Legends (2019), and Call of Duty: Warzone (2020).

Your long read of the week is from Dr. Laurent Guyenot, writing over at The Unz Review, in an article which essentially consists of a partial review of Robert F. Kennedy’s new book, an expose of Fraudci and the NIH’s scandalous conduct with respect to multiple diseases and pandemics:

Dr. Fauci has done nothing to advance NIAID’s core obligation of researching the causes of chronic allergic and autoimmune diseases that have mushroomed under his tenure. Instead, Fauci has “reshaped NIAID into the leading incubator for new pharmaceutical products, many of which, ironically, profit from the cascading chronic disease pandemic.” Instead of researching the causes of Americans’ failing health, Dr. Fauci funnels the bulk of his $6 billion budget to the research and development of new drugs and vaccines that are largely responsible for weakening our natural immunity. “Of late, he has played a central role in undermining public health and subverting democracy and constitutional governance around the globe and in transitioning our civil governance toward medical totalitarianism.”

I was reminded of Dr. Knock, the central character of Jules Romains’s famous novel Knock or the Triumph of Medicine, written in 1923. Dr. Knock is a shady medical doctor of dubious competence who professes that “health” is an obsolete and unscientific concept, and that all men are sick and need to be informed about it by their doctor. To advance his plan of converting a whole town into permanent patients, he enlists the help of the school teacher and of the pharmacist, who suddenly sees his clientele booming (watch unforgettable moments of Guy Lefranc’s 1951 film adaptation with Louis Jouvet here and here).

To some extent, however, Fauci is himself the product of a civilizational orientation that could only, in the long run, lead to the tyrannical medical technocracy that is now trying to enslave us. Rather than a new Dr. Frankenstein, Fauci is our own monster coming back after us. Kennedy hints at this vast aspect of the question, pointing to the need for deep questioning. The way Americans and Westerners in general have come to view health care has been shaped by the philosophy of the Rockefeller Foundation: “a pill for an ill.” In the debate between the “miasma theory”—that emphasizes preventing disease by fortifying the immune system through nutrition and by reducing exposures to environmental toxins and stresses—versus the “germ theory”—which blames disease on microscopic pathogens—we have unambiguously opted for the latter. We have signed in for an approach to disease that requires to identify the culpable germ and tailor a poison to kill it. The choice was not forced upon us. We have surrendered responsibility for our health to medical experts and insurance brokers.

The whole thing is well worth reading in full. Mr. Kennedy’s book should also be a fascinating read. I’ve read Virus Mania, referenced in the article itself, and while I disagree strongly with some of its arguments, I think that it contains a lot of good information. That book quotes Mr. Kennedy at some length, and rightly so.

Linkage is good for you:

And some more from Dawn Pine:

The Neo-Tsar could not be clearer about his interest in keeping Russia as a neutral, self-sufficient, Christian nationalist power that stays out of entangling alliances and offers trade and friendship with all:

History lessons of the week – this time concerning the legendary and fearsome Varyags of Miklagaard (I LOVE that song):

Your Great Man of the Week is the legendary Apache warrior Geronimo:

The latest HALO Infinite trailers have dropped, and they look AWESOME – except for the rampant, and extremely stupid, virtue-signalling in the first one:

Wazzocks gonna wazzock:

Kitchen Nightmares with the Angry Scot:

Comedy hour:

I can relate

Pics, guns, girls:

That petrol station deserves your business – wherever it is

I’m in two minds about that one… on the one hand, it’s a brilliant idea. On the other hand, it’s also a very corrupting one.
New take on an old joke – I remember seeing that back in 2008
Jeez… I should have done that YEARS ago
Holy shit, that’s disturbing
$10 says this will happen by the end of the year
“Gay coffee” is simply another term for “decaf”
“Well done, son! Have a cookie!”
Both in Austria and Switzerland

Headlines of the week indicate that TRUMP WAS RIGHT, YET AGAIN:

Honestly, if I had a dollar for every single time that the God-Emperor was right about something that he said, which his critics blasted him for, I’d be a millionaire by now.

Your “Landing in Soup” moment of the week:

Your “Two Peoples Separated by a Common Language” moment of the week:

Your “How to be a Dumbass, According to Science” moment of the week:

Your “Toilet Paper Caper” moment of the week:

Tell me again how that artificial shit is supposed to be better for us???

There are two kinds of people – those who think that DIE HARD is a Christmas movie, AND THOSE WHO ARE WRONG.

Explains a lot
That’s actually pretty funny
100% FACT
Y’know, I’m KIND OF on board with this one
Isn’t that one of Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriends?

Your aminules are adorkable moment of the week:

And also your animals are absolute DICKS moment of the week, to balance things out:

Gym beast props go to legendary strongman Brian Shaw, who faced off against one of the baddest men around, Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier, who showed the gentle giant the power of the rear-naked choke:

That is the beauty of choke techniques – they work regardless of size. You could be a walking man-mountain, but you’ll go to sleep from an RNC just as fast as a skinny chick who weighs 100lbs dripping wet – and she could be the one choking you out, too.

Now that is not to say that there is no way to resist an RNC. There are effective ways to handle an RNC. But – and this is critical – you have to move REALLY FAST. You cannot dawdle when someone applies one of those on you. The window for effective action is TINY – about a second, and often considerably less than that.

If you don’t respond quickly, before the choke really sinks in, then you’ll be OUT COLD in about 10 seconds or less. And that technique is lethal, so if you are in that choke for long enough – roughly a minute, maybe a bit more – then you’ll be DEAD.

Our boy Dom Mazzetti is back with some super awesome amazeballs BROSCIENCE to bro your mind:

Wise Uncle Chael the American Gangster continues to make fun of the “little rich weirdo”:

Jesus loves knockouts:

Shufflin’ keeps things groovin’


OK, let’s wrap things up, because we all have shit to do. Here’s your Instathot to get the week off to more-or-less the right start. Her name is Dragana Banic, age 27, from Beograd, Serbia, and apparently she has a footballist fixation, because she’s been linked in Serbian tabloids with at least three different players for the Serbian national team. Maybe that’s true, maybe it’s not. I personally don’t particularly care, since she’s not my woman.

But she does look rather fetching in a bikini, that’s for sure. And she has a nice smile. I guess that, if you’re a footballist drama queen used to flopping around like a fish on the pitch when someone so much as breathes on you, a nice smile, a good rack, a firm ass, and lots of warpaint, are all enough to make a man think with his little head instead of his big one.

(Not, admittedly, that most men are any different – footballist or otherwise.)

Oh, and she’s also apparently good mates with Johnny Depp, somehow.

Right, you miserable lot, back to work. The Great Soros Empire needs your unwilling cooperation to sustain itself, so get on with it.

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