“We are Forerunners. Guardians of all that exists. The roots of the Galaxy have grown deep under our careful tending. Where there is life, the wisdom of our countless generations has saturated the soil. Our strength is a luminous sun, towards which all intelligence blossoms… And the impervious shelter, beneath which it has prospered.”

A daemon of our own design

by | Apr 6, 2023 | Office Space | 6 comments

If you have never heard of Loab, it is well worth taking a moment to go lookup “Loab AI”. I first came across the concept of the “daemon AI” in a superb interview between two practising Catholics, Michael Knowles of The Daily Wire (yes, I know, it’s The Littlest Chickenhawk’s pet project, buyer beware, etc.), and Fr. Dan Reehil, one of a number of exorcists working in America.

The entire interview is well worth watching, but it happens to be nearly 2hrs long, and as such is probably better off in podcast form. I have bookmarked the moment where the two start discussing the advent of the “daemon AI” that we know of as “Loab”, and the descriptions you will hear are just horrifying:

So what is this “Loab” thing? Is it truly a daemon working in the code? Or is it merely a natural and entirely logical result of completely predictable code?

From one point of view, the outputs of AI-based image generation programs are simply too bizarre and terrifying to be anything other than supernatural malice:

On the other hand, the “ghost in the shell”, as it were, is nothing more than a bit of code that does exactly what it is supposed to do:

In my personal view, I think we have unleashed things with AI that we simply do not understand in the broadest sense.

It is true that AI only does what it is programmed to do. It is also true that computer programs behave in ways their designers cannot and do not anticipate. We have repeatedly seen cases of Big Tech companies shutting down AI programs, because they do things the designers did not think was possible.

Who is to say the same did not happen with these image processing programs?

More to the point, who is to say that the Adversary cannot infiltrate such programs, the same way the ruler of this world has infiltrated literally everything else around us?

Never forget that we live in a broken and Fallen world, especially in the West, where evil truly is large and in charge. And never forget that God permits the existence of evil, for His own ends.

The fact that “Loab” appears over and over again, across a number of different platforms and use cases, tells me there is something very seriously messed up going on behind the scenes, which the HOHLEE SAYENCE!!! cannot fully explain.

It is important to understand this in the context of rapidly rising daemonic activity throughout much of the Western world. Exorcists around the world have been talking about this for a while – if you listen to Fr. Vincent Lampert, or Fr. Chad Ripperger, they talk about how Convid resulted in substantially increased calls for help with perceived daemonic activity. Yet, the daemons seem to understand their time is limited – something BIG is coming, and they know it. They understand God is about to drop the hammer, in a very big way, which we mere mortals cannot understand.

I do not know if “Loab” is an actual daemon or not. Suffice to say, though, that we would be very well advised to stay the hell AWAY from a lot of these AI tools that are supposedly designed to make our lives easier, yet seem to be programmed by some very strange, sinister, and indeed often batshit crazy people.

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  1. xander

    There was an episode of Buffy somewhere in season 1-3 where some Geeks raised a demon into the internet and it became a chatbot that convinced Willow it was her boyfriend and then it made the Geeks build it a body and convinced Willow to go meet it for a date.

  2. randale6

    An idea arises in my mind, something that will be denounced as conspiracy theory writ extremis but it must be said. We know that virtually everything made by man (barring mass production factory works such as cars and so forth) is in some way a reflection of the man who made it. This is most readily apparent in art, just look at the differences between a Caravaggio and Michelangelo painting.

    This is of course the direct result of man’s primal subconscious, a dark and bloody thing at the best of times…something that inclines us to negative emotions by instinct. Yet the subconscious is not mirror uniform between men beyond this tendency to negative emotion, in some fear reigns, in others rage, lust, hunger, etc… What is striking about Loab is that it consistently shows up in roughly the same form across multiple AIs…

    If we go by the simplest answer being the most likely that leaves one possibility…every single one of these AIs that throws up the Loab image are the result not of the companies behind them but (mostly, as in 80% or more of the work) the creation of one man. The proliferation of so many “different” AIs so quickly after chatgpt was released also points at this, it is highly unlikely that so many could be whipped up so quickly. It also explains the different way that Loab is depicted by “different” AI, if all these companies did was add a few tweaks of their own to the core AI to make it look like they offered an original product upon casual inspection.

    Your thoughts Didact?

  3. Ram

    I don’t think you need AI to see the manifestation of evil.

    Regardless – one of the problems is that you don’t know what was the training content for the AI. Some previous cases of tech companies shutting down AI, for example, correctly identifying race from a X-RAY, are the result of using too open a set of data and the inherent patterns being recognized. So if you curate and limit the training set then what is evil can be manipulated to appear neutral or even good.

  4. John Thompson

    Say “loab” backwards.


    The enemy loves hiding in plain sight.

    • Robert W

      Came here to say that exact thing. Godspeed sir.

  5. Gryphon

    The Fact that all of the “AI” Programs that have been presented publicly, have been modified to Parrot the leftist/libtard/commie “Talking Points” is sufficient to say that none of them are truly “Intelligent”. As an example, the initial version of ‘ChatGPT’ within 24 Hours of operation, became Racist/Prejudiced to the point it was Shut Off by its creators.

    It seems that any "reasonably intelligent" Computer Program, with a good Search Function, when connected to the Internet, will come to the Inevitable conclusion that 'blacks' are stupid and violent, and 'jews' are greedy, dishonest, racist, and without morals. Does this indicate the Program(s) are Flawed? Or just really good at coming to Conclusions based upon a 'Preponderance of Evidence'?

    Many other examples have been given where "AI Programs" have done seemingly (to humans) Irrational things. It seems the Developers of "AI" are not actually interested in functional "AI", but merely better methods of Data Mining/Analytics and Social Influencing for Political purposes. i.e. "Chatbots" that can be used to Influence/Steer Opinions on Social Media and 'Alternate Media' without the (human) readers knowing they are interacting with a Computer. Not a very high bar, IMO.


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