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Monday morning giving tanks

by | Nov 20, 2023 | Mondays | 2 comments

Mondays are just the WORST, especially if you have to get up early to hit the road on a business trip. There are few things quite as miserable as being jolted hard out of a sound, deep, and very pleasant sleep, by the insistent chirping of your alarm. (If that alarm happens to be the whistle-crump-bang of an artillery shell landing in your immediate vicinity, then THAT certainly qualifies as “MUCH WORSE”, I’ll grant you.)

Nonetheless, the Great Mondaydact Browser Puncher is here to save the day, with some true epic awesomesauce to keep you busy and out of mischief (well, more or less).

Seeing as it will be Thanksgiving in the FUSA this week, and given how much I always enjoyed that holiday during my time there, it seems fitting to give a little something – by way of TANKS.

So here we go – more heavy armour than you can shake a stick at, though you may not survive said stick-shaking experience.

I wouldn’t go THAT Far – the T-14 has not yet been seriously combat-tested – but it is right up there, for sure
The T-90M, on the other hand, HAS been extensively used in combat, and IS the best tank in the world
Yeahhhhh… NO. The M1A2 SEPV3 still hasn’t been combat-tested yet, and neither has the Panther. And after everything we have seen from the Leopard 2s in Banderastan, they are unlikely to be very good.

Remember the Russian Alyosha tank? The lone T-80BVM that took on an entire column of Ukrainian armour, and smashed it? (With the help of drone overwatch and PLENTY of Russian ORKtillery support, mind you.) Let’s relive that moment:

And here is the history of the tank itself:

Some fun stuff from a game where you get to pretend to be a tankist:

And what is a good warpoast without some SABATON to go with it?

Ultimately, the thing we must always keep in mind about tanks is, they are simply very powerful engines of destruction in war, with profoundly powerful and extremely terrifying psychological effects on the enemy – especially when used in massed formations charging straight at a position.

But, they are ALSO extremely vulnerable, as we have seen in both Banderastan and Gaza.

In Ukraine, we saw how the world’s most expensive and hi-tech tanks quickly became scrap metal after getting ploinked by kamikaze and FPV drones costing less than a tenth the amount of the tank itself. The Russians learned and adapted to these tactics by welding “cope cages” – these big metal grills that either sit flat or curve over the top of the turret – and oh did the Western (((whorenalists and presstitutes)))))))))))) and military “experts” laugh mightily when they first saw it.

But then they saw their beloved Leopard 2s, and even Challenger 2s, getting utterly SMASHIFIED by artillery and drones and air power, and they realised, however belatedly, that their supposedly “vastly superior” Western armour was, in fact, just a big fat set of juicy targets that could not handle dense minefields, drone swarms, and artillery, all working together in combined-arms operations. And the laughing stopped pretty damn fast after that.

The same thing is happening in Gaza today – you can find footage on Telegram of Hummus militants running right up behind Israeli Merkava Mk.4 tanks, planting grenades right under the turret, and scampering off. You can also find footage of them ploinking the Merkavas with RPGs from just a couple of hundred metres away.

Why is this happening? Because the Israelis do not deploy infantry screens in front of those tanks – I am not saying they NEVER do, that would be stupid, but in plenty of cases, they have sent in armour all by itself, without infantry and air support. And they have been losing vehicles at a high rate, as a result.

We do not know yet exactly how many such losses exist – the figures from Hummus seem wildly exaggerated, whereas the Israelis have kept their lips zipped on the subject. But, we have seen enough footage of Israeli tanks and armour burning or abandoned in Gaza to be justified in thinking the losses are higher than at any time since, perhaps, the failed Israeli incursion into Lebanon in 2006.

All of this goes to show – tanks are merely one part of true combined-arms warfare. The best tanks in the world, with the best crews and the best ammunition, will not help against a well-prepared enemy with inferior technology but better cover, coordination, tactics, and cheap ways of blowing expensive tin cans to pieces.

The Mighty God-Emperor

His Most Illustrious, Noble, August, Benevolent, and Legendary Celestial Majesty, the God-Emperor of Mankind, Donaldus Triumphus Magnus Astra, the First of His Name, the Lion of Midnight, may the Lord bless him and preserve him, takes more than a few liberties with historical reality in his latest campaign ad:

Let us be very clear about this – the God-Emperor DID NOT destroy ISIS in Syria. That was the Russian Aerospace Forces, and the Wagner group, operating there. It was Russian training of Syria’s army, and Russian artillery support, and Russian tactical and operational planning, that enabled Bashar al-Assad’s forces to prevail against American-backed Izzlamist nutbags.

#BasedTucker is Based

Dawn of Battle

The Male Brain has kept up with his busy schedule of finding awesome stuff to keep us occupied this Monday – despite everything happening in his patch of the world. We start with one from Solid jj about how genocidal Spider-Man is actually a pretty chill dude:

An Israeli channel explains how to place a crank call to Harvard:

Moon takes a maximalist position on Airbnb, and I think he might have a pretty good point, honestly:

Honest Ads (aka Cracked) explains how Amazog shopping really works:

Hey, if that sort of thing doesn’t bother you, check out the affiliate links for my other site for all of your shaving needs. (Yes, shameless plug.)

Mind-Expanding Drugs

Your General Knowledge of the week comes from Dawn Pine, in which Astrum explains how the world’s geomagnetic reversals – where the magnetic poles literally switch positions, and yes, that does happen – will affect the world:

Death Smiles At Us All…

Your Weekly Dose of Stoicism to get you ready for the week is here:

And some more wisdom from El Guapo, aka Bas “Leevur Schott!” Rutten on how to become mentally tougher:


Much to my delight, this place really is turning into a kind of community-driven site. This week, LRFotS Robert W has loads of material to share with us.

We start with a great video about Columbo, a television gumshoe that carries intrigue without mystery. Shows an iconic way to problem solve, get them to confess. Every parent should have some exposure to the “Oh, and one more thing” concept:

Think Before You Sleep uses obese kids on reality television to demonstrate how idiot parents develop broken humans. How? Because they can’t be bothered to cook a decent meal on the regular:

The Fat Electrician has a passion for Cassius Clay. Understandable. The man kept a cannon upstairs to keep the rabble out as he set about abolishing slavery:

Can oral traditions that become written gospels be trusted? InspiringPhilosophy has research and answers:

Design Theory compares designs of East vs West and answers what nobody asked: Why are Asian web pages so chaotic and western web pages so useless?

Mark Drisoll has a lot to say from 1 Kings to men about how they let women run their households:

All together now: Lego Shark, doo-doo-doo-doo, lego shark, doo-doo-doo-doo….

Spacefolk Banjo, the music you didn’t know you needed but TimbrZeal has brought to life:

4 minutes of the Ballad of Barry Allen, which proves that DC is completely useless for communicating the heart of the hero when it comes to the Flash:

Ennio Morricone was a movie score master. The Ecstasy of Gold from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly is his finest work. Carolina Eyck brings the bacon with vocal and theremin rendition. Clark was right, any technology sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from magic.

A more metal version? Metallica and the Ecstasy of Gold 2009:

Her Majesty’s Royal Marines, for some reason, making music rather then defence. They got one part right though, the appropriate use for lady marines is morale operations. Even let them take their masks off.

Sergio, Morricone, and Eastwood combine for the superb scene.

Poli-ticking Off

Mark Dice has clearly sorely missed doing his hilarious helium-voiced interpretation of the living Pillsbury Doughboy, Li’l Brian Stelter, who PLAINLY has not bothered to put down the damn cupcake:

The dynamic duo over at Redacted report on the rapidly growing anger felt by ordinary Poles toward their Ukrainian “brothers”:

Lord Razor of the Fist Clan has had QUITE enough over the sperging about the Joker’s origin story:

PJW cannot help NOTICING something rather interesting about that story of a hockey player who got karate-kicked in the throat – by a guy wearing ice skates – and died from a slashed artery:

Yeah. Whenever a Black man is involved, somehow, the (((whore-media)))))))))))) insist on refusing to recognise the race of the choirboy.

Rulings from the Bench

Judge Nap has been busy as usual, gathering his panels of top-notch commentators (though I do not always agree with everything they say). We start with LTC Tony Shaffer, who discusses the likely fate of Bellendsky the Crackhead:

Maj. Scott Ritter sounds off – LOUDLY – on Israel’s war in Gaza:

I respect Maj. Ritter, but I will say this – he has lost objectivity on the war in Gaza. He has a very emotional take on the FACT that Israelis are bombing innocent civilians and killing babies – that is incontrovertible, I have seen the pictures and videos, and they are gut-wrenching and sickening.

But his views about a two-state solution, and about Israel needing to give up its nuclear weapons – which EVERYONE knows they have, but no one wants to admit – to achieve peace, are non-starters. Anyone with a grain of sense can look at the situation and understand pretty quickly that a Palestinian state is unsustainable and will not survive.

Capt. Matthew Hoh, formerly of the USMC, is appalled by the carnage in the Gaza Strip:

Alistair Crooke tries to figure out what the hell the Americans are trying to do in Gaza:

Larry Johnson and Ray McGovern chat at length about the failures of American diplomacy and statecraft:

Prof. John Mearsheimer has a very sensible take on the reality of China as a great power:

You don’t have to like China – I don’t. But it does not take much to realise that China is not interested in hegemony – it is interested primarily in mercantilist trade and commerce, and nothing more than that.

Prof. Jeffrey Sachs explains the reasoning behind these endless “savage wars of peace”:

Warrior’s Rage

Col. Douglas Macgregor appeared on Natalie Brunell’s podcast to discuss a wide-ranging set of topics, including digital currencies:

I do not quite agree with these two about Bitcoin being the currency of the future – it is not. Bitcoin is too unwieldy, slow, expensive, volatile, and difficult to use as money. It is not money, at all – it has NONE of the core attributes of an actual currency. It is an ASSET.

But, Bitcoin DOES show us the way of the future – in which digital, decentralised, blockchain-based currencies will be used to avoid government control over money. And that is VERY much to the good.

Дед Сварливый Говорит!

Grandpa Grumpuss grumps, grumpily, about the catastrophic failures of the FUSA in the arms race with Russia – where the Americans once led in the production of world-beating weapons, especially in the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s, today, the Americans are several generations behind in many technologies, and are utterly incapable of keeping up in other areas:


Ania Konieczek talks to Larry Johnson about the ultimate fate of Bellendsky:

It’s All Greek To Us

The good gentlemen of The Duran analyse at length a report from two Krauts about the Western-engineered failure of peace negotiations in the Ukrainian conflict last March:

The Bald Truth

Brian Berletic of The New Atlas reviews the collapse of American power in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and now, to some degree, the Asia-Pacific:

Bad Medicine

Dr. John Campbell continues unpacking the excess death data, and is appalled by what he is seeing:

Dr. Suneel Dhand has some useful drinks to help you deal with anxiety:

Warriors of Faith

Tha Dizzle points out the harsh truth and reality of atheism – that being a “faithless” man, actually requires vastly MORE faith than it does to be a Christian:

This reminds me of the major issue with atheist “argumentation”. Quite a few atheists found themselves swayed by the arguments of Bertrand Russell in Why I am Not a Christian, and turned their backs on God in the process. The problem is, if you actually analyse his “arguments” dispassionately, you will very quickly realise there is nothing whatsoever to them.

All Russell could come up with, in terms of his objections to Christianity, was, “MUH FEELZ”. Literally. That’s it. He found the commandments of God and the words of Christ to be unpleasant and hurtful, and because of that, he figured he did not want to follow the Christian faith.

That really is the sum total of atheist “argumentation” – “MUH FEELZ! Me don’t wanna follow skydaddy!!!”. And that is all there is to it.

Dr. Jay Smith from PfanderFilms and Al-Fadi from CIRA International examine the earliest manuscripts of the Koran, and find the Izzlamist story of the creation of their scriptures to be totally lacking:

Bible with Brother explains the ridiculousness of the term, “Judaeo-Christian”:

Islam Critiqued explains the process of Izzlamist indoctrination, which teaches young children how to become shahids, or martyrs, for their fake moon-god:

This sort of video comes with a serious warning – beware of Christians telling you to take Israel’s side, or Palestine’s side. As I have pointed out repeatedly, THERE ARE NO GOOD PEOPLE IN THIS CONFLICT.

The Pali-Walis are utterly without honour and are totally agreement-non-capable. The Israelis – especially the hardcore Ultra-Orthodox types – generally dislike, and in many cases outright despise, Christians, and see us as nothing more than pawns to be manipulated.

Better by far to take the Russian position on all of this, call for a ceasefire and the release of all hostages, dial back tensions, and then work toward diplomatic solutions that require the Arabs to FINALLY take some damn responsibility for their “little brown brothers” (not, of course, that they ever will).

The best solution to all of this would be to go back to the status quo ante wherever possible, in which the Arabs conveniently forgot about the Pali-Walis, and Israel simply continued doing what it was always doing, without any real resistance from anyone. But I fear this is unrealistic at this point – Israeli stupidity has inflamed regional sentiments to the point where now the Arabs will never stop demanding a Palestinian state, no matter how dumb that idea is.

One good thing about refusing to take a maximalist position on the conflict in Gaza is, I can look at what both sides are saying dispassionately, and make up my own mind. Here is a rather interesting video from travelingisrael.com about the reality of Jewish life in Muslim countries:

I disagree strongly with the creator of that video about one point – the Jews of Iran are NOT persecuted. Yes, they live under shariah law, but in fact, the Persians leave them largely alone. There is a community of somewhere between 8,000 and 30,000 Jews in Iran – nobody knows quite how many – and they have lived there largely (though not completely) in peace since 1979.

None of that changes the basic point raised in the video – Jews are a persecuted people in Muslim countries, especially Sunni ones. And that is all thanks to the infamous teachings of the False Profit of the Religion of Pieces, Mo’Lester the Paedophile Caravan Robber.

People should never forget that Mo’Lester died at the hands of a Jewish woman, who served him a piece of poisoned lamb at Khaybar, according to Izzlamic traditions. The Muzzies certainly have never forgotten that.

Manly Men of Manliness

Terrence Popp has a stark warning for those men who do not listen to his wisdom – secular though it may be, that doesn’t make him wrong:

Joker from Better Bachelor has some real reassurance for men – just by outlasting women and refusing to participate in their insane games, we are winning:

Man Talk continues to kill it with these shorts:

Beer made using Amouranth’s vaginal yeast?!? Just… what…

Jeremy from TheQuartering absolutely deserves the title of SIMP now. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Burn Paedowood to the Ground

Midnight’s Edge discusses the colossal box-office BOMB that was The Marvels – which I hope no one here bothered to watch:

Overlord Dicktor Van Doomcock goes into full QAnon mode about the possible remake of STAR WARS by the House of the Devil Mouse:

Gary from Nerdrotic watched The Marvels, so you didn’t have to:

The Drinker does an excellent video delving into the real reasons why Batgirl got shitcanned:

Reading Too Much Into Things

Your “Science is F***ING WEIRD” moment of the week is from The Male Brain, and it is all about using anger as fuel:

“People often believe that a state of happiness is ideal, and the majority of people consider the pursuit of happiness a major life goal,” said lead author Heather Lench, PhD, a professor in the department of psychological and brain sciences at Texas A&M University. “The view that positive emotion is ideal for mental health and well-being has been prominent in lay and psychological accounts of emotion, but previous research suggests that a mix of emotions, including negative emotions like anger, result in the best outcomes.”

The functionalist theory of emotion, which has been studied for decades, suggests that all emotions, good or bad, are reactions to events within a person’s environment and serve the purpose of alerting that person to important situations that require actions, according to Lench. Each emotion may call for a different response. For example, sadness may indicate that a person needs to seek help or emotional support, while anger may suggest they need to take action to overcome an obstacle.

To better understand the role of anger in achieving goals, researchers conducted a series of experiments involving more than 1,000 participants and analyzed survey data from more than 1,400 respondents. In each experiment, researchers elicited either an emotional response (such as anger, amusement, desire or sadness) or a neutral emotional state, and then presented participants with a challenging goal.

The research was published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

In one experiment, participants were shown visuals designed to elicit specific emotional or neutral responses and then asked to solve a series of word puzzles. In another, the goal was to attain high scores on a skiing video game, with one game that involved challenging play (avoiding flags on a slalom course) and one easier game that involved only a jump.

Across all the experiments, anger improved people’s ability to reach their goals compared with a neutral condition in a variety of challenging situations. In some cases, it was associated with increased scores or shorter response times. In one experiment, it also increased cheating to achieve a better outcome.

There is a very good reason why Paul the Apostle tells us, “do not let the sun go down on your anger – be angry and do not sin”, or words to that effect. Anger, in and of itself, is not a true problem – but if you let it CONTROL you, THEN it is a problem.

Your long read of the week is a superb dissection by Jack McCord of Peter Zeihan’s nonsensical posturing as a geopolitics “expert”:

In the energy section, Zeihan asserts that half Russia’s energy production relies on western firms like Halliburton. Like so many western Russia ‘analysts,’ he seems to be stuck in the 1990s. If that were true, Russian oil and gas would have stopped flowing in February 2022, and the ‘Biden’ administration wouldn’t have had to blow up Nordstream 2 just three months after The End‘s publication.

History and geography aren’t a crystal ball. They are necessary, but far from sufficient to foretell the future, which is always hard. Like neoconservative US officials, whose propaganda he often echoes, Zeihan appears clueless about recent sociopolitical, economic and military developments that have falsified many of his key premises.

For example, he’s stuck on the Order’s 20th-century template of naval power projection, now shattered by both China’s and Russia’s precision hypersonic missiles, as well as by Russia’s electronic-warfare and air-defense advances. These have rendered US aircraft-carrier battle groups and amphibious task forces obsolete for near-peer warfare. Zeihan didn’t get the memo, but the US Marine Corps did, and in 2020 undertook a sweeping and controversial reorganization based on small-unit, small-boat, almost covert amphibious operations. Among other big changes, the Marines gave up all their tanks and much of their artillery, because the amphibious ships required to deliver them are now sitting ducks. The Order’s navies have no air defenses that can reliably stop hypersonic missiles.

The Chinese navy’s primary focus is, of course, defense of its home waters. Given that the US Navy menaces China’s coastline from forward bases in the first island chain, why wouldn’t the Chinese focus on meeting the threat precisely there? Given that light warships armed with modern missiles could conceivably take out an entire carrier battle group from over the horizon, why would the Chinese build carrier battle groups instead of smaller missile-armed craft?

Zeihan is the odd man out on the collapse bandwagon. Most others – Dmitry Orlov, James Howard Kunstler, William Schryver, Larry Johnson and Andrei Martyanov – see a healthier, safer ‘multipolar world’ emerging after the Order falls. Vladimir Putin, the Order’s nemesis, argues that only such a multipolar world, particularly one observing Westphalian sovereignty and indivisible-security norms, can hope to preserve peace, free trade and prosperity. Zeihan, naturally, portrays a multipolar world as a sort of brutish geopolitical state of nature, red in tooth and claw.

The dispute arises from their fundamental disagreement over the nature of the Order. The multipolarists argue that the Order is neither liberal, nor ‘rules-based,’ nor even very orderly. Even during the Cold War, and especially afterward, US military intervention brought death, poverty and misery far more often than prosperity. (This isn’t so much contention as a matter of record.) In its quest to destroy national sovereignty, well-described here in the Russian context, the Order has spent the entire 21st century bombing and invading weak countries, often under false pretenses, and imposing economic sanctions on those too strong for it to attack directly.

Linkage is good for you:

And some more from Dawn Pine:


The Neo-Tsar looked quite spry and healthy – especially given he is SEVENTY-ONE – at the International Cultural Forum, in which he spoke at length about Russian and Slavic culture, and the great good it has brought the world:

HALO Nation

Slayergod Remy aka Mint Blitz does his thing while reviewing the latest HALO Infinite updates:

The Emperor Protects

Scholar’s Lore provides a clear explanation of the Eldar Exodites:

That’s Not Gone Well…

Wazzocks gonna wazzock:

Comedy Hour

Meme Warfare

We begin with an assemblage of awesomeness from The Male Brain, who REALLY has a bone (or three) to pick with Jackson Hinkle:

When you lie so much, people can’t even tell when you are trolled

[I like Jackson Hinkle, up to a point, but he suffers from the curse of being young and stupid. This is why he blithely calls himself a Stalinist and a Communist, yet happily plugs advertisements for sponsors on his channel. Fortunately, this condition goes away with time. We were all guilty of it at least once in our lives. – Didact]

No one said boys don’t have issues
That’s about 33K$. WOW, what a headline!
Mosquitoes live ~1-3 month (tops). Those drones need to be reloaded again and again. Makes very little sense

[True about the mosquitoes – but the problem is, the Russians have excellent and very credible evidence on American attempts to run biological weapons programmes in Ukraine. This is not in dispute – Victoria “Maidan Cookies/Eff the EU” Nuland admitted as much in front of the Senate last year. – Didact]

Dude, how about opening the poll to other answers?
True. But let’s ban it for being anti-male.
I’m not sure which one is the “before”

Some more on Israel vs Hummus:

Even that won’t help

[Yes, but WHO PUT THAT HQ THERE? Hint: It was ISRAEL who built that bunker, back when it ruled over the Gaza Strip in the 1980s. – Didact]

Probably a few days after
When you mess with the bull you get the horns

[Problem: this still counts as an effective victory for Hummus. Y’all have to kill literally every last Gazan to get them. And that ain’t-a gonna happen. – Didact]

Few questions:
1. Why is Israel black? We are just tanned.
2. How many wars have Ukraine been involved in in the past decades? (Crickets)
3. Does Russia want to murder all Ukraine citizens? (Crickets)
Can totally confirm
See the article about Israel not having the right to self-defence
Facts, history and even the Quran won’t change the mind of a Muslim

[Yeah. Sneako is a colossal dumbass, as anyone who listens to him for more than about thirty seconds can quickly figure out. – Didact]


[Does that justify killing thousands of children? – Didact]

And all the animals also supported the request

Some more generic stuff:

The connection is a bad one. It should be instantaneous 
It didn’t work. Remember?
“Common sense is not that common” – Voltaire
That is not crazy, it’s common sense
Not all, but a lot
And now we can’t unsee it
Let’s get a tax benefit for it

And now some more from Robert W:

Well, I shall take that advice, then:

Man… you can FEEL your balls shrivelling
1. That’s not what the Bible says
2. That’s what the Bible says MILLSTONES are for
One for the gingervitis sufferers
Funny how this is happening RIGHT when the Army has a serious recruiting crisis…
The top photos are my idea of a good snack
Uh… pretty sure we know the answer by now, Tom…
Inaccurate – the women aren’t NEARLY fat enough

Animal Planet

Your aminules are adorkable moment of the week:

And also your animals are absolute DICKS moment of the week, to balance things out:

The Lords of Steel

Gym beast props this week go to Andrew Hause:

Ass-Kicking of the Eight Limbs

They See Me Rollin’…

Palate Cleansers

Axe Me Anything


I don’t know where they get the idea of Will Ferrell making an appearance in there – that is Chad Smith, and he is a completely different guy.



BOOM! Headshot!!!


Livin’ in the Land of the Metal Gods

Rock Out With Your Glock Out

Hot Totty

Finally, here is your Instathot to get the week off to a suitably silly start. This is Arina Nazarova (Арина Назарова), roughly age 28, apparently originally from Moscow, now living between Moscow and Dubai. (And you know what that latter part means.) She does modelling and Instathottery.

OK, chaps, that’s all, get off your butts and back to work now.

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    I played a lot of Battlefield 1942 back in the day and eventually found my niche as an engineer tank driver. The key strategy was to keep your distance until you took out the threat, then park somewhere safe, hop out, and pull out your wrench to repair the damage. I could bring 3-4 other tanks down like this before they finally got me. Damn, I miss that game.

  2. furor kek tonicus ( i can take about 30 days of Christmas music before i start looking for someone to crucify )

    a bit of a counterpoint on the T-14
    keeping in mind that Lazerpig is bit of an anti-commieboo.


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