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Become glorious Russian hacker!!!

by | May 19, 2023 | Office Space | 3 comments

Many people in the West – a surprising number, given it has been more than 30 years since the Cold War ended – still believe Russians to be a dour, gruff, humourless bunch. Of course, anyone who spends more than 5 minutes around real Russians will tell you this is utter nonsense. In fact, they have a rather dry and actually quite fatalistic wit.

There is one area of humour in which Russians absolutely EXCEL, though – trolling.

About a month ago, the CIA tried trolling the Russian Embassy, and more broadly, the Russian government, by posting up recruitment ads encouraging dissident Russians to become spies for America (warning – Clown News Network video, watching CNN may result in testicular cancer for BOTH sexes):

The entire non-Western world promptly collapsed into fits of hysterical laughter at the sheer idiocy and incomprehension of the CIA’s advert, because it is very clear the so-called Central INTELLIGENCE Agency has not got THE FIRST CLUE what life is really like in modern Russia.

Today’s Russia is not the Soviet Union, not anymore. It is in fact a very good place to live, especially in and around Moscow, St. Petersburg, Voronezh, and some of the other bigger Russian cities. Salaries are low, yes, but overall, the cost of living is also pretty low. Things are amazingly normal in Russia – you do not get mass shootings, gay pride parades, BLM riots, bums shitting and peeing in the streets, and endless attacks by packs of wild yoots in the streets on innocent bystanders.

The Russians, being a highly literate people with an active sense of humour, immediately responded to this nonsense with a much better advert of their own:

Honestly, given the spectacular failures of American unintelligence over the past few months, particularly with respect to their supposedly “secure” files, they might want to invest more money in better procedures and systems, and less in pointless and stupid internet ads that try to paint Russia as some sort of dyscivic repressive hellhole.

As with most such things, in reality, it is all projection. The West is becoming what Russia WAS back in the 1980s. Russia is becoming what the West was supposed to be. The sooner all of Clown World simply collapses outright, the better off ALL of us will be.

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  1. furor kek tonicus ( of course the Derp State people telling you that men can get pregnant are claiming that Russia bombed Nordstream )

    frankly, i’m not sure the Soviet Union was ever as evil as the current year US federal government, at least for my life time. they were still suppressing churches in 70s but they had given up the Holodomor and Cheka killing basements for the most part.
    whereas we are pretty much using our public schools to indoctrinate our children into overt Satanism at this point.

    • Didact

      I agree. The Fall of the USSR, and Russia’s subsequent trajectory, proved that a country can survive socialism – it can even survive Communism, and recover into a capable and thriving Christian society. But a society CANNOT survive mass migration alongside socialism – and that is where the USSA is today. It is the new Evil Empire, thanks in no small part to the very members of the (((Tribe))) that fled the USSR and emigrated to the US.

      • JohnC911

        You are right about mass migration. It is going to cause problems for the countries of the West for at the very lest a century, if not more. That is probably the point. The current rulers and elites of the West hate Europeans, hate Christianity and hate greco-roman philosophy and legacy.

        The Soviet did mass immigration or population transfers that have lasting impact. Much of Germany and Poland land population was force to transfer after WW2. Many Russians were force to move to Estonia Latvia and Lithuania, while many of these Baltic population (about 124,000 in Estonia, 136,000 in Latvia and 245,000 in Lithuania) were force to Siberia (some not surviving).


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