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Injustice for all

by | Jun 1, 2024 | Politics | 1 comment

As you may have noticed, it is getting harder to write about anything meaningful these days. The impetus really is not there. Things have become so insane, so out of control, that it seems almost pointless to comment on any of it. The “guilty” verdict handed down to the Trumpasaurus yesterday is yet another example of this insanity.

What, exactly, was the crime? The God-Emperor paid a woman money not to blab about a sexual tryst he (allegedly) had with her, while married to his third wife, as a private citizen, years before he achieved political office. There was no violence involved, and no harm.

The absolute worst that can be said about President Trump, is that he was unfaithful to his wife. This is a serious character flaw. It is not a crime.

The supposed (and, to my inexpert eyes, thoroughly tortured) legal reasoning involved, has to do with how President Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, apparently re-labelled the payment to “business expenses”, which might somehow have influenced the outcome of the 2016 election.

This makes literally no sense to me, given the God-Emperor’s well-known reputation in his younger years as a lothario with a wandering eye. The problem is, you can get a lawyer to say literally anything for enough money. And enough people among the Elites hate the God-Emperor, and are rich enough, to pay enough lawyers to force some sort of conviction.

More ominously by far, though, is the fact that all of this could have been avoided – if only President Trump had the courage, in the summer of 2020, to Cross the Rubicon and do what was truly necessary to save the Republic.

Let me anticipate one objection. There is considerable debate around whether President Trump could have done very much of anything. The military flagrantly disobeyed him – numerous colonels and generals literally broke their oaths and the chain of command, simply because they did not like Trump at all. This includes Col. Alexander Vindman, who lied under oath, and Gen. Mark Milley, who broke the chain of command and called his Chinese counterpart, without direct authorisation from his commander-in-chief.

This disregard for the God-Emperor’s lawful authority was rife throughout the Pentagon. I theorise it is because President Trump defied the neoclowns and their MIC sponsors, and refused to launch a strike against Iran in mid-2019, in retaliation for their downing of an American drone inside their Air Defence Identification Zone (ADIZ). The Trumpasaur thought the strike was out of all proportion for the supposed offence – and he was right.

But the military leaders never forgave him for that – because they WANT a war with Iran, to cover up the colossal failures of American policy throughout the Middle East, and because it makes their sponsors at Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing, extremely rich. Therefore, war enriches them, too, because most of those colonels and generals will inevitably end up being paid eye-watering amounts of money to become “consultants” to those same firms.

It is all one corrupt, sloppy, messy gravy-train, and everyone wants his own little taste of it before it is too late.

All of that is true. President Trump faced a level of insubordination and resistance from the military that was truly unprecedented. No President before has ever had to deal with such a rebellious, and frankly useless, military force – we must never forget that the US military has NEVER fought a serious continental war with a serious peer enemy, and won. (Yes, the Germans do NOT count – the FACT is that the Soviets decimated the very best the Wehrmacht had to offer on the Eastern Front, and the Americans faced severely depleted and demoralised German forces during and after D-Day.)

In fact, the American military’s record over the past 80 years has been one of failure and catastrophe. It simply is not designed to win wars. It is designed, instead, to enrich kleptocrats.

Could President Trump have declared martial law, enforced it with the military, and cleaned house? I really do not know. And, I wager, neither does anyone else.

None of that changes the fact that President Trump did not even try. He never actually drained the Swamp – instead, he hired into his Administration the very Swamp Creatures that have done so much to torture him now that he is out of office. And he has paid a terrible price for his lack of vision and narcissism.

To be clear: President Trump was (and remains) the greatest President since St. Reagan of the Right, and he was the last, best, and only chance the FUSA had to save itself. Now, that chance is gone.

I stand by my prediction that President Trump will not be elected to office again. One way or another, the Daemoncrats will conspire to ensure he does not succeed – even though he is CRUSHING Brandon in the polls right now. Somehow, to maintain their desperate and increasingly tenuous grip on power, the Uniparty will do its level best to remove President Trump from consideration.

And that brings me to my final point:

As I have been saying for some time now, there is no longer the least use in pretending America can be salvaged. It cannot. There is not even the slightest point in trying. All the great good that America once represented, is DEAD. It is GONE. Vestiges of it remain, among the American people, but even they are dwindling in number, being replaced by hordes of aliens invading the country.

Restoring America would require the expulsion of over 100 MILLION people. Such a thing has never been done peacefully – it has never been done at all, in fact, and any attempt to do so now would result in a fratricidal and horrific war on a scale unimaginable to the human mind.

President Trump, for all of his good qualities, has NEVER proven to have the level of guts and tenacity required to do such a thing. There are not many leaders on Earth who would have that strength. The Putin comes to mind, as does President Xi of China. But precious few others have the ruthlessness and determination to do what is truly necessary, and almost none would be able to hold their nerve in the face of the prospect of the total destruction of their country.

The Trumpasaurus FAILED his greatest test. The kangaroo court verdict delivered against him this week, is the direct and natural consequence of his failure.

The only upside of that verdict, perhaps, is that it has finally put to rest any remaining illusions one might have about the nature of “justice” in the FUSA. It no longer exists, and there is not the slightest use in pretending it does.

Moreover, it is pointless to think your vote means anything anymore.

When the legal and political systems are this corrupt, what exactly is the use in the call to VOOOOOOTE HARRRRDURRRRRRR? You cannot vote yourself out of such a mess. The point is rapidly approaching in the FUSA where the ballot box – which serves as a pressure release valve on social stresses, and at least gives the masses the illusion that their opinion matters – fails in its primary purpose.

We are perilously close to that point. I fear we may already have tipped over it. If that is the case, then we are all in for a world of hurt.

America is DONE. The great American experiment in self-reliance and individual responsibility is finished. All we can do is hope that whatever follows it, will be less corrupt and broken than America turned out to be.

This is not black-pilling. It is not the counsel of despair. It is merely a recognition of that which is true. The reality of open civil war is now upon America, and it will not take very much to light that particular tinderbox. However, the reality ALSO is that many Americans – real Americans, with actual connections to the soil and the people, rather than fake ones who settled in and got a passport – will not even notice it, for the most part.

Those living in the sticks, among real and strong communities, will come out of the coming storm the best. Those living in the cities, will not.

Therefore, my advice to you, if you still live in Amerikhastan, is to start considering exit strategies – seriously. For those who can, start looking at getting out of the big cities – which are full of illegals and Wakandans – and moving to safer places. Learn to grow your own food. Carry cash on you at all times. Move away from dependence on an increasingly creaky and dangerous financial system.

Most importantly, focus on the things that really matter. Your job, career, and wealth are all secondary. What actually matters, especially now, are faith and community – specifically, family and friends, plus anyone else you care to bring into that circle. Concentrate on sustaining and helping them. Ignore all else.

The Trumpasaur’s conviction might well be overturned. He might just become President again – if he does, I will have been proven SPECTACULARLY and publicly wrong, and not for the first time, either. He might just become the President he always should have been. America might just be saved from its own stupidity and foolishness.

Personally, I’m liking my odds betting against all of that, right now. But that is just my opinion. Formulate your own, based on the facts, and decide and act accordingly.

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1 Comment

  1. Cato the Uncensored

    So many ifs:

    If there is an election….
    If Trump lives to participate in it ….
    If The Biden Regime accepts the outcome if is a loss….
    If the States certify a Trump victory….
    If more than 270 alternate electors don’t show up at the December certification….
    If the newly elected House accepts the tallies from the States….
    If Trump is still alive on inauguration day…
    If the Military and Intel agencies don’t seize control.

    Trump did many things piss poor, not the least of which was not finding some way to organise his supporters as well, if not better, than the forces of Darkness on the Left. A US civil war would be a bloody turkey-shoot because only one side is organised for action. The other side cleans its guns, stacks its ammo, and waits for the forces of darkness to come after their small, relatively uncoördinated groups, picking them off one by one.


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