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Friday T&A: Triple-Barrelled Edition

by | Aug 4, 2023 | fat girl jihad | 1 comment

Gentlemen, those of you familiar with the finer things in life will know of something called “Bushmill’s”. It is Irish whiskey, of an unusually fine grade. I first came across it many years ago, at the house of a family friend, who offered it to me to try. I went home that day quite pleasantly buzzed, and thoroughly impressed with the Celtic traditions of making whiskey.

I have tried plenty of whiskies in my time – no, seriously, if you take me to a whiskey shop, chances are pretty good that I have tried at least 30-40% of all of the various distilleries and blends in there. The beauty of Scotch is that you can literally pick exactly what you want, because every single distillery has a different approach to blending and producing the stuff.

Whether we are talking about the smooth, measured, balanced Speyside single malts – my favourite being, perhaps rather predictably, The Macallan, which a lot of whiskey buffs think is both overrated and overpriced (I disagree on the former, but sort of do agree on the latter) – or the super smoky, extremely heady Islay ones, like Laphroaig or Lagavulin, each one brings a different flavour and palate with it.

My experience with Irish whiskey, however, has been quite mixed. I tried Jameson’s once, many years ago – and was completely unimpressed. So, when I had the opportunity to try a triple-distilled “Irish” whiskey, I looked at it rather askance – I figured it probably wouldn’t be very good.

I was very happily proven wrong. Bushmill’s is, indeed very good. I particularly liked using it in Irish coffee during cold winter nights in the US – and when I make Irish coffee, you actually have to add coffee to the Irish.

The triple-barrelled nature of the whiskey kind of lines up nicely with this week’s lovely lady. This here is Fee-Gwenelle Kroha – no idea where the name comes from – age 23, from Krautland, which is now officially the SECOND largest economy in Europe, after Russia, when measured on a PPP basis. (In fact, Russia’s economy is multiples larger than Germany’s, when you actually measure it in terms of stuff produced. The only economies that come anywhere close to comparing to Russia’s, are China’s, Japan’s, and the FUSA’s. Germany doesn’t even count anymore.)

Ms Kroha is a model, of a sort, and does… whatever it is a model does, I suppose.

Happy Friday, y’all. Enjoy the weekend, and have a nice Scotch – or Irish, if that is your fancy. Just avoid German wine – even the Krauts don’t really drink that stuff. There is a REASON why God sends massive hailstorms to Bavaria every year to flatten the German vines, after all.

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1 Comment

  1. Max Wiley

    Might I suggest you try some Redbreast.
    I actually prefer the 12 year to the 15 year but opinions vary.


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