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Gone full potato pancake

by | May 17, 2023 | Office Space | 2 comments

The term, “blin”, in Russian, means “pancake”. It is also synonymous with a mild Russian swear word that, more or less, translates as “dammit”, or “crap”. (As opposed to говно or черт, which translate much more closely to “shit”.) You can make блины with wheat-flour, as most people normally do – or with potato-flour, like Polish latkes. The Russian version is called драники (draniki), while the Ukrainian version is called деруни (deruny).

(Ukrainian sounds very much like very badly spoken drunken Russian, to anyone trained to listen to the original Russian language. Jus’ sayin’.)

Such cute eccentricities of the Russian language become rather more relevant when you realise that the Ukrainians have gone straight beyond full retard, right to potato, and beyond, with their latest idiotic announcements about shooting down Russian missiles.

The Ukrainians claimed yesterday they shot down 6 Russian hypersonic Kindzhal missiles, using nothing more than the good old PATRIOT PAC-3 systems defending Queef. Even for the epic lies that hohols tell the world and themselves, this one took real chutzpah.

This sort of nonsense was too much even for the Clown News Network, which dared to admit that US officials conceded “minimal damage” to a PATRIOT air defence battery (warning – reading CNN causes brain cancer):

The damage to a Patriot air defense system following a Russian missile attack near Kyiv on Tuesday morning is minimal, three US officials tell CNN, with one official describing it as “minor” damage.

The US sent inspectors to examine the system on Tuesday after being told by Ukrainian forces that the system appeared to have been damaged, one official said.

The system itself is still operational, the officials said, and the radar component of the Patriot, one of its most important elements, was not damaged. US officials do not believe the Patriot will need to be removed from the battlefield for repairs.

A complete Patriot battery has six major components: generators, a radar set, a control station, antennas, a launcher station and interceptor missiles. The components operate together to fire a Patriot missile and successfully guide it to its target.

Two components of the system were damaged, according to a US official familiar with the matter, but the system “was never offline” and remained functional throughout the attack, they said.

It’s not clear if it was damaged by an actual missile strike or falling debris. The Ukrainians said they successfully intercepted all six Russian Kinzhal missiles on Tuesday morning.

Yurii Ihnat, spokesman for Ukraine’s Air Force Command, has told Ukrainian TV that the US-made Patriot system could not be destroyed by a Kinzhal missile.

“Do not worry about the fate of the Patriot. From a technical point of view, Patriot is a … system,” he said, noting that it consisted of components that can be located at a distance from one another.

On Tuesday, a US official said the Patriot system was likely damaged, but not destroyed, as the result of a Russian missile barrage in and around Kyiv early Tuesday morning local time.

Let us just say this does nothing to improve my already extremely dim opinion of whorenalists – which might CHARITABLY be described as, “shoot the whole lot of them and let God sort ’em out”.

It takes real effort to be as stupid as a CNN presstitute – you actually have to have less than zero knowledge of physics. Consider the hard reality that the Kindzhal is an aeroballistic missile, which uses the supersonic MiG-31K high-speed interceptor as its launch platform. It flies largely unpowered for quite a bit, before firing off on a semi-ballistic trajectory and making impact at over Mach 9 – and comes STRAIGHT DOWN on top of its target.

This is a missile that hits its targets with a degree of force and power far beyond its putative size. it is undetectable by conventional radar arrays, because of the “plasma cloud” it creates in front of it – by simply and literally ripping the air molecules in front of it apart . That plasma barrier absorbs and scatters electromagnetic radiation, dramatically degrading the effectiveness of radar systems trying to detect it.

On top of that, the Kindzhal manoeuvres while it flies, and then comes down on top of its target with a VERY small measurement error. The Kindzhal has already proven its effectiveness repeatedly in the Banderastan War, wiping out training centres, logistics facilities, and underground bunkers with amazing ease.

When you realise what the PATRIOT PAC3 is up against, and you then realise that the PATRIOT system has very little ability to stop subsonic drones launched by Iranian-backed Yemeni Houthi rebels, you then understand just how huge the Ukrainian lies really are.

Here is the actual video of Ukraine launching something like 30 PATRIOT missiles up against what turned out to be decoy Russian missiles (warning – reading or watching The Daily Telegraph causes eye cancer and male-pattern baldness):

Again – WHY do we not chase down and shoot whorenalists in the streets?!?!

The truth of the matter is very different, and absolutely devastating for the US MIC:

On May 16 as part of a complex series of strikes on the Ukrainian capital Kiev the Russian Air Force employed the Kh-47M2 Kinzhal hypersonic ballistic missile to neutralise a unit from an American Patriot air defence system, destroying its a radar and a control centre and reportedly at least one of its launchers. According to Russian sources, the Ukrainian crew operating the Patriot were aware a strike was incoming, but had only a limited warning time due to the Kinzhal missile’s very high speed – limiting opportunities for the missile system to change position or reload. The Patriot system targeted was one of two delivered, with Germany and the United States having each supplied a single unit. The unit reportedly fired 32 surface to air missiles at the Kinzhal on approach, which at approximately $3 million each amounted to a $96 million barrage to attempt to destroy a missile with an estimated cost of under $2 million. The very high cost and limited number of the Patriot’s interceptors was a key argument for not sending the systems to Ukraine, with their effectiveness also having been brought to question not only due to the system’s highly troubled combat record, but also to the advanced capabilities of new Russian missiles such as the Kinzhal, Iskander and Zicron. These are considered nearly impossible to intercept particularly in their terminal stages. The delivery of Patriots was nevertheless seen as necessary due to the near collapse of Ukrainian air defences, as warnings have been given with growing frequency by both Western and Ukrainian sources that the arsenal of S-300 and BuK missile systems protecting the country has become critically depleted.

estruction of the Patriot systems comes less than a month after the first systems were delivered in April, and follows a warning in December from Russian President Vladimir Putin that the destruction of the systems was an absolute certainty should they be deployed in Ukraine. He assured that with Washington “now saying that they can put a Patriot [in Ukraine]. Okay, let them do it. We will crack the Patriot [like a nut] too, and something will need to be installed in its place, new systems need to be developed – this is a complex and lengthy process” – indicating that NATO had no newer generations of long range air defence systems available to replace the Patriot once its vulnerability was demonstrated. “Our adversaries proceed from the idea that this is supposedly a defensive weapon. All right, we’ll keep that in mind. And an antidote can always be found,” Putin added. The United States notably reassured Russia in December that Patriot systems would not be manned by American personnel, which was interpreted by some sources as an effective green light to proceed with strikes. With Ukrainian personnel expected to take until 2024 to learn to operate Patriots, they are thought to have been manned by contractors from NATO member states who are already acquainted with the systems. 

If you don’t believe me, that is perfectly fine – I am on record as strongly pro-Russian, and I make no secret of that fact. Brian Berletic, on the other hand, is avowedly neutral on this whole situation, so let’s listen to him:

Let us be very clear about this – as I have been saying for a year now, Ukraine is fighting a war of perception, while Russia is fighting a war of reality. We are now reaching the point where reality is kicking perception in the balls so hard, the Ukrainians are outright MAKING SHIT UP just to deal with the pain.

It’s just that simple.

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  1. Adam

    Oh, they’ve been making shit up for quite some time now.

  2. Gryphon

    It has been reported that some of the people who filmed and posted the Vids of the Patriot Battery being Destroyed have been rounded up by the Ukrop Stasi.

    “..their Father is the Father of Lies…” I wonder why (((zelenski))) Lies?


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