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Monday morning Godfathering

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Somehow, we survived the weekend – which, these days, is less of a joke and more of a miracle with every passing day, given how insane the global geopolitical scene is getting. At some point, some dumbshit neoclown weenie is going to trigger WWIII, and then… all bets are off, especially for humanity’s long-term survival.

It’s enough to make you want to start chugging G&Ts at 7am on a Monday.

Fortunately, I am not quite at that point yet – my liver will not have to deal with cirrhosis quite so early. But, who knows? We’re not even halfway through the year, and we are already so deep in the Upside Down that the clowns standing on their hands look normal.

Anyway – let’s get our minds off all of that with the Great Mondaydact Browser Smasher. This week’s instalment pays tribute to one of the greatest movies ever made – and its even greater sequel:

I actually read the original book, many years ago. It was a masterpiece. Then, some years later, I did get around to watching The Godfather Part III – this was back when I was stuck in Moscow, 4 years ago, and I ended up watching the whole trilogy. A lot of people give Sofia Coppola a LOT of stick – and rightly so – for her extremely wooden performance, but it must be said, the third film is not quite the crap-pile everyone likes to say it is. Sure, it’s nowhere near as good as the first two, but it is still operatic, powerful, and extraordinary in places.

Overall, the Godfather trilogy is a testament to artistic vision and acting talent. It is the kind of epic film series Hollyweird used to know how to make, back when it actually made good movies.

The Mighty God-Emperor

His Most Illustrious, Noble, August, Benevolent, and Legendary Celestial Majesty, the God-Emperor of Mankind, Donaldus Triumphus Magnus Astra, the First of His Name, the Lion of Midnight, may the Lord bless him and preserve him, was absolutely defiant after the ridiculous guilty verdict rendered against him:

#BasedTucker is Based

Superb interview. Must-watch stuff.

Dawn of Battle

The Male Brain has a positively immense amount of great material for us this week. We start with one from Moon about the destruction of the vulnerable minds and souls of the youngest modern generation:

Another one about how #BasedTucker became the most hated man in media – simply because he refused to bow down to THE MESSAGE:

I have no doubt whatsoever in my mind that #BasedTucker is being blessed and protected by Divine Providence. That is the only possible explanation for his colossal success since he left FAUX News. He wants to find the truth, and he is willing to take great risks to his own personal reputation and safety to do it. As a result of very hard work and a willingness to take anti-Establishment positions, he has carved out a tremendous niche for himself – and he is literally the only one who can fill it.

PsycHacks explains how women are their own worst enemies, by insisting on making it difficult for men to love them and care about them:

Here is an interesting one about how Coca Cola supposedly invented Santa Claus:

Interesting idea. I wouldn’t take it at face value, but it is hardly the first time a giant mega-corporation has used a famous historical figure to promote its sales.

Valentine’s Day, after all, is just a giant conspiracy of evil global flower cartels and chocolate-makers to take your money, in the name of a saint who died a very horrible death…

And here is a fact-based take on gun violence in the FUSA:

In fact, if you took out ALL of the Daemoncrat-run cities and counties that have really high rates of gun violence – most of it Wakandan-on-Wakandan – then the FUSA ends up somewhere down in the low 200s in terms of gun violence.

From the world’s busiest bald YOOTOOBER, Sideprojects tackles the various myths that we all just sort of believe without a second thought:

And Honest Ads takes an honest look at a completely dishonest political system:

Mind-Expanding Drugs

Via Telegram chat member V.I.N.C.E.N.T., here is an excellent and thought-provoking video on the overblown promises of abominable artificial intelligence:

And here is an outstanding video via The Male Brain of heterodox researcher – in other words, an ACTUAL scientist – Dr. Rupert Sheldrake discussing strange and wonderful theories about “morphic resonance” that the scientific “establishment” thinks are woo-woo nonsense:

He’s pissing off all the right people. I started reading his book, Science Set Free, a while back – it is quite dense, so I never quite got through it, but what I have read, indicates a freethinker who has genuine scientific curiosity about the world, and is not interested in stale dogmas.

Death Smiles At Us All…

Poli-Ticking Off

Mark Dice asks what happens next, now that the God-Emperor has been convicted, in what is patently a sham trial, for a crime that isn’t even an actual felony:

The very-thoroughly-married couple at Redacted explain that The Putin really is not joking when he says the West has been effing around, and is soon going to start finding out:

PJW says, “let’s not jump to conclu- aaaaaaand he’s Muslim”, in relation to a very ugly knife attack that took place at an anti-Izzlamist rally in Krautland:

Lord Razor of the Fist Clan notes, correctly, that Batman is just a gigantic Gamma wet-dream with ridiculous rules:

Rulings from the Bench

Judge Nap will soon be off to SPIEF in Russia, but in the meantime, he has had an exceptionally busy week. We start with Col. Douglas Macgregor, who provides an exceptionally insightful and incisive analysis of the impact of the North-South Trade Corridor and its strategic implications:

Maj. Scott Ritter gets really quite ranty about Russian progress in Banderastan:

Capt. Matthew Hoh asks and answers a rather important question:

Alistair Crooke provides a diplomat’s insight into whether or not the US is about to go to war with Russia:

Prof. Jeffrey Sachs is horrified by the nuclear sabre-rattling going on around Banderastan:

Prof. John Mearsheimer points to the true culprits around the current war in Ukraine:

Дед Сварливый Говорит!

Grandpa Grumpuss grumps, grumpily, about the sackless wonders in the West who are agitating, very stupidly, for war with Russia – and how Russia is not in the least bit worried about it:


Ania Konieczek interviews Maj. Scott Ritter about the very dangerous ways in which the West, through Ukraine, is escalating the tension against Russia:

To be honest, Ritter got EXTREMELY ranty with that one, and I had to tune out after about 20 minutes, because he was just losing all objectivity. But, unlike a lot of people who rant and rave about nuclear war, he actually has the background to comment on the subject at length.

Timeo Danaos Et Donna Ferentes…

The good gentlemen of The Duran comment on the collapse of Western initiatives to supply shells to Banderastan, and on the hellish situation at the front:

Bad Medicine

Dr. John Campbell has some very sensible advice for us all:

Dr. Suneel Dhand has harsh but fair words for his colleagues in the medical profession:

I no longer trust doctors beyond general diagnostics, at all. If I feel genuinely sick, sure, I’ll go to a doctor – but the last couple of times I had strep throat, I waited days to do so, simply because I no longer have any faith in the profession, until it was blindingly obvious that I was seriously ill.

This is a direct result of the betrayal of trust of the entire medical profession during the Plandemic. We trusted them to give us good objective advice about the Kung Flu. They failed, and most of them – there ARE many honourable exceptions – threw in their lot with the globalists and the whorenalists, to amp up the FEAR PR0N to insane levels.

Doctors today deserve every single last brickbat they get.

Warriors of Faith

Tha Dizzle participated in a livestream with a few other Christian apologists, and had a whale of a time utterly dismantling a truly ridiculous Izzlamist who thought he had a surefire way to get Dawood to convert to his idiotic death-cult:

The assclown in question was so stupid that even his fellow Muzzies on the livestream were embarrassed, and told him to shut up.

When you have people with “the collective intelligence of a rutabaga”, as LRFotS Dire Badger so memorably commented the other day, telling one of their own to stop being an idiot on a livestream, you know they are losing.

(Rutabaga = turnip, for those who speak English, instead of American)

Dr. Jay Smith from PfanderFilms and Al-Fadi from CIRA International explain how the Koran is just pure HERESY!!!:

Oh, sorry, it’s HEARSAY, not heresy.

However, given that Mohammedanism is essentially a non-Trinitarian Christian heresy, and an astoundingly stupid one, to boot… you could say it is simply a heresy based on hearsay, as it were.

OK, I have to pull out the WH40K heresy memes now:

Replace “Chaos” with “Izzlam” and you would have just the most EPIC 40K storyline EVER.

Christian Prince dismantles a Muzzie about what his own ridiculous book says:

Sam Shamoun does the same, proving to another Muzzie about how Jesus is God according to HIS OWN BOOK:

Islam Critiqued has very little patience for Westerners who stand with Hummous:

You don’t have to like what Israel is doing with the Gazacaust, to think poorly of Hummous. They are not exactly a lovable bunch of doofuses. Nor are they really noble crusaders fighting for a worthy cause. They are Izzlamists at heart – regardless of the fact that they are standing up for the cause of a Palestinian homeland – and have no issues whatsoever with resorting to violence and murder to achieve their ends.

Mind you, the Muzzies don’t have a monopoly on this sort of thing. Go lookup what the Irgun and Stern gangs did in Mandate-era Palestine, and how the Jews bombed the King David Hotel in Jerusalem in 1946.

Terrorism is the weapon of the weak. It is highly effective on a psychological level, but rarely effective as a military tool. The goal is not actually to inflict casualties, but to cause fear. And that is precisely what Hummous did.

If you actually look at the data on how many Israelis have died in the past 25 years (just about) from terrorist attacks, you get 618 attacks, only 94 of which are directly or indirectly attributable to Hummous, resulting in 1,552 Israelis killed over that entire period, and a further 5,594 wounded, for a total of 7,146 casualties (as of the last update).

This is an ugly casualty toll, to be sure. It is NOT justification for the outright and total ethnic cleansing of 2 million people, and the inflicting of tens of thousands of casualties. That is the kind of reaction you get from an over-amplified and over-stimulated fear response, against an enemy that, objectively speaking, IS NOT AN EXISTENTIAL THREAT.

The problem is, both sides are lying their asses off. You cannot take the Pali casualty and death counts to be accurate, they have a bad habit of inflating their own numbers to make themselves look like victims and the Israelis look like evil aggressors. You also cannot take the Israeli death toll from Oct 07 seriously, because, as we now know, the IDF themselves killed a substantial number of the 1,269 confirmed KIA (down from the original 1,500 or so claimed) on that day.

Precisely how many? Nobody knows. It was almost certainly less than the majority claimed by Hassan Nasrallah, the head of Hummous – and it was almost certainly more than a few dozen, judging by the mangled and twisted remains of the vehicles in the parking area from that rave in the desert, where IDF AH-64 gunship crews opened fire on pretty much anyone fleeing the scene of the initial Hummous attack.

This means neither side has any sort of moral right to lecture the other. Yes, Hummous launched a barbaric attack on Israel on Oct 07, and must be condemned for it. No, that does not mean the IDF therefore has the inherent right to slaughter, starve, bomb, and evict 2 million people from what is essentially the world’s largest open-air prison.

The best solution to all of this would have been a diplomatic one. Israel could and should have used the barbarity and savagery of the Hummous attacks to rally the Arab world against the organisation and cut off Qatar’s ability to fund them. Instead, Israel chose the route of maximum aggression and violence – and has now virtually ENSURED that the entire Arab world, plus Iran, plus the majority of the Global South, AND Russia, AND China, firmly line up behind the idea of a Palestinian state.

Never mind that such a state is non-viable. What matters is that Israel has lost the war on Hummous at the moral level – and also at the operational, therefore the tactical, levels as well. It will not be long before the sheer magnitude of Israel’s colossal strategic defeat becomes apparent to all – it already is to me, and most others who look at the same datasets as I do.

Hatun Tash – who is finally back in action, properly, after many months of silence – points to one of Izzlam’s biggest Feikhs on the subject of why Sweden has become more dangerous than many of the worst places in the world:

Manly Men of Manliness

Terrence Popp meditates on the nature of women, after seeing what happened to Steven Crowder:

I am not sure what to make of that, though. The video of Crowder berating his VERY pregnant wife, looked incredibly bad. On the other hand, the degree of financial destruction wrought upon him by his ex-wife, is astounding.

I will say this, having seen first-hand the results of a divorce of a family member:

This process of divorcing someone, brings out the absolute WORST from both people involved, and often the worst from those around them, too. Everyone has to take a side in the divorce, or else he risks being an enemy to his own flesh and blood.

So I cannot say for sure who is right or wrong. All I can say is, divorce is one of the most traumatic things you will ever experience, and it is a fearsome penalty for misjudging the character of the woman you want to marry.

Joker from Better Bachelor talks about the latest HERoic film in the Mad Max saga – which, by all accounts, is actually a decent film, but it is also one that literally NOBODY wanted:

Alexander Grace is utterly unimpressed by this latest idiotic trend of WAMMENZES trying to get SIMPs to marry them:

Burn Paedowood to the Ground

This week’s entertainment NOOSE is all about that very same Mad Max movie. Midnight’s Edge explains why Furiosa flopped like a fish:

Gary from Nerdrotic has a similar take:

The Critical Drinker points out that Furiosa failed because, even though it was called a Mad Max film, it WASN’T one:

For those who have never watched the Mad Max saga – I have not, which is weird, considering my APPALLINGLY bad taste in movies – OneTake recaps it all for you, including the latest belly-flop:

Reading Too Much Into Things

Your Science is F***ing Weird moment of the week is from Dawn Pine, and is one from Curious Archive, about how we might figure out how to simulate life in higher and lower dimensions:

Honestly, it all sounds a lot like Edwin A. Abbott’s mathematical fantasy, Flatland.

Your long read of the week is also from The Male Brain, via our mutual friend, Aaron Clarey, about the colossal waste of time and money that is the modren Department of Homeland inSecurity:

While the original report has been taken down (though a copy has been linked below), the best I can put together with what remains on the internet is that a non-profit organization called “Diverting Hate” received $700,000 in government funding from the Department of Homeland Security to conduct some research into the possibility of “redirecting traffic” from red pill/manosphere sites to other man-oriented sites that “Diverting Hate” deemed…”not hateful.” This was done under the claim that red pill sites (such as my own, Fresh & Fit, Rollo Tomassi, etc.) were radicalizing susceptible, lonely, and marginalized men into misogyny, extremism, even “violence and hatred” against women, and by running ads on our platforms and channels, these alienated men would discover and be diverted to the alternative pro-male channels “Diverting Hate” deemed appropriate and not anti-woman.

To do this Diverting Hate hired out various academics at various colleges including Middlebury, Arizona State, the McCain Institute and others. These academics would identify “hateful” red pill channels/sites, research the channels, measure their “misogyny,” even come up with some colorful (and ridiculous) methodologies to create a “Male Supremacy Scale.” They also did significant research into other platforms, vocabulary used in the manosphere/red pill community, speculation into how to intervene and protect susceptible males, and ultimately created a recommended “course of action list.” And best I can tell they actually did purchase advertising to redirect traffic from the aforementioned sites to the politically-correct sanitized ones (though the success of this is to be determined. Additionally, I will change anything above that proves to be erroneous.).

Had this been any other academic research it would have largely been ignored. But since Diverting Hate published their report in March of 2024, it has gone viral for several reasons. First, in accusing a list of sizable online influencers of being misogynists and proponents of violence, Diverting Hate immediately fired up these influencers’ large audiences, who then proceeded to make this report go viral. Second, the accusation alone of promoting violence prompts influencers to answer and defend themselves (my video I’m sure will only be one of many). Third, the presence of Homeland Security. Not only is it controversial, even scandalous that taxpayer money is being used to fund such “research,” but there’s the implication said influencers are possible domestic terrorists or supporters/enablers of domestic terrorism (and you can read that implication in the report).

But if the three aforementioned things weren’t enough to rile up millions of fans, it’s the absurdity of the report that probably caused it to go viral most. The researchers just blatantly and unfoundedly accuse people of misogyny, male supremacy and violence. They arrogantly accuse all these people of misogyny and violence on the sole reason and rationale that “they say so.” And so now we have government-financed academics arbitrarily and spuriously accusing people of promoting sexism, violence, even domestic terrorism, with absolutely no checks or being questioned, resulting in an Orwellian, STASI like government list (though technically, it is an academic list, not an actual government list). In short, it is the tyrannical nature of the report and the academics who published it that has resulted in this report going viral (and consequently being taken down by the now-embarrassed and exposed researchers).

Read the whole thing, and then feel comforted while some minimum-wage moron feels you up the next time you are standing in line to board a flight in the FUSA.

(It is only when you leave the dying Amerikhastan and go to, say, Russia, or Singapore, that you realise how backward the entire American conception of airport security really is, by the way.)

Linkage is good for you:

And some more from Dawn Pine:


The Neo-Tsar continues to keep a schedule that would run men HALF his age straight into an early grave – he completed a state visit to Uzbekistan last week, and had a lot of interesting things to say at the press conference afterwards:

He also held a very heartwarming virtual meeting with a set of families with many children:

<script async=”” src=”https://telegram.org/js/telegram-widget.js?22″ data-telegram-post=”DDGeopolitics/111995″ data-width=”100%”></script>

And there was a particularly cute moment emerging out of it:

<script async=”” src=”https://telegram.org/js/telegram-widget.js?22″ data-telegram-post=”DDGeopolitics/112119″ data-width=”100%”></script>

HALO Nation

Slayergod Remy aka MintBlitz does his thing while musing about the future of the franchise:


The trailer for WH40K: Space Marine 2’s multiplayer modes is – there is no other word for it – SUPERAMAZEBALLSAWESOMESAUCE:

Scholar’s Lore explains Terminator armour:

Oh No! Anyway…

Wazzocks gonna wazzock:

Comedy Hour

Meme Warfare

We begin, as always, with a range of dank memes from The Male Brain:

Intelligence at work
Good call
True that
Can’t confirm but know people who can
Can’t totally confirm
We all want to do it. UN organisations as well.
I can see it
“the buck stops here” (U.S. president Harry S. Truman)
The only problem is what will replace it
Been there. Write it twice
Never happened, but can relate
Now I want to try it
Raining on your Gingervitis corner

[I’ve never read a redhead, but I’m sure one could use Braille techniques on them, IFYAKNOWHATIMEANRITE – Didact]

Leftist logic
Can confirm

[That’s LITERALLY what the entire Didactic Mind Telegram channel is like… – Didact]

No caption required
Suggested Caption: ” Why Don’t You Trust “Science?” “

[“Climate change is feikh and ghey, hence it affects the LGBTQWTFISTHISSHIT crowd more” – Didact]

Can work
Good idea
Take note. If you donate, make sure.

[Notice how pretty much NONE of those are Christian charities? If you look at the equivalent pass-through rates of those charities, it is closer to 70-80% – Didact]

Read also the definition of “Dilbert’s Law” – “The least efficient people are put where they interfere the least with the day to day operation – MANAGEMENT”

And now, as LRFotS RobertW would say:

I completely fail to see the problem
This also proves Jesus is AUSTRALIAN
Not NEARLY as much fun as it sounds

Animal Planet

Your aminules are adorkable moment of the week:

And also your animals are absolute DICKS moment of the week, to balance things out:


Gym beast props this week go to Rondel Hunte:

Also – and here’s a first for this site – we have a lady in the running too. This here is Jessica Buettner from Canuckistan, and her deadlift makes almost all the guys I’ve EVER seen at the gym (including me), look weak by comparison:

Ass-Kicking of the Eight Limbs

They See Me Rollin’…

Palate Cleansers

Pencil It In

Knives Out



Mighty Wings


Livin’ in the Land of the Metal Gods

Also Einstein: “I fear that someday people will post my pic on the Internet with bogus made-up quotations in Comic Sans font”
EPIC album. Seriously. It is the best one I’ve heard this year.

Have to agree with that sentiment

Rock Out With Your Glock Out

Thot Shots

Right, here is your Instathot to get the week off to a suitably silly start. This is Sandra Bienek, age unknown but probably in her early twenties, from Gdansk, Poland, and if she isn’t at least 20% plastic, then that has to be a gigantic joke. She is apparently a nursing student – I shall refrain from making the obvious joke involving her thoracic area, of course.

Honestly, she would be vastly more attractive without all the plastic and tattoos – and, actually, if you look at her earlier pictures, she really was.

OK, enough ogling, back to work now, boys.

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  1. Dire Badger

    I think I might have accidentally started the ‘Batman is Gamma Wet Dream’ thing. I know I talked to you a few years ago about it, and then when I was discussing ‘hero fatigue’ with Razorfist back in a stream I kinda brought it up. (He thinks hero fatigue is real, I think Beowulf has been popular for three thousand years.)

    And now he’s doing a video about it.

    I mean, it’s kinda cool, but at the same time I feel really bad about it and wish I’d never used that particular term 😛

  2. Robert W

    The AfterSkool video animation of the Rupert Sheldrake is excellent.

    You mention his book Science Set Free. I picked it up and read it based on one of your previous recommendations. It is exceptional at communicating clearly the gap from reality that materialist philosophy science has created for itself, asking questions about those gaps, and then showing ways to resolve them by simply asking more questions that scientists should be asking already. 10/10, very good book.


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