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Quick! Somebody call the thought police!!!

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Here follow a few videos that are specifically designed and intended to trigger the living shit out of the precious snowflakes.

Fair warning: if you are a liberaltard snowflake, and therefore dislike BadThink and FeelBadz and free speech designed specifically to provoke thought and stir up ideas, then you may want to go sit over there in your safe-space hugbox with teddy bears and crayons while listening to Bjork.


For the rest of you – the ones who think and act like real men and women, the ones who read my writing regularly – here is a collection of videos culled from various channels that tell us some important truths in entertaining ways.

The Women Against Tiredness Society

It was International Wimmenz Day a few weeks ago, as we all know, and to celebrate this “momentous” (read: pointless) occasion, the UK’s own Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation decided to come up with a sarcastic skit portraying the plight of the modern strong empowered woman:

Perhaps not surprisingly, it turned out to be one of the hands-down funniest videos ever released into the public. And it tells us an important truth: women actually hate being strong and empowered.

Profound truths are often revealed through comedy, and this is no exception. International Women’s Day in the West is a complete farce. There is nothing much to celebrate about women being women, just for the sake of womanhood.

There is already a very important and vital day set aside specifically to celebrate women. It is called Mother’s Day. And that day is critically important because, as Janet Bloomfield points out, a woman is only truly worthwhile if she is a mother.

This is an extremely controversial and impolite thing to say in modern society – which, I suppose, just shows how far backwards the modern “enlightened” and “progressive” West has become. There are, to be sure, many high-achieving, highly intelligent women out there who have done great things in their professional lives.

But nothing that they have done is special by male standards.

The fact is that a man can do everything a woman can – with precisely one exception. We can and absolutely do work longer hours, harder jobs, in more dangerous occupations, under far more difficult conditions, and with vastly greater stress and risk. Women overwhelmingly prefer fewer working hours and safer, more comfortable jobs when compared with men.

It is that one exception which makes women precious and men expendable.

Women, and only women, can conceive, carry, and bring into this world new human life.

The ability to bear and raise children is literally the defining characteristic of women. And if women refuse to carry out this most important and vital of duties, then the cold truth is that they really are not worth all that much.

The reality is that there is absolutely nothing wrong whatsoever with women being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

And that provides us with a key lesson for us to pass on to the next generation.

If you are a parent, and you have a daughter, and she comes to you asking for advice about what she should be when she grows up, there is only one possible answer:

Become a good wife and a happy mother, and pass on your values to your children.

There is no more important occupation for a woman than this.

Fake Real News

If you find the Clown News Network and the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation and other gaystream media outlets as irritating as I do, then you’ll get a real kick out of Jonathan Pie telling it like it really is:

There used to be a time when der Lügenpresse was of some practical use within the Western world. That is not to say that they were without bias – it is just that the bias was self-evidently and proudly proclaimed. For about a century after the Revolution, American newspapers would specifically identify with one of the various political parties extant at the time – it was not at all uncommon to find newspapers with words like “Federalist” or “Whig” or “Democrat-Republican” on the front page.

This was actually no bad thing at all. Back then, at least it was really obvious as to where the allegiances of the various journalists and reporters lay. There was a real diversity of thought and reporting involved – and the level of discourse was simultaneously much more sophisticated, and much more brutal, than it is today.

If you do not believe me and you think that things could not possibly get worse than listening to ABCNNBCBS constantly broadcasting lies and screaming about “MUH RUSSIA!!!” every other second, then you should take a look at the way in which the Presidential contest between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams was played out in the press of the time. Those articles make today’s Russia conspiracy theories sound quite boring by comparison.

Today’s legacy media, however, has utterly betrayed its original purpose and vision. Today just about every big media organisation – even Fox News – is to a greater or lesser degree involved in peddling lies and falsehoods that are designed specifically to overthrow and destroy the tripartite foundations of Western civilisation – Graeco-Roman philosophy, Christian morality, and the European nations – and of the bedrock upon which that civilisation is built: the family unit.

If today’s press insists on telling us nothing but lies, then its members should not be surprised that the rest of us eventually simply refuse to take them seriously anymore.

From the Mouths (and Pens) of Liberaltards…

It turns out that even extremely liberal screenwriters, who deliberately set out to subvert reality by attempting to hold up a warped mirror to the rest of us and thereby distort what is actually true, do hit upon some hard truths once in a very great while:

Now, let’s be clear about something:

HBO’s The Newsroom was created by a liberaltard. It stars a liberaltard. It was designed by liberaltards to mock bedrock and heartland American values and ideals. And that monologue up there got some very important facts completely wrong in order to score some cheap political points.

But – even then, Jeff Daniels and Aaron Sorkin did hit upon one important truth.

America is not what it once was. It is no longer the greatest country in the world, for many reasons – and some of them do have to do with skills in literacy and maths, to be sure.

The most important causes of America’s decline, however, are not touched upon at all.

America’s decline since its zenith of power and influence in the 1980s is due to physical, moral, and spiritual factors.

Since 1965, America has imported tens of millions of non-Americans and pretended, in the face of millennia of evidence to the contrary, that immigration does not result in war. These foreign imports do not share Western, let alone American, values. And America never bothered with the notion of “pausing” in order to permit these “new” Americans to assimilate and be absorbed into the American culture.

Those immigrants did not, and do not, share the historical American heritage of the three pillars of Western civilisation above. It is therefore not in the least bit surprising that America has seriously declined in power, influence, and strength from its peaks in the 1950s and later in the 1980s.

It is also not surprising to anyone with knowledge of history as to why there has been a long succession of weak, indecisive, and foolish “rulers” of the American empire, punctuated by all-too-brief reigns of strong “emperors” who did much to restore some of the lost glory of the American nation. A very similar pattern played out in the decline and fall of the Roman Empire, which was strong and powerful for all of about 150 years or so before entering into a nearly 300-year-long period of decline.

And the root cause was, and still is, the replacement of the original American nation, and its core culture and ideals, with peoples who do not share that culture and do not respect it.

The Undateable Millennial Woman

A young Millennial woman – she is about my sister’s age, in fact – bemoans the fact that she has been “single”, in the sense that she has not had a serious boyfriend or stable long-term relationship, for five and a half years. A shitlord takes her to task for this, and much hilarity, and no small amount of truth-telling, ensues:

There are two basic truths running head-first into each other and causing conflict here.

The first is illustrated best by our friend Adam Piggott, who enumerates among his 28 Traits of the Modern Man a very clear and simple rule to all young men: thou shalt not have a serious girlfriend.

His reason for saying this is much less controversial than it might seem at first. The idea is simple. If you find a good high-quality woman, but you do not commit to her by marrying her with the intention of building a future with her within a reasonable time frame after deciding that she is worth your time and effort – then you are doing both of you a serious disservice.

As Adam has said time and again – at least once in response to my own writing on the subject – a relationship with a truly high-quality woman is not hard work. The hard work happened long before the relationship itself started, on both your part and hers.

This is solid, workable advice for any young man. And it runs head-on into another basic truth about modern young women.

Most modern Millennial women are narcissistic, irritating, shallow, foolish, and simply damaged.

The modern man is indeed best served by holding out his commitment, trust, and love for a woman who clearly has a lot to offer – a woman who is young, beautiful, fertile, feminine, good-tempered, and genuinely wants a family and children.

But modern young women have been taught for going on three generations now that their greatest achievements in life are not in the home and the hearth, but in the workplace.

The advent of cheap and readily available contraception has removed the single greatest barrier to unchecked female sexuality – because the moment that you take away the possibility of a woman falling pregnant and thereby putting tremendous strain on her body and resources by bearing a child to term from a one-night stand, you also take away any and all incentive for her to be careful about who she dates and sleeps with.

And the result is what you see in the video above: a young woman who thoroughly enjoys all of the privileges and benefits conferred upon her by her sex, youth, beauty, and the fact that she won the genetic lottery in life and was born into an advanced Western nation – and yet who is also deeply unhappy, and slowly comes to realise it through her own monologue.

This is not a woman who will make a good wife or mother. And because she refuses to put in the hard work required to become one, she is likely to spend the very best years of her life dating and screwing around with the very kinds of men who either do not want to marry her even though they are high-quality guys, or are only interested in sex.

And one day, she will wake up and realise that the very assets that once made her so desirable, are all gone – and she has nothing left to compensate for them.

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