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Snake burritos

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Much and more has been made of recent news that the Fake Administration will “allow” their European “allies” (read: vassals) to hand over F-16s to the Banderites. This latest round of Western wunderwaffen is nothing more than a cynical attempt to keep the idiot khokhols marching straight into the gaping maw and whirring buzzsaw teeth of the Russian meatgrinder – which Ukrainians, not being a particularly sensible bunch to begin with, happily do.

I make no apologies whatsoever for writing that. If the Ukies had the brains God gave a honey badger, they would have seen the death of their nation in the writing on the wall.

Let me show you a simple picture to demonstrate what I mean. Our very own Kapios, LRFotS, saw something I did not, in a picture that I shared on my Telegram channel. (Join the Dark Side – we have cookies. Or, at least, pictures of irresistibly cute Kombat Kots, Taktipuppers, and, of course, the Kherson Raccoon. Yes, really.)

Here’s the picture – it shows a McDonald’s somewhere in Queef:

This picture sparked much annoyed and hilarious commentary on Twatter – but Kapios pointed out something almost everyone, including me, missed.

Notice how almost everyone in that picture is female?

That tells you everything you need to know about what awaits Banderastan after this war. Their men are all DEAD – or, at the very least, so badly crippled that they will never contribute anything of much use to the Ukrainian economy ever again.

And that is why we must look at this whole F-16 business with extreme scepticism. No matter how many of those fighters the West supplies to Banderastan, they will make about as much difference as a bucket of spit.

Now, let us be very clear about one thing:

The F-16 is, or was, an OUTSTANDING aircraftfor its time, which was some 40 years ago.

Those of you who have been here for a while, know full well of my admiration for Col. John Boyd and the “Fighter Mafia”, who revolutionised aircraft and weapons design, and who fought against the entire entrenched bureaucracy of the US Military-Media-Industrial-Congressional-Complex (MMICC), to produce four of the best designed aircraft in history.

The F-15 Eagle was, and remains, America’s premier air superiority fighter and interceptor – its replacement, the F-22 Raptor, is simply too expensive, complex, and difficult to maintain and upgrade, and cannot operate effectively in its very limited numbers.

The F-16 was the Fighter Mafia’s reaction to the F-15 getting loaded down with lots of unnecessary junk – they designed it specifically to be a great dogfighter, above all else. And they succeeded, brilliantly. The original Viper was a real hot-rod of a plane, with superb visibility, excellent manoeuvrability, exceptional versatility, and relatively low maintenance requirements relative to its much bigger and more expensive brother.

The plane that lost to the F-16 in the Lightweight Fighter evaluation programme, the YF-17, eventually became the F/A-18 Hornet, a highly capable aircraft with both fighter and strike capabilities.

And the A-10 Warthog, one of the ugliest yet most effective military aircraft ever made, has a record second to none in blowing apart enemy armour – though, to be fair, that is because the US Air Force has not, for the past 40 years, fought against real first-rate military powers with serious integrated air defences.

That last criticism, though, is precisely what makes the provision of F-16s such a pointless gesture.

As even the most witless wonders in the Western media-military complex are finally admitting, the Russians do in fact know what they are doing with respect to air defences – and they have, by far, the best AD in the world. That is not exaggeration or hyperbole. The Russians have demonstrated the ability to shoot down Ukrainian-developed “Grom-2” missile, which achieves low-hypersonic terminal velocities.

This means the Russians can already do what America is nowhere close to doing – not with its PATRIOT, nor with NASAMS, nor THAAD, nor any other alphabet-soup wunderwaffe. They can already shoot down low-hypersonic missiles and projectiles.

On top of that, they have the ability to shoot down Ukrainian fighter aircraft at ranges of 300Km, perhaps more, with their R-37M AAMs, their upgraded S-300 complexes, and their extant S-400 complexes and layered air defences.

That is but the start of the problems with supplying F-16s. As more than one commenter on the subject has pointed out, the Viper – I prefer that old name to “Fighting Falcon”, personally – has a very low-slung belly air intake. Like most American aircraft, the Viper is not designed for rough use – American fighters require pristine runways that have to be swept several times a day for debris and particulate matter. Just one stray metal bolt or small rock through that big guppy mouth of the Viper’s, and its engine is toast.

The problem is, clean and litter-free airfields are rather at a premium in a place like Banderastan, where the Russians have space-based reconnaissance available 24/7 covering the country, and where their drones provide real-time intelligence and tracking on any airbases. That is why Ukrainians have to resort to launching their aircraft from highways and paved roads, if they can do so at all – there are actual videos on Telegram from the Ukies themselves showing khokhols launching MiG-29s (handovers from other FSU nations) and Su-27s (the very few they have left) from their highway networks.

That is not a healthy environment for the Banderites to operate F-16s. Whatever Vipers are not shot out of the sky by either Russian AD, or much longer-ranged, more powerful, and more capable Russian Su-30SM, Su-35S, and Su-57 air superiority fighters, will soon break down in an environment where maintenance becomes a huge problem.

And all of that is BEFORE we get back to the real problem facing Ukraine:

Lack of men.

The Ukrainians simply do not have enough pilots left. The few they do have, simply are not up to the task.

One of their “top” pilots is a chap who lost not one, but TWO, MiG-29s. He lost the first one when he tried to shoot down a Russian subsonic suicide drone, and ended up colliding with the debris, and he lost the second one ejecting out of an aircraft the Russians ploinked with either a MANPAD or an AD missile. And, remember, he was flying an aircraft he had trained for YEARS to fly.

How is someone like that going to fare in an unfamiliar aircraft with radically different handling characteristics from the MiG-29s he trained on in his youth?

I come back to the simple reality facing Banderastan:

It is rapidly running out of cannon fodder.

The population of Banderastan was around 35 million back in early 2022 – down substantially, by the way, from around the 43 million of early 2004, when the Ukrainians conducted their last real survey. They had lost around 8 million people from the annexation of Crimea in 2014, and from net emigration to other, less broken and stupid, countries in Europe. They then lost another 8 million from the accession of the Novorossiyan territories into Russia, and another outflow of at least 8 million in refugees – over 3.5 million of whom have gone to Russia, by the way.

This means Ukraine’s total population at this point is below 18 million, and may be as low as 14 million – and the country has now LOST some 300K+ dead in the SMO. They will lose tens of thousands more whenever Schroedinger’s Offensive finally kicks off – nobody quite knows when the Khreat Khokholite Khumvee Khounteroffensive will finally khommence, but it will at some point, and at that point, another 70,000 or so khokhols, the best that remains of the AFU, will be outright destroyed.

Ukraine will be sending those men off to die under cover of F-16s flown by barely-trained pilots, who will have no way to avoid Russian AD, and who will have no capacity whatsoever to inflict any substantive damage on Russian ground forces.

This is not merely malfeasance – it is a WAR CRIME. And every last NATO leader who supports this, is guilty of aiding and abetting the not-Ukrainians who are happily feeding the people of a Slavic nation feet-first into a woodchipper.

The F-16 will make no more difference than the Holy HIMARS, the Magnificent M-777, the Storming Storm Shadow, the Jumping Javelin, the Stunning Stinger, the Brazen Bradley, the Amazing Abrams, the Powerful Patriot, or ANYTHING ELSE the morally bankrupt and utterly corrupt West has fed into the Banderastan War. Even the diversitard idiots running the Five-Sided Wind Tunnel understand this – Gen. Mark Milley is nobody’s idea of a competent or even particularly intelligent CJCS, but even he is not quite that stupid as to think the F-16s will make any difference. Indeed, he’s said as much.

The people who stand to benefit from this are not the Ukrainian people, or Western governments. The beneficiaries are in fact Western weapons manufacturers.

Make no mistake about this – if the Russians shoot down every last F-16 in Europe, the people celebrating the hardest will be the executives over at Lockheed Martin, because they will then be able to waltz in and suggest the Europeans buy the F-35 Turducken Plane. And, at a cost of US$80M a pop – which is actually clser to US$100M once you add in maintenance and upgrade costs – that seems like an outright bargain relative to the cost of buying the latest batch of F-16s, which are actually, shockingly, MORE EXPENSIVE than Turduckens are.

This whole thing is a deeply cynical, incredibly immoral conflict designed to use a frankly retarded and utterly deluded people against their own much more sensible, civilised, intelligent, and capable cousins and brothers. It is nothing short of an attempt by a grotesquely evil vampiric elite in Clown World to keep the game going, even when they can see for themselves that their own world is collapsing around them.

In this conflict, the Russians are the righteous ones. They were not always so, but they unquestionably are here. The Ukrainians are nothing but broken, witless, pathetic pawns in global power games. And the Western leaders are quite happy to slaughter them right down to the last Ukrainian, if only it means the weakening of Russia and the final apotheosis of their longstanding desire to break up and conquer the world’s greatest commodities superpower.

It’s enough to make a righteous man weep.

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