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Guest Post: The Position of F**K YOU by Randale6

by | Mar 23, 2024 | The Agoge | 6 comments

I am pleased to present another guest post from LRFotS Randale6. This is a little different from the other guest posts I have featured here. As you might expect from the title, it is rather more profane than my usual standard, but I have decided to preserve the original text to the maximum extent possible. (Inevitably, given my Grammar Nazi tendencies, it has been edited for spelling and punctuation.) For those delicate darlings offended by such language, well, that’s just too bad.

This is a topic on which I have written before, and at some length, so I will provide a few thoughts at the end, as is my custom. I sincerely thank our friend for his continued excellent contributions to this site and the community that has formed around it.

The Answer to Improving Your Value in the Pecking Order (Or Outside of it)

Much digital ink has been spilled about the sexual market value of men – indeed, it’s perhaps one of the biggest topics in the Manosphere, both old and new. Perhaps the most well-known method to measure a man’s value in this marketplace is Vox Day’s Omega, Gamma, Delta, Bravo, and Alpha hierarchy. (Sigma is outside the hierarchy.)

[Our Beloved and Dreaded Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH) Voxemort the Most Malevolent and Terrible, explains the SSH in the classic Voxiversity video – Didact]

There have been many, many articles on how to improve one’s status, the various characteristics of each classification, and so on. Yet this is all gazing at the trees and not seeing the forest. The nature of the forest is the real question – by honestly answering it, you will know where you stand.

The actual question is: “can I say fuck you without any concerns?

See that guy in the video? He is the position of the fuck you personified; he doesn’t need to give a damn. The opinions of his fellow men and society mean nothing to him. Be this man.

Think back to the office or your other workplace. (For me, it was a service employee at a truck stop.) Could you in your current position (or prior position, if you have already pulled the plug) walk up to your boss, give him the finger, tell him to fuck off, then pack your shit and, as you leave the parking lot, do a burnout?

If so, congratulations, you’re not at the top of the pecking order, you have officially left it (as even an Alpha must give a fuck). Why are you able to do this? Because you have reached the position of fuck you (at least in the short term), you are outcome-independent.

To improve your place within the SMV, simply focus on reaching the position of fuck you (both financially and mentally, do note that the former greatly aids with the latter). By reaching that exalted and blessed state of Zen, you no longer need to fake being confident, for you derive confidence by not having to give a fuck about any potential outcome.

Boss pisses you off? Fuck him. Society pisses you off? Fuck them. They no longer have any power over you, you don’t need the boss’s money and you don’t need society’s approval. What can they do to you? One word: NOTHING.

Nothing is funnier than watching your manager go, “can’t you give me notice? Please?”

Now some of you are no doubt asking, “how do I tell if I have reached the position of fuck you?”

If your either too nervous or thick to use the question in paragraph three as your measuring stick, I shall hereby grant you a two pronged general “rule” for answering the question, “have I reached the position of fuck you?”

Option 1: The One Million Dollar Rule

In this option, I assume you have a million dollars invested in the stock market, furthermore I am assuming you are debt free, entanglement free (don’t let a Western bitch hold you down, shove her back into the trash can where she belongs), and that you are willing to take advantage of geo-arbitrage (or in the modren parlance, being a passportbro), and that you are following the 4% rule.

Under these assumptions, you should have a post-tax monthly income (assuming you are from the FUSA) of US$2,800 (roughly) from withdrawing 4% of your stock market fund each year to live. This will let you live a fairly swanky lifestyle in the popular hot-spots, such as Southeast Asia and Latin America, which in case you haven’t realised is where you should go if using the One Million Dollar Rule (there are other places, those two are just the poster children).

Option 2: The One-Man Online Business

This option is for the more entrepreneurial among us (or who have the right skill set, *points at accountants*). This basically means setting up a 100% online business with no employees. (They are complications that force us to give a fuck, therefore not good). This could either be some sort of marketplace or service, such as, say, accounting.

The main criterion for this option is that it should provide you enough money to both live and invest, so the post tax income from this should be in (in my opinion) about US$4,000 a month. This can be lower or higher depending on where you choose to live – remember, geo-arbitrage is your friend.

The Cardinal Rule Thou Shalt Not Violate

Thou shalt not compromise the position of fuck you. Yes, this includes forsaking a wife and children until you are at least partially set (i.e. at least half a million dollars). Do you know what is really sad to see? Poor effing Delta boy taking the shitstorm at work from Alpha manager because he must, those kids must eat, and that wife must spend money on her daily trip to the nail salon.

Delta boy is never going to have a good life. I know this because I have seen it with my own eyes.

Don’t be Delta boy, suicide is better than the life Delta boy leads.

With Didactic Authority

Let me again thank our friend for his valuable contribution to the site. As you might expect, I have a few thoughts to add here.

First, this notion of setting up an “Eff You Fund”, is not new around here. I wrote an article about precisely this idea, YEARS ago:

Furthermore, I did not merely write about it – I lived it, for years. After I lost my job in the FUSA, 6 years ago (almost precisely to the day, as it happens), I spent nearly 3 years travelling around various places (especially Russia), while having a home base in the Third World.

That put a substantial drain on my funds, and no mistake. But, my base capital has stayed quite intact. It is a good position to be in, knowing that you have substantial savings in the bank that you can open up when required.

Second, however, it is important to note that no man is an island. It is a charming illusion to believe a man can operate entirely on one’s own, living a good life in some Asian or Latin American paradise. But this is simply unrealistic for most men.

Very few men have the ability to thrive in an alien culture, and Westerners struggle more than most. I am in a better position than most to explain this, because I have almost ZERO emotional or psychological connection to my country of origin – indeed, I intensely dislike having to go back there. I left it when I was very young, and did not return until I was well into adulthood. I have lived in 7 different countries, and have had to adapt rapidly to very alien cultures at very high speed.

As a result, I am significantly better at it than most men will ever be. And even then, I can tell you – living in Southeast Asia, or Latin America, or Eastern Europe, is HARD. It is genuinely difficult to live without social networks, without family and friends around you who can help, and without people who speak your language and accept your cultural norms.

My point here is, do not undertake such a lifestyle lightly. Most Americans and Europeans would not survive living in Russia on their own for more than a few weeks, never mind for the rest of their lives, until and unless they found a way to bond with the locals and build their own networks there. And that, too, is difficult, because Russians – who are a wonderful people – are naturally wary of outsiders, and have a VERY challenging language.

With respect to the money required – it is not enough to have money saved up in dollars. You must also prepare for the future. Mark my words, the planet-killer (well, West-killer, I suppose) asteroid of de-dollarisation is TRULY on its way. The entire Western system of rentier-financing is going to collapse, in favour of a system based on the production of ACTUAL THINGS.

Before that happens, work on moving your wealth and assets into the real world, away from dollars, euros, and pounds. (I am highly exposed to all three, so I am not telling you anything that I do not already know.) Look into gold, silver, precious metals, and foreign currencies. Diversify into overseas bank accounts where and when you can.

Invest in digital assets, too, but on a limited scale – be aware that digital assets are HIGHLY volatile, and they are nowhere near as easy to use for payments as you might think.

When the BRICS digital currency comes online, I expect to make a move into it, because I genuinely think it will be a game-changer. I recommend every one of you do your own homework and consider the same idea.

When it comes to online businesses – that is not a bad idea, but keep in mind, setting up your own business is HARD WORK. You have to find a way to provide a service that is of value to other people, and you – and you alone – are responsible for its success or failure. This is a terrifying position for most people, who naturally do not want to take that kind of risk. So, inevitably, most do not.

Be aware that online businesses have very little “protective moat” around them – any idiot can setup a website. (THIS idiot, and this site, being a classic case in point.) It takes a lot to find a product or service in an appropriate niche that is:

  • Profitable;
  • Scalable;
  • Simple;
  • Easy to reach;

Most online business models will FAIL all of these criteria. Be cognisant of this fact, and plan accordingly.

Finally, I must in good conscience point out that being a Delta is categorically NOT a bad thing. The hard FACT is, most men will NEVER be an Alpha, or a Sigma. Nor should they seek to be so.

Alpha males bear the great and terrible burden of total responsibility. It is a wonderful place to be, in a lot of ways – but it also comes with immense headaches. Lives literally depend on these men, and they know it. While they have their pick of the most beautiful women, and the greatest of riches, they must also always deal with the fact that other, lower-ranked men covet their position, and their women will always demand more and more from them.

Sigma males are HUGELY disruptive to any organisation. They are highly capable of leading when they choose – but they rarely follow through on their plans, and are inherently extremely selfish, narcissistic, and prickly. They are most comfortable by themselves, to a degree that most men cannot really comprehend.

Being a Delta is no bad thing. What Deltas need to overcome, is their crippling fear of failure. This is hard work, but it can be done. Most women do not respect Deltas sufficiently, but Deltas can do a lot to change that. Our friend is overly harsh on Deltas as a group, but his advice is applicable to them, as securing sufficient means and wealth is a way for a Delta to bring out the traits of loyalty, compassion, reliability, trustworthiness, hard work, and innate decency, that are the core strengths of a Delta in the main.

Delta is a good enough status for most men. Be the man whom everyone else relies upon, and respects. The first part is easy for a Delta. The second part is hard. So fix the second part.

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  1. Lckychrmsrr

    Great guest post and better commentary.

    I see far too much emphasis on being a Sigma or Alpha and the reduction of anyone not in those camps as an auto Gamma is dumb. By definition Sigmas and Alphas are exceedingly rare. Gammas are more common than we all want but Deltas are the majority.

    There’s too much shitting all over Deltas. Your comments hit spot on what the message should be instead.

    • Randale6

      I’ll admit, the delta friend/acquaintance I saw at work may be on the extreme end of the “your fucked” spectrum. In short…

      He married a bipolar maniac who can’t look after her children.

      He has four kids.

      Two of those kids are so disabled they’ll have to be looked after by daddy for life. The medical expenses for them are astronomical.

      To top it all off daddy has taken to drinking…and during my time on the job he got a different car roughly every six months. Slow motion suicide basically.

      Suffice it to say he is the textbook
      example of what I want to avoid in life. He will never attain the ability to say “no”…I ain’t letting that happen to me.

  2. SupremeCannon

    Good post, real 2011- 2012 vibes, when the ‘Sphere was really coming into view as a ‘thing’.

    It’s just as fractious as it ever was, but the word is getting out. IMO nothing else matters, men need to understand they have cards to play too.

  3. Jim S

    Good post! The only thing I’d point out, since I’ve done the EffU on the way out the door for certain jobs I’ve had over the years, have a plan. You don’t necessarily need a lot of money to do it, since I’ve done it when I was dirt poor, but have a plan and be flexible with the plan. It’s not so much the plan itself, but the act of planning is what is important.

    In regard to Vox Day’s whole SSH categorization? I don’t know or care as to where I may fall in any of those categories. All that stuff came out after I was done with dating and have been happily married with kids for over 21 years. I thank God that I found my wife and she found me. Just be yourself and enjoy the ride.

  4. Robert W

    If you measure your life by the ability to consume pleasure without manmade consequences, the OP is sound.

    Joyous consumption of women and materials is a terrible taskmaster. Solomon spelled that out millennia ago.

    • Randale6

      The joyous consumption is merely a nice side benefit is the ability to say “fuck you”. Nothing brings me more joy then seeing the manager from hell realizing “he doesn’t give a fuck”, it’s like watching a woman trying to think logically…you can practically see the smoke coming out of their ears from the brain melt.


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