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The qalamitous qorrosive qiraat qonundrum

by | Jun 8, 2024 | Philosophy | 2 comments

Exactly 4 years ago, an Islamic scholar, of considerable repute, named Sh. Dr. Yasir Qadhi, appeared on a livestream with a particularly unpleasant “British” Izzlamist dawahgandist named Mohammed Hijab. This, in and of itself, is not worthy of substantial comment. The dawah crowd invite lots of scholars onto their platforms to repeat the same silly statements over and over again. But this appearance was very different – because, over the course of about 20 minutes within a 90-minute livestream, the Sheikh managed to do TREMENDOUS damage to the entire Izzlamist narrative of “perfect preservation of the Koran”.

Why is this important?

Because, if you talk to any halfway serious Muslim, he will parrot back to you the line that his imams taught him, which their scholars taught them:

“The Koran is exactly the same today as it was in the time of Muhammad, right down to the letter, right down to the dot and tittle! It has never changed, because Allah preserves his own revelation!! We are therefore the inheritors of a revelation that is superior to all others!!! Alhamdulilah!!!!”

The problem is that every single one of those sentences is FALSE – including the invocation of Allah’s name at the end, but that is another story. (tl;dr version – Muslims are actually invoking the name of a Nabatean moon-god, according to at least one line of inquiry into the subject.)

Their own sources have admitted, for CENTURIES, that the Koran has undergone repeated and significant revisions since the time when it was “revealed” by “Jibreel” to Mo’Lester the Paedophile Profit.

(In my view, if Mo’Lester ever existed in the first place – which I rather doubt – then “Jibreel” was just Satan in the guise of an angel. There are other possible ways of looking at the Koran as well – it is indisputably a Syro-Aramaic set of Christian lectionaries, as the work of “Christoph Luxemburg” has proven, which means the original Koran has since been perverted and corrupted quite severely into what it is today.)

There is not enough time in the content of a single poast to go into all the details, about how there were many different version of the Koran in existence, 14 centuries ago, but we can give a general indication. The Paedophile Profit’s own companions all differed on its length and content. When Uthman put together the supposedly “correct” compilation in 652 AD – 20 years after the Profit died, horribly and in great pain – he then burned all the other compilations, and sent 5 copies of that one “canonised” manuscript out to 5 different cities.

Exactly how Uthman, who was NOT and never claimed to be a prophet, had any authority whatsoever to do that, is something of a mystery.

But, even this did not solve the problem of the multiplicity of Korans across the Muslim world. Within 200 years of the Profit’s death, there was a multiplicity of Korans, all with substantially different text, in the original Arabic language, and all with different Arabic skeletal texts.

You can see none other than Dr. Jay Smith holding up several different Arabic Korans up top. Muslims will try to respond – quite desperately – by claiming that, even if the Arabic text is different between them, the meaning is the same. But even that is not true – there are flat-out negations between just the Hafs and Warsh Koran, for instance, and those are just a few of the over FIVE THOUSAND differences between the two of those books.

Again, that is before we get to the over NINETY-THREE THOUSAND differences discovered (so far) between the 36 (to date) different Arabic Korans found (up to now).

The impact of this on the Izzlamic death-cult cannot be overstated. Their entire religion states that there has only ever been ONE Koran, only ever ONE single revelation, the perfect copy of the perfect book that exists eternally in Paradise. If you ever challenge this assertion, as a Muslim, then you no longer have any right to call yourself a Muslim.

And, if a Christian shows two ARABIC Korans that are in any way different, in wording or content, then that will cause a violent reaction in them.

The only reasonable parallel for a Christian, is if an atheist shows one of us indisputable and absolute proof that Jesus died on the Cross, and never rose again – He mouldered in His grave, and His body saw corruption.

That is precisely what happened to hundreds, and then thousands, and now MILLIONS, of Muslims, four years ago.

Here is the video below, which I clipped out of the original and uploaded onto BitChute, because the good Sheikh and Mimi Hijab started putting out nonsense copyright strikes against anyone who saved, clipped, and commented on this specific part:

The damage this did to the ummah was IMMENSE. Back before they purged the comments section, both men saw literally HUNDREDS of absolutely furious Muslims ranting that they were leaving that pagan death-cult, and their blood would be upon those men on the Day of Judgement.

And why did this do so much damage?

Because, again, the Standard Izzlamic Narrative says the Koran has NEVER changed. This is a claim no serious Christian makes about the Bible, but it is foundational to the Izzlamick faith. Yet it is an absolutely trivial matter to demonstrate the Koran has changed, REPEATEDLY, for centuries.

It does not matter whether you look at the issue through the lens of their own sources, or the ahruf and qiraat (the relationship between them is something Muslims cannot explain, and have not been able to explain for 1,400 years), or the actual skeletal-text manuscripts. ALL of them have huge problems, and pose even bigger ones for the ummah.

So when you hear that Izzlam is going to take over Europe, and the West… keep in mind, there are MILLIONS of Muslims, and now TENS OF MILLIONS, who have seen this information, and are seriously questioning their faith in this Satanic death-cult.

Take heart in that fact, and rejoice, as a happy warrior for the true God – as Tha Dizzle and Dr. Jay Smith are on this very auspicious day:

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  1. furor kek tonicus ( Leslye Headland was Harvey Weinstein's Couch Facilitator ) )

    Here is the video below, which I clipped out of the original and uploaded onto BitChute, because the good Sheikh and Mimi Hijab started putting out nonsense copyright strikes against anyone who saved, clipped, and commented on this specific part:
    might be just me, but this is the only part in this essay in which i do NOT see a video linked.

    • Didact

      Yeah, there was an issue with the embedding code. I’ve fixed it now.


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