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Friday T&A: Polonium Edition

by | May 19, 2023 | fat girl jihad | 2 comments

The weekend is finally upon us, and much-needed it is, too. This week has been a busy one, at every level. Trying to keep up with events is approaching a futile exercise, almost, because things change so fast every day, particularly with respect to the Banderastan War, that it is enough to make your head spin like Linda Blair‘s character in The Exorcist.

(By the way, real exorcists will tell you that quite a lot of what is in that movie, is realistic – but much of it is pure fiction. Malarkey, even. Exorcisms do not happen in a lonely and God-forsaken house at the end of a darkened street. Daemons cannot read your thoughts and your mind. They cannot jump from one person into another without God’s EXPLICIT permission. And their power, terrifying though it is, has absolute limits, imposed by the Big Fella Upstairs and NO ONE ELSE. The other stuff, though – the levitating, vomiting, bodily contortions, freezing temperatures, horrendous smells, impossible levels of physical strength, and exceptionally sharp perceptions of the individual weaknesses and sins of the priests and laypeople conducting the rite – all of that is QUITE true to life.)

Speaking of exorcisms, let us come to the country that actually needs one, rather than a mere war. And that country is, of course, Banderastan.

Ukraine is approaching the point of collapse, at about 500Kph. Russian air strikes have crippled the logistics and operations centres the Banderites expected to use for their Khreat Khokholite Khumvee Khounteroffensive, which was supposed to khommence… well, sometime within the past two weeks, actually. It never did, because the Russians have bombed the khokhol army into paralysis and smashed Ukraine’s equipment and ammunition stores to pieces.

The fact is that Ukraine’s trajectory is very similar to that of Nazi Germany in what Russians call the Great Patriotic War. It is uncanny how closely the two sets of events parallel each other. The Ukronazis, who revere the symbolism and ideology of esoteric Fascism, are circling the drain just as Nazi Germany was in 1944 – and they are dying in COLOSSAL numbers, by the standards of modern warfare, in the slaughter-pens of the Donbass.

Yet, instead of learning from these failures and backing off on helping a clearly failing nation, the collective West seems to be QUADRUPLING DOWN on stupid and going full throttle.

It looks as though the USSA will shortly green-light handing over F-16s to the Banderites. It will make about as much difference as a bucket of spit – the F-16 was an outstanding fighter for its day, but when put up against Russian S-400 integrated and layered air defence systems, and Su-35S and Su-57 air superiority fighters armed with R-37M hypersonic AAMs with ranges in excess of 300Km, the Ukrainians might as well fly Sopwith Camels into combat.

Every single Western nation pouring arms and money and, in many cases, men into the cauldron of Banderastan, is guilty of the same kind of idiocy that led the Banderites to commit to an unwinnable war against Russia.

No nation in Europe is more guilty of this than Poland. And it is to the Poles that I want to address what remains below.

This site has a number of Polish readers. I know this because I can see the analytics, and at least one of them has contacted me repeatedly with requests and information. I like the Poles, personally, as a nation. Until about 2022, they seemed to be a sensible bunch with respect to immigration and globalisation. They seemed to have their heads screwed on straight.

Then the Banderastan War started, and the entire Polish establishment ran straight past full retard and on to total POTATO.

The Polish leaders of the Law & Justice Party (PiS) seem to be perfectly happy to use Poland as a staging ground for every kind of Western insanity in Ukraine. Whether that means arms and munitions, or logistics and repair centres, or training centres for Ukrainian troops, there seems to be no level of idiocy the Poles will not stoop to, so that they can take out some sort of “vengeance” on the Russians.

Their government seems to be dead set on provoking Russia into conflict, by depriving the Russian Embassy of access to funds in Polish banks, and by blocking the Russian Ambassador from laying flowers at the monuments to the Soviet soldiers who died in their thousands to liberate Poland during WWII.

At the risk of (greatly) angering the Poles who read this site, let me ask you:

To whom do you think you owe your freedom from Nazi rule? The West? Don’t be stupid. It was the SOVIETS who freed you.

I am not at all blind to what the USSR did to Poland. They suppressed and oppressed the Polish people. They utterly crushed the uprising in Poznan in 1956. The Polish and Russian people have a long history of mutual antagonism going back over 500 years – asking Poles to put that to one side is not going to happen overnight.

Yet, I can say this, having lived in Russia – the Russians themselves bear little, if any, personal animus against Poles. They see you lot as essentially tools and pawns of the West, but they do not hold that against individual Poles, or against Polish culture and people – if Russians consider Ukrainians to be essentially a brother or sister people, they consider Poles to be effectively Slavic cousins.

Despite this, Poland insists on antagonising a country far larger and more powerful than itself, and seems to have aspirations of becoming the next great military power of Europe. I wonder if any of you lot have thought through what that means? Do you understand and realise that, if you try to take on Russia, the ONLY hope you have is if you drag all of NATO to war with you?

And do you really think you can pull this off, when your army is in desperate need of modernisation and can barely muster 300,000 men under arms, while the Russians have already destroyed MORE than that number of Ukrainians, equipped and trained by NATO over 9 years?

Do you honestly believe you can do that when you are dealing with crippling 20% inflation rates in Poland itself, and when a jar of mayonnaise costs PLN 18, but the average weekly salary is somewhere around PLN 1,500-2,500, depending on region and job?

You’d have to be literally DELUDED to think that you can replace Russian oil and gas with imports from the USSA that cost between 4 and 10 times as much, and still remain competitive on the global stage. Worse, your own government is now embracing OVERTLY NAZI policies, imported straight from Banderastan itself. Your country and people are sending money to Ukraine to support ACTUAL Nazis – not a bunch of skinhead idiots who throw Roman salutes at underground White trashionalist concerts and get drunk on shitty beer, but REAL Nazis, the kind that genuinely believe Jews (and other “untermenschen“) should be exterminated.

Did y’all learn nothing from the horrors of the Warsaw Uprising and Auschwitz?

Because, basically, Poland is becoming Banderastan 2.0.

It is quite sad, actually. All those hilariously offensive “Dumb Polack” jokes that we used to learn as kids – well, when I was a kid, anyway, I don’t know what it is like nowadays in the ultra-woke environment of most Western schools – used to be funny because they were too ridiculous to be true. Nowadays, though, I’m not so sure.

There is still time to pull Poland back from the abyss. There are still plenty of sensible Poles out there, like Ania Konieczek – she actually took the time and effort to go to Russia, twice, and quickly realised it is a land of immense goodness and decency, of patriotism and pride, and of normalcy relative to the completely insane Clown World shitshow of the West.

But far too many Poles seem to believe whatever nonsense their politicians tell them. Dumbocracy inaction means they will inevitably vote for MORE European integration, straight up the backside, and it will result in the collapse and destruction of Poland.

All I will say in conclusion here is: Poland fought against Russia several times before. The Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth even occupied Moscow, for 2 years in the early 17th Century.

Y’all remember how those wars turned out?!?

Do you really want to see that happen to your country again? Do you really want to see Russian T-90Ms parked in the centre of Warsaw? Because that is precisely where you lot are heading.

If you DO want that, of course, then by all means, keep doing what you are doing. If not, for God’s sake, back off before it is too late. Going to war against Russia in its own backyard is a kind of stupid that makes Polish jokes tragically unironic in the extreme.

And that’s about enough of politics for today. That is not actually the point of today’s post, after all.

This week’s lovely lady is Wiktoria Dolinska, age 26 from Poland – rather appropriately, given the points above. She seems to be a fitness model and a TikTokist, whatever that means. On the plus side, though, she seems to really like guns and motorcycles, which are points very strongly in her favour.

Have a great weekend, lads, let’s see what the coming days bring.

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