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Primal instincts

by | Jul 30, 2023 | Office Space | 0 comments

I realise I am YEARS late to the subject, but if you have not watched the animated series, Primal, then I would say you are missing out. Genndy Tartakovsky‘s animation and storytelling styles are perhaps not for everyone, but I have always liked them. I grew up watching madcap shows like Dexter’s Laboratory, for instance, and I thought his work on the Clone Wars animated series (the original one, not the much longer-running, and perhaps better, 3D version that continued on from it) was pretty good.

That being said, I never did get around to watching Primal up until now, mostly out of sheer laziness. But, having finally downloaded it, I have to say, it is VERY good:

Some of the episodes are genuinely extremely unsettling. “Plague of Madness”, in particular, was pretty horrifying, especially when you think about what we have all been through for the past 3 years with Convid and the Scamdemic:

If you want a fun and entertaining diversion, with great storytelling and superb animation – and WITHOUT much by way of dialogue – then this is the show to watch. I am particularly impressed by the way the animators and storytellers manage to convey emotions and ideas without substantial speech – most of the human characters are silent, or communicate largely in grunts and roars, and even those that do speak, don’t do so very much.

In other words, Primal has real creativity and skill behind it – unlike most of what Hollyweird releases today. That, alone, makes it worth watching. And, it is worth mentioning that you do not see any of THE MESSAGE, as our drunken Scottish friend likes to say, in this series – it celebrates traditional relationships and roles, and elevates bonds of family and friendship above all else.

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