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Didactic Mind, Ep 112: The Itchy Red Blanket

by | Aug 24, 2023 | Podcasts | 1 comment

This episode of Didactic Mind is all about the misguided and very foolish return of Stalinism as an in-vogue political and social philosophy. This all came about because of the recent appearance by one Jackson Hinkle on Piers Morgan‘s show (Lord, have mercy, because that guy, right there, deserves a proper slapping), in which Jackson did utterly humiliate both Piers and his guest, Konstantin Kisin. But then, Jackson stated openly that he is a Stalinist, and believes in returning to Stalinist policies. This got me rather annoyed, because this is a trend I am seeing a lot of late on the channels I watch.

Therefore, in this episode, I explain why Stalinism is such a terrible idea, and where it actually led over time – to starvation, backwardness, and eventual economic collapse. Stalin’s economic model is not one for the rest of us to follow – it leads to very, very bad places, and its actual record in action is truly terrible. Just because neoliberal policies are failing completely, that does not mean we should trade in one set of huge failures for another.

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I reference a fair few books and works in this episode. Here is a partial list:

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1 Comment

  1. SupremeCannon

    Hinkle does give off the ‘Based Gen Z’ vibe, and certainly a smart enough guy. But when he said in the course of one of his shows he was a communist, the casual conversational way he threw it in frankly threw me.

    Communism is NOT any way ‘forward’. The oligarchical nightmare we’re living through right now isn’t either, and it would be a false dichotomy to suggest it’s ‘either/or’.

    I unsubbed after that. He’s either incredibly naive or just another breed of ‘glowie’ to me now.


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