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Thot in the shell

by | Aug 13, 2023 | Office Space | 3 comments

A bit over a year ago, I wrote about the story of one Diana Deets, aka Coconut Kitty, who was (in)famous for posting pictures of herself on her Instaham account with VERY heavy filtering that made her look about half her true age. Sadly, the woman behind that account committed suicide earlier this year. (Though, let’s be clear, she assuredly WAS NOT “24” at the time, because her younger sisters are 27 and 29, as this Rolling Stone article points out. Also, my apologies for linking to a presstitute rag like that – the publication is not even at the level of toilet-paper substitute.)

In hindsight, though, this was merely a sign of things to come – and those developments have assuredly come to pass. PJW is greatly amused by the impact of AI on Instathots and their fake livelihood:

This is, in my view, a Good Thing, overall. Most of the women involved in Instathottery do so because it is Easy Street for them. They may well be intelligent, qualified, capable women in their own right, able to do almost anything else. But, being an Instathot allows them to monetise a woman’s greatest assets – youth, fertility, and beauty – precisely when those assets have maximum value.

The advent of AI will drive down and destroy the value of those assets almost instantly, thereby forcing those same women to go into (hopefully) more productive ventures. Who knows – perhaps some of them might even decide to become wives and mothers, instead of being everyone’s virtual girlfriend.

This is also a revolution for the paying customers of those Instathots. Product sponsors can use highly convincing, near-lifelike AI to shill for them, at a fraction of the cost. And OnlyFools subscribers can get access to an always-on, always-friendly, always-happy virtual girlfriend, for a far lower price.

Once again, technology wipes out the low-skilled (and not-so-low-skilled) jobs in the economy. This is Joseph Schumpeter‘s “creative destruction”, at its most wantonly destructive and highly creative.

Let me be very clear about one thing, though: simps who pay money to OnlyFools “creators” for the simulated girlfriend experience, are MORONS. They lack integrity, maturity, and self-respect. Worst of all, they lack all four of the primary masculine virtues – strength, courage, honour, and mastery.

They do not have the inner strength to develop and build themselves into attractive men. They lack the courage to approach women and take risks in the real world. Their attempts to substitute paid experiences for real-world relationships and sex shows a lack of courage. And they do not master themselves and their desires, instead choosing to give validation to women who like to pretend they are “entrepreneurs”, when they are, in fact, simply sex workers.

As with all such technological developments, AI-generated Instathots bring good as well as evil. The key is to figure out a balance between the two – and also to figure out how to tell the clear difference between simulation and reality, which is becoming ever more challenging by the day.

However, there are other applications for this technology, the implications of which few have really considered.

AI-generated virtual reailty is, indeed, a paradigm shift for all of us. People need to understand just how big a change AI represents for the future of fake people – Instathots, movie stars, musicians who can do good work in the studio with autotune but cannot play live, and so on. It will not be very much longer before people will be able to use AI algorithms to write their own movie scripts, and insert themselves into their own professional-looking CG-driven animated films, starring the likenesses of various famous current, or past, actors and actresses.

Imagine, if you can, a film with Ava Gardner, Lauren Bacall, and Angelina Jolie, all at the heights of their respective beauties, with perhaps a Gladdiator-era Russell Crowe, pretty much any incarnation of Tom Cruise, and Henry Cavill, where you cannot figure out who is real and who is AI-generated. And imagine the plot is actually good, makes sense, and isn’t full of SocJus bullshit.

Imagine, also, that you wrote the script, using the help of AI to craft a believable, interesting story, within days instead of weeks.

What if you could write your own STAR WARS sequels that didn’t, y’know, SUCK?

Consider this possibility. What if you could actually bring to life the legendary Timothy Zahn sequel trilogy, published nearly 30 years ago (!!!), with accurate likenesses of Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, and Mark Hamill, complete with accurate voice-acting, and with a real, menacing, powerful character in the form of Grand Admiral Thrawn? How about bringing the Noghri to life? And Mara Jade? Talon Karrde? Lando Calrissian? Chewbacca? R2-D2 and C-3PO? The mad Dark Jedi Joruus C’baoth?

Would you watch that? I SURE AS SHIT WOULD!!! It would actually be FUN to watch, rather than the exercise in tedium and misery that was “STAR WARS” Episode VI VII, which I do not consider to be an actual movie in the series.

That makes AI-generated virtual reality an extinction-level event for Hollyweird. That is even more the case for Instathots, whose looks determine their value in the marketplace – but who can always be replaced by younger, tighter, hotter, and fitter women. And if those women can be most easily replaced by AI-generated clones that are indistinguishable from the real thing… then the cost of thottery, and the price of SIMPing, goes straight into the toilet.

It is no wonder, therefore, that Hollyweird writers and actors are now on strike over the use of AI in their industry. They know what is coming – and they are TERRIFIED of it. As they bloody well SHOULD BE. This puts the power of storytelling back in the hands of the customer, of the people – and that scares them shitless, as it should.

There is great good, and great evil, in all of this. We must not be blind to the evil – for, as I have pointed out before, AI is NOT “intelligent”. It is merely a very complex algorithm with a lot of processing power behind it, which follows a prescribed series of optimisation programs to generate results. It is only as good as the people who design it – many of whom, as we have seren with ChatGPT, are SJWs who cannot bear to have the lies of their worldview exposed.

But we must also note the good that can potentially come out of this. Imagine being able to produce a great TV series – say, a Firefly follow-up that outright excludes the male feminism and Gammatude of Joss Whedon and focuses instead on the storytelling capabilities of Tim Minear – that tells simple, powerful stories rooted in age-old truths, like the old TV Westerns, for a fraction of your typical, awful, Disney Plus or Netherflix show.

That is a winning formula, which will destroy Hollyweird as fast as a stake through the heart of a vampire. And that is a VERY Good Thing.

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    Point of order: Episode VI is Return of the Jedi, which is awesome. I’m pretty sure you mean VII, which would be OK if it wasn’t ruined by Rey’s Feminist Heroine’s Journey. Rogue One is also OK despite major flaws, but everything Disney made after that is a disaster except for the first two decent seasons of Mando. The “love our terrible new character or you’re racist” tweet from the official Lucasfilm account was what finally got me to swear off Star Wars, at least as long as Disney owns it.

    The Hollywood guilds are once again showing galaxy-brain level intelligence by making their bosses realize how useless they are at the exact moment it’s becoming possible to replace them all with technology.

    • Didact

      Win -> cmd -> run -> ohshit.exe

      Yep. You’re right. My bad. Whoops. That was embarrassing…

  2. Robert W

    I finished a two year arc of reading the Chronicles of Narnia aloud to my children. It pains me that there is no good film adaptation of the series, and a middling grade for the Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe that cost Disney $200mil to produce.

    Your forecast for the future is awesome, we can bypass the gatekeepers and let the ones with genuine passion for the story bring it to life.

    Not some marxist Barbie director.


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