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Friday T&A: Suono E Furia Edition

by | Feb 2, 2024 | fat girl jihad | 0 comments

Well, it would appear the long-awaited “retribution strikes” the FUSA military and civilian leadership has talked about for days now, have finally arrived. As of this writing, the strikes appear to be ongoing, but the American Empire has evidently bombed at least 85 targets in Iraq and Syria.

Supposedly, this is payback for the strike by Iranian proxies against an American base in Jordan, in which three people died and dozens were wounded. Quite apart from the fact that none of these strikes are going to do one single damned thing to stop the Iranians from operating in the region, one has to ask: what, exactly, is the point of all this sturm und drang?

The Iranians are not intimated by this sort of nonsense. Their civilisation is over 5,000 years old, depending on how you count their origins, and despite the misery and stupidity inflicted upon them by Izzlamist nonsense, they retain a powerful and dynamic economy and population. They know and understand quite well that American power is limited and transitory, and are more than prepared to build alliances with people, with whom they do not necessarily agree, for their own development and growth.

This is why, for example, they actually get along quite well with India – despite the fact that, as Muslims, the Iranians (and, for that matter, many of the Arab nations in the Gulf) are COMMANDED by their fake Profit, Mo’Lester, to slay the idolaters wherever they find them. Hindus are, by Izzlamist definitions, absolute idolaters of the worst kind.

Yet, they get along with India, at the diplomatic level of international relations, relatively well.

This is a kind of subtlety and finesse the American government – and most governments in the West, for that matter – do not seem capable of understanding any longer. Diplomacy is no longer their strength. All they can do is threaten and bomb – and that is the surest sign of a failing and collapsing power.

It really is all nothing more than “a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”, in the immortal words of the Bard.

All I can say is, at this point, the sooner the American Empire collapses in on itself, and the great evil it now represents is washed away, the better off ALL of us will be.

Anyway, enough of the heavy stuff – because, believe me, I could keep going for HOURS, and ain’t nobody got time for that. Let us get to the good stuff.

This week’s lovely lady is Martina Ceretti, age unknown but probably in her early twenties, from Italy. As usual, we must point out that, around here, we RATHER APPROVE of the Eyeties. More than once, we have noted that la dolce vita is very seriously dolce, and really quite a nice vita. Ms Ceretti here certainly proves the point.

There is very little else one can say about her – other than the fact that she has an EPIC case of RBF. The rest of her makes up for it, though.

Have a good weekend, boys, and try not to get too depressed about the latest American attempt to deliver freedumb at 30,000 feet. It won’t work, just like the last 50 times they tried it, but it will certainly be entertaining to watch the American government fall flat on its collective face, yet again.

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