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A Lvov Boat spin-off appears imminent

by | Jul 21, 2023 | Office Space | 1 comment

Gentlemen, no doubt many of you remember last year’s most hilariously over-the-top White-trash-trailer-park soap opera, which I quite fittingly titled Lvov Boat. In case you need a season recap, please refer to this season guide. Essentially, the season – and, at the time, we thought, the series – ended with the Khrazy Khokholina sent back to Banderastan.

And that, we thought, was that.

Of course, we should all know by now that you can’t keep a good soap down. Turns out, there were a BUNCH of new details in the works over the past 6 months that we all – and, most unforgivably, yer own very ‘eavy, very ‘umble servant – missed completely.

The Definition of Insanity…

It turns out, the enterprising chap at the centre of this whole shitstorm did not, in fact, let sleeping dogs lie. Instead, he ran right back to the grenade-launcher that detonated some nasty surprises in his face, and embraced it yet again:

A LOVE rat dad who left his partner for a Ukrainian refugee has now rekindled his romance with her three months after their bitter split.

Tony Garnett, 30, flew to the war-torn country to give Sofiia Karkadym, 22, another chance after her drunken outbursts caused him to dump her.

The pair got together just ten days after he and his partner of ten years Lorna welcomed the refugee into the home they shared with their two children in Bradford.

But just months later, Tony dumped Sofiia too – leaving her “heartbroken”.

The dad has now revealed he is back and loved up with the IT manager and has even met her family in Ukraine.

He told Mail Online: “I think we can make this work. She’s a really attractive woman and always has interesting stuff to talk about.

She returned to her home country after her visa expired and Tony admitted he had made a “huge mistake”.

But the couple kept in touch and last week he visited his ex in Ukraine after crossing the border from Poland.

After meeting her family near Lviv, Tony and Sofiia have now returned to Yorkshire to give things another go.

He said: “I went to Ukraine and brought her back. It was not a great place to be.

“There were regular power cuts and the Russians fired about missiles at Lviv when I was there. Luckily the Ukrainian defence systems intercepted them.

“I hope people give us a break and let us be. I am thick skinned, but there is no place for strangers to insult us on the internet.”

The couple are now discussing marriage with Tony planning to get a job so they can afford a place to rent.

Sofiia is also planning to go to college and is looking forward to her future with the cheat.

The pair have even discussed getting his vasectomy reversed so they they can have children in the future.

Sofiia said: “I love Tony very much and I would like to marry him when we can. I have really missed him.

“I was very upset when I came here because I left my family behind and I did drink too much. I have promised him that I will never touch any alcohol again and I have not drank any.

“I am glad that he came to Ukraine to bring me back and that showed me that he really does care for me.

“I hope Tony and I can stay together forever. We are very good together, but the arguments spoiled everything.”

And then, of course, shortly thereafter… the inevitable happened.

Khokhlas Be Crazy…

Being both female and Ukrainian, and therefore a special category of bugshit nuts, said lady apparently went and bit the finger of a police officer sent over to break up yet another bad fight between the two:

The Ukrainian refugee dumped by her British lover after he left his partner and two children for her failed to turn up to court today where she was charged with assaulting a police officer.

Sofiia Karkadym, 23, was due to appear before magistrates after she allegedly bit the officer as he tried to arrest her.

Karkadym had been at the home of her former lover, security guard Tony Garnett, in Bradford, West Yorkshire, where she was collecting her belongings when police were called to the property.

During an altercation, she allegedly bit a male police officer and she was charged with two counts of assault.

But Karkadym failed to attend Bradford magistrates court this afternoon and a warrant was issued for her arrest.

It is also perhaps fair, if rather crude, to point out that the intervening 8 months or so were not exactly kind to Ms Karkadym. This is her from back when the first episodes of Lvov Boat aired last year:

And this is her now:

I think we now have a clear answer to the question, кто ел всего пирожки?!?!

In terms of lessons learned, it is fair to say that getting together with a crazy woman, who has a nasty temper, is a terrible mistake. Getting together with a khokholina simply magnifies that problem about tenfold.

The Collapsing Non-Country

There is a serious broader point to be made from this rather silly drama – notwithstanding the fact that it is far more entertaining than anything recently released by, say, Disney. And that is the harsh and inescapable reality that Banderastan is demographically DOOMED.

I bag on khokholinas a lot, but that is because I know a thing or three about dating and spending time with Eastern European women. Ladies from that part of the world can be wonderful friends, girlfriends, and especially wives. They are strong, kind, caring, and feminine. If they come from good families, or have a sensible head on their shoulders, they are pretty close to the ideal package of beauty, brains, artistic talent, solid values, and straight-talking common sense.

However, far too many Slavic women come from broken homes and families, with no sense of rooted morality.

The problem is serious in Russia, where the divorce rate is somewhere around 50% – virtually everyone I know in Russia, with the exception of my closest friend there, either has a broken marriage, or comes from one.

It is MUCH WORSE in Ukraine. Their Russian sisters come from a stable, reasonably prosperous (especially now), and well-run country, where, despite the horror stories the Western whore-media tell you, the rule of law generally does apply these days, and where people have real prospects for a better future. Ukraine, by contrast, is a completely broken, corrupt, terrible shithole of a place – and it is so because of its own people, who allowed themselves to be bent over a barrel by a rapacious and incredibly avaricious class of (largely, though not entirely, Jewish) oligarchs.

As a result, and as I have pointed out repeatedly, Ukrainian women are hypergamous to a degree that shocks even their Russian sisters. The number of times my Russian acquaintances have turned up their noses at Ukrainian girls, and expressed disdain for their values and ways, is simply too great for me to count.

Worse still, for the country itself, is the fact that its own women have abandoned it in droves – a problem that has gotten exponentially WORSE since the start of Russia’s Special Military Operation, 18 months ago:

So, what exactly has Ukraine “gained” since “independence”, but particularly since “freedom and democracy” clawed its way into the unfortunate country? Well, it should be noted that Ukraine had a population of 52 million in 1991, as well as the aforementioned industrial and scientific capacity that was rivaled by very few countries not just of its size, but also much larger. By 2015, the number of inhabitants fell to 42 million. And yet, that’s not nearly the end of Ukraine’s troubles. Namely, according to experts cited by Corriere della Sera, one of the longest-running Italian news media, only 28-31 million people still live in Ukraine, with a tendency of further reduction.

Citing local sources, official data and statistics, as well as other methods of collecting information, the Italian newspaper states that both urban and rural areas are essentially empty, while countless families have been divided (likely forever), particularly as wives of many soldiers forcibly deployed on the frontlines have gone abroad and never returned. Corriere della Sera insists that Ukraine is going through a catastrophic demographic crisis and that the population collapse will soon cause very serious economic and social problems in the country, as it has an estimated 15 million residents less than in early 2022.

“From 52 million to less than 30 in three decades. It’s a very serious loss for the country as it threatens our chances of reconstruction after the end of the war, prevents economic normalization and sinks the pension system,” Alexander Demenchuk, rector of the Faculty of Political Science in Kiev told Corriere della Sera, adding: “Children are missing, therefore the future is missing. Young, upper-middle-class women with an excellent level of education left. And what is even more serious, more than half of them do not intend to return to Ukraine. Children study in German, Polish, Austrian, French or Dutch schools. The mothers found work immediately. The European welcome policy initially seemed to us a miracle of generosity, but now it turned out to be a curse.”

According to Ella Libanova, a distinguished demographer at the National Academy of Sciences, all this affects the fertility rate, which has fallen to 0.7%, one of the lowest in the world. Families fall apart overnight as soldiers and officers increasingly complain that their wives leave them for other men in host countries. This is resulting in even higher divorce rates, exacerbating a problem that has already been quite common in previous years. There is virtually no public debate about these burning issues, the Italian newspaper warns, adding that no one in Ukraine is dealing with these problems because all efforts are supposedly directed toward the front.

Even that horrible set of numbers is probably an understatement of the true scale and scope of the crisis. Ukraine’s population today is below 30 million, certainly, in a very literal sense – but it is ACTUALLY almost surely below 20 million now.

You see, the Ukies continue to insist on counting the population of Novorossiya as “Ukrainian” – even though those people patently are not, and are much happier, safer, and more prosperous under Russian rule. All you have to do is to look at how much work the Russians have done to restore Mariupol’, and now Lugansk region, to understand just how badly the Ukrainians allowed their own infrastructure to degrade and decay over the past 30 years. No wonder, then, that millions of their people left for better lives in the West – as so many millions of Russians did, during the horror of the 1990s.

Conclusion – Learn or Die

The key difference is that Russia found its salvation in a Russian nationalist, who worked ceaselessly over nearly 25 years to restore Russia’s stability, power, and pride. Ukraine has never had an equivalent of the Neo-Tsar, and as such, has never managed to save itself from certain doom.

That is the true lesson of Lvov Boat and cheesy trailer-trash serials like it. There is a very harsh and terrible lesson for the entire Western world to learn in all of this.

Do not become comfortable or complacent in your own prosperity and wealth. What Russia went through in the 1990s, and what Ukraine still goes through today, awaits your own countries. Those Hell-Times will follow economic collapse and war, and they will winnow out the weak and the stupid and leave only the strong – but not necessarily the moral.

Russia is an example of what happens when Hell-Times make a nation stronger. Ukraine is an example of what happens when a nation fails to heed the lessons of those times. Choose, then, which example you will follow – and choose well, because you will not get a second chance.

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