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We were right about the poison death shots

by | May 25, 2024 | Office Space | 8 comments

Earlier this month, we saw the announcement that AstraZeneca had withdrawn their adenovirus-vector Convid not-vaxx. The technical name for it is “AZD1222”, or “ChAdOx1 nCoV-19” – try saying that five times fast – but the rest of us simply know of it as the “AstraZeneca jab”.

The superficial reason for withdrawing the clot-shot was precisely that – it causes serious adverse medical events, like life-threatening clots, at a rate of 3-5 times that of a placebo. The European Union’s own Clinical Trials Register says as much, now, with updated clinical trial data. You only need to scroll down a little bit to see the data tables outlining just how dangerous the clot-shots really are.

A Clinical Study of a Global Catastrophe

For those interested in looking at the charts directly, here is a long Twatter/X thread which explains it all:

This, of course, flies in the face of three years of relentless propaganda about how the AZO not-vaxx was “safe and effective”. The top medical journals in the world all lined up to publish double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled studies of the AZO jab. And ALL of it was nonsense.

Again, at a superficial level, this is a very Good Thing. Finally, we see at least a modicum of vindication for those of us, like me, who flatly refused to have anything to do with these poison death shots.

However, once you think a couple of levels deeper, you realise that the medical establishment is not doing this out of any belated or misguided sense of “duty”, “decency”, or “good faith”. These things self-evidently no longer exist in the medical profession, as a general rule – the many individual exceptions of exemplary moral conduct notwithstanding.

And What About the Frankenshots?

In fact, they are doing this to deflect attention from the MUCH more dangerous mRNA shots:

That study referenced in the video is precisely the same study I looked at when I presented a long and data-rich analysis of non-Coof Excess Mortality in PommieBastardLande, almost 3 months ago. In that analysis, I pointed out the genuinely extreme risks of myocarditis and pericarditis – that is to say, severe heart issues, to use dumbed-down language – from the mRNA shots.

The authors of that study in Vaccine cravenly insisted that their own data do not refute the notion of “safe and effective” Convid jabs. This looks like a MONUMENTALLY stupid thing to write, in light of the global withdrawal of the AZO not-vaxx.

The Said and the Unsaid

What, exactly, are these people trying to hide or prevent?

The answer – or at least, one possible answer – is that they are attempting to cover for the mRNA technology, which we now know is going to be used to produce self-replicating mRNA-based “vaccines” for preventing various diseases, such as influenza:

Keep in mind, this is the very same Japan that has now experienced a significant increase in age-adjusted cancer mortality, AFTER the third dose of the mRNA not-vaxx:

Imagine now what would happen globally, if that same mRNA technology, which is self-evidently defective in terms of actually preventing disease, then becomes self-replicating.

To be clear, I do not dispute or doubt the effectiveness of the mRNA technology itself, insofar as it does exactly what it says on the tin – it delivers messenger RNA into the body, and is a technique invented by Dr. Robert Malone, who has since come out strongly against the use of his own technology for vaccinations.

What I dispute, is the notion that Convid mRNA not-vaxxes actually do anything to prevent the Coof, and the notion that they are safe and effective.

We now know they do NOT prevent people from getting the Coof – my sister got herself double-jabbed with this nonsense, and came down with the Coof anyway, at least once and possibly twice.

We also know that they are NOT safe, at all – the Vaccine study proved this.

So what the hell are they still doing on the market, given they are MORE dangerous when it comes to specific severe adverse side effects than the adenovirus-vector not-vaxxes?


Think about it logically. Here is a straightforward syllogism:

IF the AZO not-vaxx is significantly less dangerous than the mRNA shots, when it comes to generating serious adverse events, especially heart-related events…

AND the AZO not-vaxx has subsequently been withdrawn globally, precisely BECAUSE it is considered too dangerous…

THEN the mRNA jabs must by definition be too dangerous to exist on the market as well.

Unless you are completely blind, deaf, dumb, and possibly DEAD – or, alternatively, an employee of the NIH or WHO – you should be able to follow that logic.

Yet that is not what has happened. Even though, as Paul Craig Roberts documents, the truth about the not-jabs is finally emerging, and we realise just how deadly and dangerous these poison death shots really are, people in positions of High Authority STILL insist these things were safe and effective, and side effects from them are rare and easily managed.

But are they, though?

Poison in the Veins

Eugene Kusmiak returned to the subject of excess mortality, using the Our World in Data (OWID) dataset, which is GIGANTIFEROUS. (I know, because I downloaded it a while back to use for some noodling around in Power BI. It is quite a fascinating set of information, with a very great deal to explore.)

He then set about doing some exploratory regression analysis using that dataset, measuring the impact of excess mortality worldwide in 2022, against the total number of vaccinations per person in 2021. This is a sensible approach, as it looks at a lagging indicator of excess mortality between two variables that should be uncorrelated, IF the not-vaxxes are indeed “safe and effective”.

He found that every not-vax jab given in 2021, resulted in a 6% increase in Excess Mortality in 2022.

This is not as alarming as it sounds, at least on the surface. An increase of 6% would mean that if the Excess mortality rate was 1% of the population in 2022 – that is to say, 1% MORE people died in 2022 than was expected, based on the generalised linear models (GLMs) that generate those estimates, WITHOUT the clot-shots, then WITH the clot-shots, that rate jumped to 1.06%.

That doesn’t sound so bad – until you realise that, if a million more people died than expected in 2022 WITHOUT the clot-shots, than 1.06 million – that is to say, an extra 60,000 – died WITH them.

That is more than the total number of dead the US lost in Vietnam in 20 years of a failed and ultimately useless intervention. It is also 60K more families mourning the loss of a loved one, than should have been necessary.

The numbers for 2023 are even worse. If you did the same analysis that Mr. Kusmiak did for 2022, and regressed excess mortality around the world in 2023 against total vaccinations in 2022, you get an increase of 8.3%. And, if you look at a simple scatter plot of the data – which he shows in his article – then you see a strong linear relationship between number of shots given, and levels of excess deaths.

He then combined the two datasets for 2022 and 2023, and found a clear pattern indicating that the more poison death shots a country’s people took, the worse the outcomes were:

Here is his explanation for the graph above – made in R, too, using ggplot, unless I am very much mistaken:

The combined scatter plot of vaccinations vs. mortality really shows how bad the high vaccination country-years were. Each country appears twice, with the high vaccine/high death year of 2021/2022 in red (for danger) and the low vaccine/low death year of 2022/2023 in green (for relative safety).

The conclusion from all of this is very straightforward.

The poison death shots are precisely that, and those of us – like me – who refused to take them, and tried to warn others against taking them, were absolutely, 100%, completely and totally CORRECT.

Moral Redemption, But No Forgiveness

People like me were vilified, mocked, abused, and repeatedly told we were deserving of death. We suffered psychological and emotional rejection from our coworkers, friends, and even family members. Our governments treated us like plague rats when we tried to return to our countries of origin. They locked us into quarantines for weeks on end, starving us of the very things humans need to thrive and be free – all because we refused to get a dangerous and untested experimental jab.

I feel no happiness or joy from such a realisation. There is no sense of “HA HA! I BLOODY TOLD YOU SO!!!” – because the personal toll involved has been severe.

This has affected my own family. My parents, my sister, and all of my closest relatives have all gotten these poison death shots, of various kinds. When they came to visit a couple of years back, my parents insisted that I had to take a PCR test to prove that I did not have the Coof – even though THEY had taken the jabs, and were fully vaxxxxxxxed and boossssssted, I was the one who was unsafe, somehow.

(I didn’t get that PCR test, for the record, and I have zero regrets whatsoever about that.)

Yet I had already been infected with Convid, and suffered badly because of it, and then made a full and complete recovery. As such, I had full and highly robust immunity to it – whatever “it” actually is, we still don’t know to this day.

Somehow, though, I was the unsafe and unclean one. But my family are the ones who are now exposed to uncertain and potentially devastating long-term health risks.

Many of you can tell similar stories. Some of my readers were active-duty members of the military in 2020, who were then forced out in 2021 because of the Brandon Fake Administration’s insistence on getting everyone not-vaxxed as a condition of service. They lost jobs, livelihoods, and family members – indeed, many of them lost nearly EVERYTHING.

Several of my readers are also good personal friends, and a few of them ended up taking at least one dose of the mRNA not-vaxxes. They had to do it, for work and travel purposes. I do not criticise them – they made their choices, and they have to live with the consequences of them, but they never called for people like me to be ostracised, jailed, or killed.

I have a serious problem with those people who are NOT my friends or family, and who DID call for precisely those outcomes for people like us.

They are now coming to the belated, and horrified, realisation of just how wrong they were. And they are now the ones calling for a “COVID amnesty“.

Here is my answer to that:

Conclusion – A Final Message

And here is my message to those same people:

You called for people like me to suffer horribly and die.

You wanted people like me thrown in prison for the “crime” of refusing to be exposed to a potentially lethal experimental drug.

When we went out in public, you screamed in our faces to wear a mask, even though we knew back then that they did NOTHING to “stop the spread”.

You lectured us – “you”, in this case, includes my own family members – about the need to be safe and follow the rules, even though “the rules” kept changing and getting more insane with every round of ever more irrational and stupid restrictions.

When we travelled abroad, you demanded we take incredibly painful and invasive PCR tests, which we now know were useless and hugely expensive, both before and after we returned.

And then you demanded we quarantine ourselves behind closed doors, away from sunlight, away from people, away from everything a human being needs to thrive and flourish.

I could keep going on and on, but the fact is, WE pure-bloods were right, and we are proud of that fact, as we should be. We kept ourselves pure, and we kept ourselves sane.

We stood with God, against the world. You chose the world, and denied God.

Now you are condemned for your choice – not by me, or by us pure-bloods, but by God Himself. You sowed the wind – now bloody well reap the whirlwind.

Now you ask for amnesty – but not forgiveness. You beg for a truce – but you show not one SHRED of regret or repentance.

And without repentance, we will never forgive you for what you did to us. Nor we will we EVER forget it.

Now, I, personally, have no desire to exact vengeance upon you for what you did. That is up to God. You will face His judgement for what you did, and you will deserve every last bit of His terrible wrath. I believe most pure-bloods probably feel the same way I do.

But I, personally, also have absolutely no desire to save you from yourselves. You will find no forgiveness from me, unless you ask for it. I will not lift so much as the smallest joint of my littlest finger to help you. I will not donate blood for you, and, to the extent I am able to do so, I will not permit my organs to be used, in the event of my death, to save you.

You made your decisions. Now live with the consequences – sudden death, long-term suffering, crippling illness, and the terror of knowing, every single day, that you made this choice, and are now condemned by it.

We, the pure-bloods, and those of us who took the jabs but repented of it and did not seek to condemn those who did not take them, want nothing more to do with you. Go to Hell – that is what you have chosen, and that is where you belong.

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  1. Kapios

    After arguing with 4-5 vaxxed people, I gave up completely o humanity. I don’t know about you, but I came to the point where I had to do 3 rabid tests a week because my government decided that 80% vaxxed sheep were not enough.

    Some people tell me that it’s a fake statistic, but I still lost hope in society and that’s what pushed me to find the truth in religion.

    I am pure blooded, but when it comes to the spiritual war I feel like I’ve taken 100 poison jabs by now. And I think this is what it’s about. Like you said in the past, it was a big IQ test and humanity failed it.

    The elites know that we are completely blind to the truth even if it’s shoved in our faces bare naked and that the masses will fall for anything in the coming years. I think God will not help humanity when the digital ID and money are fully integrated (and possibly chip implants) in society.

    • Didact

      I am pure blooded, but when it comes to the spiritual war I feel like I’ve taken 100 poison jabs by now.

      This is the essence and the unfortunate reality of spiritual warfare. It is a constant struggle, and it can wear you down if you are not careful.

      That is why it is so important to learn to step away from it all, and to do so regularly. Time spent in prayer and contemplation is never wasted. Nor is time spent in nature, away from other people – there is a purity and a decency that you will find, when in the midst of the green parts of the world, that you will not find elsewhere.

  2. JohnC911

    How much is the Covid vax shots a result of the same thing you were talking about in your other post on Elites hating their own people?

    Maybe the Elites want to reduce the population or at least damage them so bad because they are evil. I could say they fear the people but I think that were the case they would acted differently, I think they hate a lot of people and this was the way to punish them

    I could be wrong here.

    • Didact

      No, I do not believe it is a plot by the Elites for wide-scale population reduction. Whether they admit it or not, the fact is that most of the Elite vampires understand they need a class of unthinking and mindlessly obedient slaves to support their systems of economic exploitation.

      I think most of the Branch Covidian nonsense was in fact a giant compliance test. And almost all of humanity FAILED it. The Elites now understand who will obey – and who will not – at least to some degree.


    I agree that you can’t grant forgiveness without repentance, and the prevailing Branch-Covidian attitude remains “we’re NOT sorry for any of the vile things we said or did because we were scared, and we want you to forgive us because we say so.” The proper response to that is a hearty “lolgf.”

    The problem I’m having is that our Lord and savior commanded us to love our enemies and forgive them, but I seriously struggle with that now given that I’d be dead from either a forced clot shot or from being welded in my home if those insane assholes had gotten their way. My deacon advised me to pray for those people if I can’t forgive them, but I don’t even want to do that. At the same time, one thing I always pray for at mass when it’s time to “call to mind our own personal intentions” is for the vaccinated to not be injured or killed. Hopefully that’s good enough for the Almighty.

    Worst thing I had to deal with during the pandemic was being banned from our big training facility (vaxxies only for a good 18 months, although I laughed my ass off when nearly every partner got COVID after a big meeting there), getting harangued about putting people in danger by certain folks (“that’s like saying I need to wear a diaper to stop you from sh!tting yourself, also if your shot works like it’s supposed to, you should have nothing to worry about”), and needing to shove a Q-tip into my brain once a week to go in to the office.

    One good thing is that I started going back to church, at first for selfish reasons. (“If I’m going to apply for a religious exemption, I should at least LOOK religious”) but then realized that I really enjoyed and missed it. I used to look at church like going to the dentist – sucks while you’re doing it but you’re always glad you did it after – but I don’t feel that way at all anymore.

    That said, I still donate blood regularly because 1) I feel compelled to share the gift of my pure blood with the masses, and 2) regardless of whether it’s medically true or not, I like to change out the old oil every now and then for peak efficiency. 🙂 One thing I do worry about though is if I can specify somewhere that I don’t want blood from a vaxxie in the event I need a transfusion. Pretty sure that’s not an option and would get you laughed at at best.

    • Didact

      The injunction from His Hugeness to forgive our enemies is indeed universal. The problem is, people like you and me forgave them plenty of times already – yet they STILL continue to call for us to be exiled and destroyed. At that point, forgiveness has to stop, because they have done what the Jews did to Him on the Cross – they have taken their guilt upon themselves and their children. Well, so be it, then. At that point, IF THEY REPENT and admit what they did was wrong, sure, I can find it in myself to forgive them. But until that happens – no way.

  4. furor kek tonicus ( dicks out for Harambe )

    the last i was aware, it was possible to bank your own blood, for your own use. this arose because of clowns like the Jehovah’s Witnesses, who get really squicked out at the thought of other people’s blood. so i guess they’re not all bad.
    One thing I do worry about though is if I can specify somewhere that I don’t want blood from a vaxxie in the event I need a transfusion. Pretty sure that’s not an option and would get you laughed at at best.
    why would you care if they laugh at you? of course the proper response if someone attempts to deride you is to ask them if they have all of their booster shots and to demand that they put their masks on. rub their faces in the shit they ate and make them eat more of it.

    • MrUNIVAC

      Haha I don’t care if they laugh at me, but I do care whether or not they’ll honor my request. The American Red Cross definitely asks if you’ve ever had a COVID vaccine in the questionnaire, but I wonder if they’re actually tracking it and labeling donor blood from vaxxies as such. My money is on a big NO.


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