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Friday T&A: Powerfool Edition

by | May 26, 2023 | fat girl jihad | 1 comment

If the last 18 months have proven anything to us, it is the truth of Lord Acton’s observation that “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. There is no better demonstration of this than the Fake Administration’s absolutely mad gambles around the world. Their Feikh & Ghey tactics have brought the once-mighty American empire to the brink of collapse – indeed, I would argue we are well beyond that point, to where that imperial hegemon WILL disintegrate.

And, as far as I am concerned, so much the better. The sooner the American government collapses, the better off the entire world will be.

I do not write this lightly. I lived in the US for 12 mostly very happy years. Americans always treated me with dignity and decency, and I have no quarrel at all with them. Nor do I wish them ill, at all. I am simply pointing out what is observably and factually true.

And it is unquestionably true that America, as a nation, no longer exists. It has not existed for years, perhaps decades. There is no “America” anymore – no recognisable nation with a real people, language, culture, history, or faith. There is instead an increasingly fractured and fractious collection of squabbling and extremely mutually antagonistic non-White tribes, with Whites in the middle, trying to figure out in utter befuddlement what happened to “their” country.

In reality, no country persists or survives if its people are unwilling or unable to defend themselves. A people can only do that if they are honest with themselves about who and what they are, and where they come from. An empire that has become blind drunk with power, lies to itself and its people about who and what made it. In the process, the people lose track of their own national qualities – and fail to defend them.

The same thing happened to the Russians, back when they ruled over the USSR, another evil empire. They too became foolish and drunken with power, and lost sight of what made Russia a great nation in the first place. When the USSR collapsed, and the Cold War ended – America did not win it – they had to undergo 15 years of extreme hardship and soul-searching until their country finally rebounded.

Today, Russia is 70% ethnically Russian, having shed the non-Russian territories into the FSU nations. (All of whom, without exception, walked away with vast amounts of Russian wealth and resources, by the way – and this is true of no “nation” more than Ukraine, which took away colossal sections of the Russian industrial base, and proceeded forthwith to waste it all away.) The Russians have a singular culture, a single language, and exercise extreme vigilance over their borders.

They have rediscovered their Orthodox faith – and, unlike the West, have figured out, to some degree at least, how to deal with the Izzlamist heresy in their midst. Caucasian Muslims in Dagestan and Chechnya serve their Motherland proudly and loyally, and consider themselves Russian – not Dagestani, not Chechen, not Bashkiri, but Russian. The same is true of the Buddhist Buryats and Tuvans, the Altai, the Aleuts, and dozens of other tribes and nationalities throughout Russia.

The country assuredly has its problems – a great many of them – but lack of purpose, vision, and national pride are not among them.

More than anything else, though, the Russians have FINALLY, at long last, stopped feeling inferior to the West.

After the collapse of the USSR, the Russians, justifiably, felt their culture and achievements to be inferior. Relentless Western propaganda about the epic American “victory” in the Cold War reinforced this self-loathing tendency among Russians, who thought their own country somehow “lesser” and “weaker” than Europe.

The MUH SANKSHUNS!!! war of the past 18 months has conclusively disproved this notion in the Russian mind. They now understand, at long last, that Russia does not need Europe, or the US. They do not want, or need, Feikh & Ghey nonsense about how a man can become a woman, or how two men (or women) can “marry”, or about how boys and girls should be allowed to mutilate themselves permanently with surgery and drugs at an early age.

They rightly regard such things as ABOMINATION in the eyes of God, and they want nothing whatsoever to do with such madness.

And they see Europe and the US going all in, made foolish and mad with power, and regard themselves now as the rightful guardians of the Western Christian legacy.

In time, the Russians too will once again become drunk with power. That is inevitable. They will forget their roots as a great and free civilisation-country, and will succumb to the temptations of empire. They will misunderstand the lessons of history and lie to themselves. The cycle will begin again.

But, given their history, I rather doubt they will repeat the mistakes made by Americans, who, in a remarkably short time, have forgotten completely what it was that made America the greatest country on Earth. I say that without irony. I lived in America, even when it was clearly declining, and could see for myself what a great country it was – or, rather, had been.

Americans lie to themselves to an ASTOUNDING degree. They believe you can import people by their millions and have them settle there, and suddenly the Magic Dirt turns those foreigners into ‘Murkins – despite all evidence to the contrary. They believe this even as Vibrant and Diverse Foreigners committing crimes daily in their cities and towns.

Americans believe their military is the greatest, most powerful, most capable, and most battle-hardened in the world – despite the fact that America has LOST every single war it has fought since WWII, with ONE exception, and even that wasn’t much of an example, given the rather poor quality of the opposition. They believe this despite the harsh reality, pointed out by realists, that America couldn’t fight a real war against a real first-rate opponent like Russia or China for more than a month without running out of ammunition.

And Americans they believe they could win such a war while their military continues to bring in homosexuals, lesbians, trannies, and outright weirdos, while struggling to find normal and healthy people who could pass their basic fitness tests.

None of this should come as news. In Romans 1, the Apostle Paul laid out exactly what happens to a nation that turns away from the immutable law of God – He gives over those people to darkened minds and deranged passions. This is precisely what is happening to America – and it is judgement upon a nation that has completely LOST ITS DAMN MIND.

I return to what I wrote above: the sooner the American government collapses, THE BETTER.

Perhaps then, once the Americans have gone through the same kind of harrowing and brutal contact with reality that the Russians went through, we might once again see a proud and free set of American nations emerge – with people who defend their rights and liberties, instead of selling them down the river in exchange for lollipops and fancy pants.

And that’s about enough of that. Let us not deceive ourselves – nobody comes here to read the geopolitical lectures.

This week’s lovely lady is Nadezhda Kokoeva (Надежда Кокоева), a fitness model and influenza, as it were, age 30 from St. Petersburg, now based in the US and Dubai. She collaborates with the rather notorious Mavrin online magazine over there, along with a number of other Russian models who have graced these pages in the past.

Happy weekend all – and, to my American readers, I recommend taking a moment on the coming Memorial Day to remember what it was that made your country great, and how and why you managed to lose that.

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  1. furor kek tonicus ( when asked to choose between Ginger or MaryAnn, i always say, "Lovey". with a nickname like that, she obviously knows what she's doing )

    oh my.

    now that’s a woman who spends excessive amounts of time on exercise and diet. what is it, that last 10% of perfection is 90% of the cost? sheesh.


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