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Explaining the Socio-Sexual Hierarchy

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Our benevolent and dreaded Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH) Vox Day finally went to the trouble of putting together a rather well-done Voxiversity video explaining what his signature Socio-Sexual Hierarchy is all about:

A few points are worth bringing up here.

First, as Voxemort the Malevolent himself pointed out in his Darkstream following up on this video, he left out the Sigma and Lambda components of his original SSH because the video itself was an INTRODUCTION to the concepts. He also deliberately left out the Sigma component because of the inevitable sperg-cycle that results from commenters immediately asking the obvious question: “What rank am I?”.

Of course, if you watch the Darkstream, you will see that this is exactly what happens in the live comments. The Omegas all show up claiming that they totes get laid consistently and have no problems pulling girls, and the Gammas show up trying very hard to find some way to call themselves Alphas.

It would be funny, if it were not so utterly predictable and therefore extremely irritating. in the Darkstream you will see an ENDLESS stream of stupid and vapid comments asking the rank of this or that public figure, or asking for tailor-made advice about how to get from one rank to another just for the special snowflake questioner. The Gammas were particularly annoying – you can always tell the Gammas from the rest because they are so obsessed with talking about themselves and inevitably do their damnedest to steer the conversations back to them, so that they can revel in their status as Secret Kings.

Second, as the Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH) also points out, repeatedly, one’s socio-sexual rank is mutable depending on circumstances. Very, very few men are Alphas in ALL areas of life. If you want an example of a man who is such, look no further than – of course – the God-Emperor of Mankind, Donaldus Triumphus Magnus. That is a prime example of a man who is successful in virtually every area of his life – and because he knows how to win, and is accustomed to winning, he simply carries on winning no matter what. This, despite the fact that he has suffered numerous setbacks in his professional and personal life, and continues to face relentless attacks on a daily basis from the entire political establishment.

Most men tend to act according to one of the heuristic categories in one setting, and then tend to move into another in a different setting. This is not particularly surprising. As Darth Vox points out in his video, there are such things as “situational Alphas”, who are exceptionally good at taking charge and being strong and charismatic leaders in some circumstances, but revert to being weak and meek in other circumstances.

One prime example of this is Prince Harry, younger son of Prince Charles and something like 6th in line to the throne – though, at the rate that his older brother’s wife is popping out babies (of which I, for one, thoroughly and wholeheartedly approve), that could easily change. I’ve written about “young” (he’s my age, so he ain’t exactly no spring chicken) Prince Harry and what was, to my mind, his colossally stupid and ill-informed decision to marry the Half-Blood Princess at some length already.

Now there is a young man who, in his “professional” life (so to speak), is immensely admirable. He is unquestionably an Alpha. He is brave, handsome, charismatic, highly successful with the ladies, and a well-respected leader of men. He long ago outgrew his wild-child partying ways during his stint in Her Majesty’s Royal Army as a helicopter pilot, and good on him for doing so.

But in his personal life, he has proven to be quite flawed, as we now know.

Third, and most importantly, the SSH is not a rigid deterministic theoretical construct designed to sort people into boxes from which they can never break out. It is a purely heuristic tool, based on readily observable patterns of behaviour, designed to help people understand both their strengths and their weaknesses.

Like all such tools of categorisation, the SSH is prone to misuse and “Hammer Syndrome” – which is to say, people who use it will mistakenly assume that it is the One Tool to Rule Them All, with no alternatives, partners, or substitutes.

As Vox points out in his Darkstream on the subject, the SSH does not preclude other measures of rank. It complements other measures such as IQ and the MBTI test, which are themselves of significant but limited value.

The SSH does not really deal in stereotypes, and indeed is useful at breaking down and falsifying some of them. For example, the stereotypical Alpha male is loud, brash, gregarious, and extremely energised by people – think Tom Cruise, for instance. But there are introverted Alphas who don’t particularly like being around other people, but still engage in the social games and hierarchies that people play – such as Clint Eastwood.

Likewise, when presented with the Delta categorisation, most people would argue that such a man is of average intelligence and appearance. While this might be true in many cases, there are also plenty of high-IQ Deltas who are nonetheless quite content to do one thing professionally, and do it extremely well. They see no need to be anything more than what they are – but they absolutely demand, and need, to be respected. Their signatures are competence, loyalty, and a fundamental sense of fair play and decency. Acknowledge and respect these things in a Delta, and he will amply repay you for it.

And, of course, there are quite a few Gammas who are professionally and socially quite successful. The two classic cases in point are John Scalzi and Dr. Jordan Peterson. Both have done very well for themselves by giving their followers and fans exactly what they want and using their signature skills to maximum effect. The big problem with these two men is that, basically, they can’t stop lying – to themselves or anyone else. And that is what makes them so insufferable after a point; you literally cannot trust them to tell you whether the sky is blue or not.

Fourth, your rank in the SSH does not determine your life. This needs to be understood very, very carefully.

An Alpha can always plummet down the ranks and become a Gamma if he starts to lie to himself and others on a regular basis – and it isn’t that hard for such things to happen, actually.

A Delta can always become a Beta simply by stepping up, accepting more responsibility, and using his signature attributes of loyalty and competence to serve the needs of an organisation or team. The more competent and skilled Deltas typically do become Betas as they progress through the ranks.

A Gamma can always aim for Delta status. Being a Delta is NOT a bad thing. It is in fact very good. Accepting one’s own limitations, while capitalising and building on one’s strengths, is key to living a happy and psychologically healthy life. The critical thing that every Gamma must do – which is extremely difficult for them – is to STOP LYING. Unfortunately, this is the defining trait of the Gamma, and that is what makes them so bloody unbearable for the rest of us to be around.

There have been a couple of Gammas who have frequented my blog over the years in the comments section. I was reminded of DrTorch, for instance, when I looked over at Alpha Game for the “Graduating Gamma” series. He engaged in a particularly inane and futile exchange with the Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH) a few years back, and his style of “arguing” – if you could call it that – was so spectacularly stupid that it jogged my memory about my own run-in with, as it happens, the exact same guy on one of my posts about immigration.

If you read through the comments from DrTorch with respect to my post, you will find the exact same Gamma tells. The attitude of “I am so much more intelligent than you and you cannot possibly help but agree with everything that I say”; the slippery rhetorical evasions and refusals to answer direct questions; the narcissism and solipsism; running away and refusing to answer legitimate questions; and, worst of all, the insistence on constantly telling lies – it’s all right there.

As for Omegas… these guys are truly in the pits, and it is very, very difficult for them to better their lives. But, with immense effort and power of will, they can become Deltas. They need to fix themselves physically, psychologically, and emotionally, and this is hard, thankless, and often heartbreaking work. But it has to be done. These are the truly unfortunate men who are utterly rejected by society – and who reject it in turn.

These are the men who often end up becoming mass shooters. These are the kinds of men who are most susceptible to the deadly evils of the Great Heresy of Islam, which promises them in the next life the very great physical and sensual rewards that they could never attain for themselves in this one. These are the men who obsess unnaturally and unhealthily over specific women, who cannot and absolutely will not return their affections.

These men must break out of their prisons – which are largely self-created. They must lift weights to strengthen their bodies. They must find ways to strengthen their minds – through psychotherapy, and/or acceptance of Christ and His Truth (though, obviously, not the Churchian abomination of the same). They must learn to become attractive to women – starting with the very average Plain Janes who would typically be happy with Deltas. They must learn real-world skills beyond vijdagamesnpr0n.

A man who is physically strong, can support himself financially, is at least somewhat attractive to women and sexually satisfied, and spiritually at peace, is a formidable ally and friend. That is the kind of man that all of us should seek to become, no matter what our status.

In the end, the SSH is a very valuable tool and may well go down in history as the Supreme Dark Lord’s greatest intellectual creation. It has its flaws, as all heuristic tools do. But its worth completely outweighs its flaws.

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  1. Hatelovenothing

    Are there intermediate ranks?

    • Didact

      Intermediate, as in somewhere between Alpha and Gamma? Or intermediate, as in ranks that sit between Alpha, Bravo, Delta, Gamma, and Omega – i.e. different levels of Delta or Gamma? Please clarify.

  2. Nick Sharo

    Super cool blog, just learning about all of this today.


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