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Chasing shadows in Banderastan

by | Aug 12, 2023 | Office Space | 1 comment

I really, really did not want to write anything more about the Gonzalo Lira situation. When he disappeared off the radar after his rather odd attempts to flee SBU custody and seek sanctuary in Hungary, I figured he had been caught and detained at the border by the Nazi goons of the Ukrainian security services, and that was that. They had caught up to him, they had found him, and they had hauled him right back to jail.

Then, yesterday, Maj. Scott Ritter got YEETED straight off TEH YOOTOOBZ:

YouTube has terminated the account of former US spy Scott Ritter and deleted all of his videos on the platform. According to Ritter, the Google-owned social media giant accused his channel of violating the terms of service.

Writing on X (formerly known as Twitter), Ritter stated that his channel, ‘The Scott Ritter Show’, through which he attempted to “import Russian voices to an American/Western audience,” had been flagged for ‘hate speech’ and taken down without prior warning or any specific examples of the offense.

“There was never any hate speech involved in any of the episodes of ‘The Scott Ritter Show’, unless one views unique content from silenced voices hateful,” Ritter said, calling the move “the latest in a series of actions by YouTube to silence Russian voices.”

“[This] represents the living manifestation of the disease of Russophobia which has swept America and US-based social media platforms,” he wrote.

In a separate post, Ritter noted that in addition to his channel, YouTube had also deleted the ‘Ask The Inspector’ channel, claiming that the move is “a targeted effort by YouTube to remove/minimize my voice, and those of my guests and the people who took the time to ask probing questions about the pressing issues of the day.”

“Those who are behind this should know – you won’t succeed,” Ritter said, adding that there is a “vast social media world” beyond YouTube, while warning those that remain on the platform that they will at some point have to conform to it or have their channels deleted, too.

“Both of them: Ask the Inspector and ‘The Scott Ritter Show. We’re moving to Rumble,” he told RT on Friday. 

I happen to follow Maj. Ritter’s channel on Telegram as well. Here is what he had to say about the situation – you will probably need to open this in Telegram anyway:

As you can see in the video above (if you watch it), Maj. Ritter is generally pretty sanguine about the whole situation. But there is some important context from the previous news article that is missing, and you need to understand it to figure out WHY he got BizANNED.

On August 8th, Maj. Ritter and Jeff Norman did their latest episode of the Ask the Inspector show, in which they opened up with an answer from Scott about criticisms of his position on Gonzo, from the likes of Brian Berletic, Larry Johnson, and others. He did not hold back, AT ALL – if you watch this, you will want to turn the volume down, as the language is VERY coarse:

As Maj. Ritter points out in the opening 18 minutes or so of the episode, the evidence is all there. The red flags surrounding Gonzo are very serious. He admits up-front that he has no hard evidence proving Gonzo is an SBU asset – but, critically, no one else has conclusive evidence proving otherwise. (Yes, I know, you cannot prove a negative, but you sure as hell can show exculpatory data, findings, or chains of logic. None of those exist in this situation.)

That, as I wrote above, was August 8th. On August 11th, Maj. Ritter’s presence on YouTube DISAPPEARED.

What happened?

We can all speculate, but to my mind, the conclusion is simple and obvious.

The US intelligence agencies – which are, at this point, a government unto themselves, accountable and answerable to absolutely NO ONE – wanted to discover the networks providing alternative media voices to the prevailing narrative. They wanted to figure out whose voices are providing the strongest, most capable, and most articulate opposition to their propaganda.

Voices like Maj. Scott Ritter, Col. Douglas Macgregor, and others of their ilk, provide a very clear alternative to the Western whore-media. They tell large audiences around the Western world things which the alphabet-soup agencies do not want you to hear, and cannot afford for you to learn. If you actually knew how bad things are for Banderastan on the battlefield, and how much money the FUSA has actually poured into its rapidly failing project, and how many Americans are actually dying out there… well, that might look a wee bit bad for the Fake President and his coterie of Deep State puppeteers.

So, why did the alphabet-soup agencies target Maj. Ritter, specifically? He does not have the largest audience, after all – The Duran has a substantially bigger subscriber base, as does Judge Andrew Napolitano, where Maj. Ritter is a weekly guest.

The reason why is, again simple: Maj. Ritter was probably the closest out of all of them to telling the truth of what is going on. He also provided the strongest and most strident voice against what the FUSA is doing.

If you actually watch and listen to these various channels – as I do, daily – then you will quickly realise that the likes of Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris of The Duran – who both work extremely hard and do everyone an incredible service, and for whom I have immense respect – carefully tread the line about Ukraine without going too far beyond the prescribed “narrative” of what is and is not allowed.

The same is true of Brian Berletic, Larry Johnson, and others. They are, to repeat, excellent analysts who deserve great respect for the quality of their analyses and the depth of their knowledge. They also deserve great credit for refusing to toe the line and take the easy way out.

But, they are not the ones pointing out the criminal actions of the SBU, by and large. They are not the ones pointing out the realities of forced conscription to anything like the degree that Maj. Ritter does. And they are nowhere near as fierce and angry in their denunciations of Banderastan.

They treat the war as more of an academic exercise in geopolitical analysis – rather than a very clear information war, in which they have chosen sides. Almost all of the above channels try to present themselves as being somewhat “above the fray”, not taking one side or the other, simply presenting analysis and commentary.

Maj. Ritter, on the other hand, spent over a month in Russia, meeting with Russians directly. He routinely featured Russians on his show, and tried to give them a fair hearing. In other words, he represents a clear and present threat to the information hegemony of the Deep State – and that cannot be allowed.

Based on the evidence in front of us, then, the CIA, via the SBU, used Gonzo to pinpoint fractures and fragments within the alt-media scene, and worked to inject pressure into those fissures to split things apart. They succeeded, because they managed to get Larry Johnson to disagree with Scott Ritter, to the point where they started calling each other names and cussing each other out. And Maj. Ritter ADMITS AS MUCH – he admits this is the entire point of the SBU’s operations.

The SBU basically used the Gonzo drama to pinpoint who needs to be silenced – they pointed out who is telling the truth the loudest, and the CIA then sicced the attack dogs on him.

This indicates to me that The Powers That Be are getting quite desperate. The Banderastan project is failing so fast it is not even funny anymore. Their Khlearly Khatastrophic Khollapsing Khreat Khokholite Khumvee Khounteroffensive is such a disaster that even the whore-media cannot avoid admitting it anymore. There is simply too much evidence of death and destruction all over southern Zaporozh’ye right now – too many burned-out Leopards and Bradleys, too much satellite evidence of freshly-dug graves, too many bodies in trenches captured directly on drone footage.

All of this happened at exactly the moment when the Fake Administration launched a drive to get US$24B more in funding for this failure from Congress. Do you honestly believe this is a coincidence?

It remains to be seen what will happen next. If, indeed, they do try to shut down Col. Douglas Macgregor, or Andrei Martyanov, or Judge Nap, then I think it is fair to say the desperation levels have reached endgame proportions – which is to say, the neoclowns in the Deep State are betting everything on one last toss of the dice. They will demand the Banderites go full bore and attack with everything they have left, trying – somehow, anyhow, to smash through Russian lines and defences.

Fortunately, most of those characters do not actually depend on YouTube ad revenue. Col. Macgregor does not have an official YouTube channel – there are several aggregators, run by other people, which take his videos and redistribute them. Brian Berletic‘s channel is not monetised, so he doesn’t care. Judge Nap might be a problem, for he is highly exposed – and he is also a conduit point, as many excellent alt-media commentators come to his show every week to provide great analysis from all over the place.

When they get shut down, we will not be affected, since they will all simply be on Rumble and Telegram – which the FUSA cannot shut down, because it exists on servers outside of their control. It will, however, stop the truth from getting out to the normies – and THAT is precisely the problem.

The normies are already turning against this stupid war, by and large. They understand that the FUSA is in the wrong – as it so routinely has been for the past 30 years in starting and prolonging these endless wars. They understand the empire is falling apart – and, at some level, they understand there is no rule of law left in the FUSA any longer.

But they are still too cowed and stupid to do anything about it.

What happens, then, when voices like Maj. Ritter’s turn out to be right, and the scale of the catastrophe becomes too great to hide? What will the normies do then?

I do not know. Nor, I wager, do the Deep State apparatchiks who, these days, make the old KGB look like absolute pikers by comparison. But I don’t think they particularly want to find out. which is why they are silencing voices of opposition wherever they can.

It is a dangerous time, for, as Maj. Ritter says, we are in a war – a information war, in which there are clear-cut sides, and in which one side is very happy to do whatever it takes to win. The rest of us had better get clued in, fast, and figure out which side we are on.

As for Gonzo, if he should suddenly somehow resurface, and provide clear evidence that he was never an SBU asset, then of course, I will owe him an apology (as will Maj. Ritter). I have no problem making such an apology. But I have a pretty good idea that no such thing will be necessary anytime soon.

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