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Monday morning Hulking out

by | Mar 25, 2024 | Mondays | 4 comments

It was such a nice weekend – what the hell HAPPENED to it?!?!?! There I was, tinkering around with getting HALO: The Master Chief Collection to get it to run on my Linux Mint distribution, via Steam and ProtonDB (preliminary report: it does work with Proton Experimental and some extra code parameters, but HALO: Spartan Ops lags worse than a fat spaniel), and enjoying the sunshine. And now, it’s Monday again…

Fortunately, the Great Mondaydact Browser Smasher is here to make it all better. And what better way to do that, than by watching the Incredible Hulk transform?

I grew up watching the original TV show, and watching the transformation back then was TERRIFYING for 8-year-old Didacticus. This was back when practical effects were still heavily utilised, and therefore, the transformations looked REALLY convincing – but they were obviously quite a pain in the butt to shoot.

These days, of course, with CGI everything, the transformations look painfully artificial, and a lot of the fear that came from watching the Hulk transform, is all gone.

That actually brings to mind one of the most spectacular practical-effects transformations in history. Y’all know this one – the one from An American Werewolf in London. GREAT movie, truly excellent creature feature.

So, if you feel severely pissed this Monday, and want to express it… why not Hulk out?

#BasedTucker is Based

Dawn of Battle

The Male Brain has plenty to keep us busy this day. We start with a great ad from thejuicemedia about Tasmania:

Apparently, the original version of this ad got the Tasbo government right royally PISSED something severe, because it featured the deadbeat local Chief Grand Beardy Todger, or whatever he’s called.

Cody Cassidy looks at the world’s oldest Yo’ Momma! joke:

Honest Ads examines the colossal rip-off that is the concert ticket industry – definitely feeling the pain on this one, having been a lifelong concert-goer myself:

What would the legendary 300 look like if it were woke? Bgv edits answers the question:

The Babylon Bee tries to get inside Biden’s head, and boy is it a wild ride:

PsycHacks provides a very interesting perspective on the wage gap:

Mind-Expanding Drugs

Veritasium explains the process of forging a katana:

Death Smiles At Us All…

Poli-Ticking Off

Mark Dice examines the real reasons why Candace Owens got fired:

I have very little interest in whatever Ms Owens says, as I consider her to be no more than your typical Alt-Lite grifter. But, it is very clear that criticism of (((The Tribe))) and its implementation of a full-scale Gazacaust is no longer permitted, even among the grifter class.

Being someone who actually generally LIKES (((The Tribe))), and – unlike the ultra-nationalist crowd, which genuinely hates them – has in fact visited Israel, let me point out a simple truth:

If you Small Hats really meant it when you said, “Never Again”, then STOP DOING IT AGAIN TO OTHERS. Because, if you continue down this road, you are GUARANTEEING the rest of us will want nothing to do with you, when “Never Again”, happens AGAIN.

The very-thoroughly-married couple at Redacted are not amused by the Fake Administration’s attempts to cover up and ignore veteran suicides, and with good reason:

PJW presents the results of cultural enrichment, and boy are they vibrant:

Lord Razor of the Fist Clan celebrates the return of Gamergate, thanks to… umm… something called “Sweet Baby Inc.”, which is injecting vast amounts of totally unnecessary and incredibly stupid Social Justice garbage into modren gaming:

Rulings from the Bench

Judge Nap has had a busy week, like the rest of us. We start with DA KERNEL, as Col. Douglas Macgregor calls for an investigation into the catastrophic withdrawal from Goathumpistan 3 years ago:

Maj. Scott Ritter analyses the ongoing collapse of Banderastan, and the increasingly dangerous situation with the Gazacaust:

Also, it looks like The Judge will be heading to Russia this summer – he and Maj. Ritter will be attending this year’s St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, which promises to be a tremendous experience. I have visited SPb in June, and I promise you, that is a life-changing trip. There is no city anywhere on Earth quite like it, and June is the absolute best time to visit.

Capt. Matthew Hoh talks about the British Army’s crimes in Ireland and elsewhere:

Alistair Crooke looks with great foreboding at Israel’s continued war against Gaza, and the implications for the region:

Larry Johnson & Ray McGovern provide the intelligence analyst lens on current events:

Prof. Jeffrey Sachs has some VERY harsh words for the Israeli government:

Prof. John Mearsheimer – whose view of Russia is substantially better than most in the West, but is still highly flawed – explains how the West took Ukraine down the Primrose Path, as he calls it:

Дед Сварливый Говорит!

Grandpa Grumpuss grumps, grumpily, in the wake of the horrific massacre last Friday in Moscow:

He is right. Whoever was behind the attack – and the finger is increasingly pointing to Ukraine, backed by America – is going to be right in the crosshairs of some of the world’s most capable and dangerous foreign intelligence services. I count their life expectancy in months, not years.

Timeo Danaos Et Donna Ferentes…

The good gentlemen of The Duran comprehensively analyse the colossal assbeat the Russians are now unleashing in Ukraine, and conclude it means not only defeat for Banderastan, but for the collective West as well:

The Bald Truth

Brian Berletic of The New Atlas follows up on that point with a discussion about Russian glide bombs, which really ARE a game-changing weapon:

Bad Medicine

Dr. John Campbell is horrified by what he sees in the rapid increase in long-term sickness in the UK, at least some of which has to be a result of the not-vaxx:

Dr. Suneel Dhand tells you what to look for in catching out cancer as early as possible:

One thing to keep in mind with cancer – CUT OUT SUGAR AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE from your diet. Cancer thrives on sugars and carbohydrates.

Warriors of Faith

Dr. Jay Smith from PfanderFilms and Al-Fadi from CIRA International look at the historical anachronisms of the Koran, which put to the lie its claim to be the perfect copy of the perfect book:

Christian Prince puts an absolute BEATDOWN on Izzlam’s scholars on a regular basis:

Sam Shamoun takes on an ardent Muzzie who thinks Jesus was not who He said He is:

Avery from GodLogic points out a neat trick to exposing Izzlam – just show a Muzzie different Koran variants, and then watch the wheels come off:

Islam Critiqued looks at the rise of Izzlamist premature detonation across Europe:

This is happening because of Western weakness, not Izzlamist strength. In fact, Izzlam is weakening daily, because of the “avalanche of apostasy” their top imams keep complaining about. And that avalanche is VERY REAL. Christianity is spreading the most rapidly in Africa and the Middle East now, and with good reason, because Jesus keeps appearing in dreams to Muzzies, telling them to abandon the death-cult of Izzlam and join the True Faith.

Manly Men of Manliness

Joker from Better Bachelor tells you why you must ALWAYS verify a proper garden tool’s “come to Jesus” moments, because there is a very high probability THE BITCH IS LYING:

Manosphere Highlights Daily notes the increasing befuddlement of women, who have no idea why they are getting dumped by men who are fed up of their nonsense:

Man Talk has a compilation of women posting their epic self-owns online:

Burn Paedowood to the Ground

Midnight’s Edge explains where the new Ghostbusters film went wrong (again):

Overlord Dicktor Van Doomcock goes into full-on rant mode over whatever it was that Alex Kurtzman had to say about STD:

I mean, it’s not like anyone with any sense watches that crap nowadays, so why bother?

Gary from Nerdrotic discusses the latest pile of flaming hot garbage out of Lucasfilm:

The Critical Drinker can HEARTILY recommend the latest adaptation of James Clavell’s classic epic about 17th-Century Japan:

Reading Too Much Into Things

Your Science is F***ing Weird moment of the week is from Dawn Pine, and is all about turtles – uh, I mean, DARK MATTER, all the way down:

We present simulation-based cosmological wCDM inference using Dark Energy Survey Year 3 weak-lensing maps, via neural data compression of weak-lensing map summary statistics: power spectra, peak counts, and direct map-level compression/inference with convolutional neural networks (CNN). Using simulation-based inference, also known as likelihood-free or implicit inference, we use forward-modelled mock data to estimate posterior probability distributions of unknown parameters. This approach allows all statistical assumptions and uncertainties to be propagated through the forward-modelled mock data; these include sky masks, non-Gaussian shape noise, shape measurement bias, source galaxy clustering, photometric redshift uncertainty, intrinsic galaxy alignments, non-Gaussian density fields, neutrinos, and non-linear summary statistics. We include a series of tests to validate our inference results. This paper also describes the Gower Street simulation suite: 791 full-sky PKDGRAV dark matter simulations, with cosmological model parameters sampled with a mixed active-learning strategy, from which we construct over 3000 mock DES lensing data sets. For wCDM inference, for which we allow −1<w<−13, our most constraining result uses power spectra combined with map-level (CNN) inference. Using gravitational lensing data only, this map-level combination gives Ωm=0.283+0.020−0.027, S8=0.804+0.025−0.017, and w<−0.80 (with a 68 per cent credible interval); compared to the power spectrum inference, this is more than a factor of two improvement in dark energy parameter (ΩDE,w) precision.

Hell if I know what any of that is about…

Your long read of the week is by Robert Stark, and examines the problem with Alt-Right types who are rightly repulsed by Jewish control over the globalist narratives – and have gone way too far in the other direction, to hating the state of Israel outright:

Regardless, diaspora hypocrisy is not uniquely Jewish, with the Turkish diaspora in Germany backing Erdogan in Turkey while backing open borders politicians in Germany, or Hindus in America who back Modi and Hindutva in India while protesting the per-country caps on Indian immigrants. There is also Anglo hypocrisy, such as the British being the biggest imperialists yet sanctimonious about sanctioning Apartheid South Africa. There is similar hypocrisy from the pro-Palestinian cause, such as Cenk Uygur, who is a progressive from a Muslim background and very pro-Palestinian. Cenk thinks that Jews and Palestinians should be separated and have large walls between them, which is essentially an ethnonationalist position. However, the Israeli/Jewish lobby is the most powerful ethnic lobby, though not the most powerful lobby overall.

The Alt-Right trope about Jewish/Israeli double standards is probably somewhat overblown and neglects the diversity of Jewish opinions. For instance, the many staunch Jewish critics of Israel, as well as Stephen Miller, who is probably the top immigration hawk in America, or free speech advocate, Glenn Greenwald, who is critical of both the Israeli Lobby and the anti-White agenda. Not to mention that most of the White gentile elite are on board with policies, like mass immigration, and are quick to throw ordinary Whites under the bus. Liberalism has infected the educated class, and Jews tend to be well-educated. While Jewish Americans are on average more ethnocentric than White gentiles, they are probably not as ethnocentric as the Alt-Right assumes.

While George Soros is often given as an example of a Jewish oligarch who funds the Great Replacement, it is important to point out that Soros also funds anti-Israel causes. The majority of NGOs that bring in migrants to Europe are probably European while Jews are often victims of Muslim immigration to Europe. Qatar is a slave state, and uses Al Jazeera as their propaganda arm to hide behind allegations of Islamophobia and push for Europeans to accept migrants while financing the Islamization of Europe. Qatar is also an adversary of Israel and backer of Hamas.

Sweden and Ireland, which both have hardly any Jews, have establishments that are pro-Palestinian while pursuing suicidal policies for their national demographic interests. Scotland’s Pakistani prime minister, Humza Yousaf, has strong ties to the Palestinian cause and is viciously anti-White. The ANC and EFF in South Africa, which are very pro-Palestinian, and outright pro-Hamas in the case of the EFF, are also genocidally anti-White.

There is a lot more nuance to the argument that Israel is the enemy of White European interests. For instance, Israel showed independence from the Western/American establishment on Apartheid South Africa, as well as defending Serbia on Kosovo and in their conflict with Bosnian Muslims. Today Netanyahu is friendly with Hungary’s Nationalist leader, Victor Orban, and Haaretz gave Likud flack for welcoming to Israel a Belgian-Flemish nationalist leader, who they consider antisemitic.

Polling shows that Israelis overall have a favorable view towards Europeans, as well as a very positive view of Americans. While Israel is much more nationalistic than the West, they have similar issues with liberal subversion. For instance, the comedian Sarah Silverman has a sister who is a leftwing Rabbi in Tel Aviv, who is a big advocate for welcoming African refuges into Israel. While “Open Borders for Israel” is an Alt-Right meme, a segment of leftwing Jews would go along with it.

Linkage is good for you:

And some more from Dawn Pine:


The Neo-Tsar absolutely did not mince words in his address to the Russian people, in the wake of the Crocus City Hall atrocity:

The Putin is “a man for whom word and deed are one and the same”, to use that old quote out of the KGB file on St. Reagan of the Right. When he says Russia will find and eliminate those who did this thing, he is not joking or being hyperbolic.

And, if FSB investigation finds links to Ukraine, and therefore to Amerikhastan, then the FUSA had damned well better disavow Ukraine as fast as humanly possible, because then, the US government will have been complicit in a terrorist attack. (And not for the first time, either – let’s not forget, the CIA indirectly assisted the Chechen Wahhabist nutbags that carried out the Budyonnovsk, Beslan, and Nord-Ost atrocities in Russia during the 1990s and early 2000s, and the CIA is directly responsible for funding and arming ISIS.)

HALO Nation

kammyshep explains the purpose of the Arbiter’s armour:

Slayergod Remy aka MintBlitz does his thing:


Scholar’s Lore examines a little-known episode of grimdark, involving everyone’s favourite plague-infested abominations:

Mad Man! Crazy Man!! BATTY MAN!!!

VillageSlayer gives us an indication of how a lore-accurate (i.e. Gamma wet-dream) Batman would actually fight:

And WatchMojo looks at some of the Dark Knight’s most epic, and violent, moments:

Spudika explains the one thing about Batman: Arkham Origins which REALLY cheesed him off:

More Than Meets the Eye

Anyone remember what an epic badass Optimus Prime was in the movies?:

Yes, they were REALLY STUPID FILMS – but Peter Cullen’s voice is always awesome, and let’s be honest, Megan Fox was HOT in the first two films.

Fear is the Mind-Killer…

Felix Rex has a great philosophical take on the ORIGINAL God-Emperor:

Creature Features

What Lurks Beneath talks about winged monkeys – no, seriously:

Oh No! Anyway…

Wazzocks gonna wazzock:

Comedy Hour

Meme Warfare

We begin as always with some epic memes from The Male Brain, starting with some about the now-averted government shutdown in the FUSA:

“THE IT CROWD” rocks!

[Yes. Yes, it does. – Didact]

You wish
It was a pretty good movie

[Yes. Yes, it was. – Didact]

Work they do. Benefit is something different

And some more:

Sometimes agree
By that time, this might be
Never worked, never will
Remember the difference between THE TRUTH and conspiracy theories? It’s now 3-6 months.
See also…
People are entitled to their opinions, foolish as they are

[Opinions are like assholes – everyone has at least one. The natural corollary to this is, Republicucks are NOTHING BUT ASSHOLES. – Didact]

Order of usage: “Dish washer”, then TV.
I think he did not nail it yet. Leave us alone.
Yes, that will work for sure
OK, science cannot speak. May our host remind us of the difference?
Effects are not the same. The vampire would dissolve, Superman becomes weak and the Pro-Palis just shout or something.

[Well, the pro-Palis tend to suffer from severe premature detonation, so in all honesty, a lot of that problem tends to solve itself fairly quickly. – Didact]

One from Anals [sic] of Empire:

Note the music
“Managed to find” 🤔
No one is friend with Leftists, including themselves
Funny or not, they still are a menace 
So are we

[The only way to sort out this confusion, is to cast 1990s-era Monica Bellucci as the Evil Queen. Then we’ll all KNOW exactly which side to pick. – Didact]

No caption needed
Good argument. But keep as FB.
Dark skinned does mean “African”. IT MEANS TAN.
Just checked “gender ratio” of google. It’s 2:1 (favouring men).

[In fairness, calling a bunch of gender-confused neckbeards with “they/them” pronouns, “men”, is pushing it past the boundaries of credibility… – Didact]

DIVERSE as hell (so is the country)
Dude doesn’t realise that it’s on credit card

[Given the “free gifts” you often get from whores – such as a very nasty burning sensation when you pee – that slogan is actually quite spot-on. – Didact]

The bar wasn’t high enough

And now, as LRFotS RobertW would say:

And women were actually WOMEN

Moments that aged like milk…
In fairness, her tits are EPIC… right up until she opens her pie-hole…
Put Europeans next to Asians in Mordor – YOU GET RUSSIA

Seeing as how yesterday was Palm Sunday, therefore the start of Holy Week:

Maybe I’ve just got a ridiculously childish sense of humour, but I thought this was HILARIOUS

Animal Planet

Your aminules are adorkable moment of the week:

And also your animals are absolute DICKS moment of the week, to balance things out:


Gym beast props this week go to the legendary John Haack:

That’s DOUBLE my max deadlift… And he makes it look easy.

Ass-Kicking of the Eight Limbs

They See Me Rollin’…

Palate Cleansers


Guitar Heroics

Blade Runner


Mighty Wings


Gingervitis Injections

Livin’ in the Land of the Metal Gods

Also Einstein: “I fear that someday people will post my pic on the Internet with bogus made-up quotations in Comic Sans font”

I promptly sent that one to my buddy from Uzbekistan. The fact that we have a song by drunken Scots about pirates SAILING to one of the world’s TWO double-landlocked countries, should tell you just how batshit insane the world has become.

It would appear we have a new UtA album on its way, which is fantastic news – I love these guys.

Q: How much IRON MAIDEN can we fit into a single song?
A: YES!!!

Rock Out With Your Glock Out

Thot Shots

Finally, here is your Instathot for the start of the week. This here is Paige Nicole Johnson, age 33 (I think), who spends a lot of time with a golf bat ruining perfectly good walks by whacking a tiny little titanium ball into a hole.

Yes, I really do dislike golf. It’s a sport for rich White people who have nothing better to do.

(Of course, I once said similar things about skiing, and now I actually quite enjoy it, despite being neither White nor rich, so who knows…)

Oh, and she also does other things as a tech entrepreneur, an artist, and some other stuff. She is also married, apparently. And that’s about all I know.

Right, off to work, you lot.

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  1. Robert W

    Love the Arkham content this week

  2. furor kek tonicus ( the American Society of Magical Thinking Negroes thinks committing 50% of violent felonies is perfectly fine as long as you can accuse a White Man of privilege )

    concerning the Conan in Haiti pic;
    as i pointed out at the time ( i believe over at Heartiste ), his hair is dry, he’s obviously not been swimming, he’s just wading. if you remember, this is when pictures were coming out of Haiti of open air offal pits, and raw sewage running down the gutters and dead animals in the streets.
    where is all that runoff going to end up?
    do you think, perhaps, he was given instructions to not dunk his head. you know, given the risk of hepatitis and various other bacterial and viral infections.

  3. Dire Badger

    Didact, little question. I just watched a movie about India where it showed things like people casually getting run over by trains (To the point where workers had to peel bodies off the front of the train in between runs), and the horrors of ‘little city’ India. Is it really that bad?

    The second question is… Is the Halo TV show worth watching?

    • Didact

      I just watched a movie about India where it showed things like people casually getting run over by trains (To the point where workers had to peel bodies off the front of the train in between runs), and the horrors of ‘little city’ India. Is it really that bad?

      I wish I could say it isn’t… but it generally is. I would not wish living in India, or dealing with Indians in their native country, on anyone. What you watched was probably a bit on the extreme side, but it is absolutely true that India is not a safe country for most things. This is a country that spent millions of rupees trying to teach people not to shit in the streets. You have to have a very messed-up culture, that places very little value on the basics of human life, to be in a situation like that.

      There are over 100K train-related deaths in India per year, generally speaking, and while the safety record has improved, it is still pretty awful. To put things into perspective, that is the size of a small European city dying out, every single year.

      And that is before we get to the awful statistics about rape, female infanticide and sex-selective abortion (which is still a thing in India, despite being VERY illegal), and violent crimes.

      The second question is… Is the Halo TV show worth watching?

      Nope. Master Chief takes off his helmet all the time in that show – which, by definition, means it is not HALO. It is SOMETHING, to be sure, but it is not my beloved HALOverse. And that is on top of the severe and repeated violations of canon that the show repeatedly commits.

      I have not watched any of its episodes, and have no intention whatsoever to start doing so now.


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