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The proper handling and storage of garden tools

by | Mar 17, 2023 | Masculinity | 4 comments

For anyone who has been paying attention, the past decade has been a true disaster in the West for dating and marriage. Men complain good women are nigh-on impossible to find, and either quit the Sexual and Marriage Market Places altogether, or go abroad to Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Southeast Asia in search of better options. Women complain all men are trash, or f-boys, or simps, and whine endlessly about myths like “male privilege”.

No matter how you look at it, the situation is a catastrophe. Marriage and birth rates are plummeting at precisely the moment in time when Western civilisation is at a crisis point. We live in Clown World, where men and women no longer exist as real, well-defined genders – instead, you can choose to be whatever you want, in direct contravention of the laws of biology and of common sense.

This insanity is happening right when men and women need to remove heads from sphincters and confront the extremely painful reality that the next few years – perhaps the next few decades – will be filled with extreme hardship.

Ahead of us lie war, famine, plague, and death. Behind us is the wreckage of a civilisation too weak, cowardly, stupid, and degenerate to preserve itself.

In such times, we must take a moment to reflect and take note of the lessons learned. We have not yet toppled completely over into the abyss – the West’s banking systems have not completely collapsed, the governments still retain some measure of power and authority, and things today seem more or less like they were yesterday.

But all of that is something of an illusion. Tremendous tectonic shifts in geopolitical power are taking place beneath our very feet, which we cannot and must not ignore. The West’s power and authority is breaking before our eyes. If we are to confront the new realities of the world head-on, we must first take stock of what has happened.

So, with respect to the crises of masculinity and femininity, the real question is – which side bears actual responsibility for the problem?

The answer, from a Christian perspective, is straightforward:


It is our fault that our women are as utterly deranged and damaged as they have become. This is as true today as it was in the Garden of Eden. True, it was Eve who succumbed to temptation and ate of the forbidden fruit – but it was Adam who, out of fear of being alone and love for his wife, followed her, and thereby cursed all of Mankind.

Could Adam have voided this fate? I do not know – and we will never know. But just because Adam could not stand up to a woman, that does not necessarily doom you to repeat his fate.

If we want to return to a traditional, patriarchal, moral society dominated by those good old-fashioned Christian virtues – an admirable aim in and of itself – then we must demand higher standards of ourselves, and of our women. And that starts with having the discernment to put garden tools – hoes – exactly where they belong: in the shed, out of sight, ignored until needed.

There are positive signs this is already happening. Adult film stars have long found it difficult to find love and respect from men, and with good reason – but, over the past decade, many of them could get away with complaining about their situations to anyone who would listen.

And plenty of thirsty men would listen and be willing to pay them good money for their, uh, products.

Yet, there are hopeful and positive signs this is going away:

She is not the only one. Look at what happened with one of the most infamous adult film actresses with one of her ex-boyfriends:

And then there is adult film “actress” Mia Malkova, who was surprised that her ex-husband refused to be intimate with her – even though he worked in exactly the same industry.

Western women today are brainwashed into believing all sorts of nonsense. They believe a man can become a woman, that a woman’s N-count should not matter, that women are beautiful at every age and every weight, and that there really are 300 different genders.

It is all nonsense and madness – but our women are falling for it, because they are the weaker vessels and because they give in more easily to temptation. They will not straighten themselves out, until and unless we, as men, hold them to a much higher standard and demand they accept it.

Doing so requires us to hold ourselves to a higher standard. And that, in turn, means putting hoes where they belong.

Which is exactly what a good number of young, successful, capable men are doing. And TEH INNARWEBZ is noticing:

This is all very much to the good. But, keep in mind, these are not necessarily Christians (though Chase in that first video above might be).

What are we, as Christians, do to in the face of crazy and inadequate modern women?

In the first place – do not date them. Do not sully yourself with their company. Do not bother wasting your time or resources upon them.

That means no simping, at all. No OnlySimps subscriptions, no likes for Instathots on social media to validate their inflated egos, and definitely no fancy dinner dates for women who just want to use you.

It means going back to the basics, and demanding that any woman who interests you, prove her worth. It is not your job to fix her – rather, it is her job to prove she is worthy of your time and resources. Never forget that women are the gatekeepers of sex, reproduction, and childbirth – but men are the gatekeepers of commitment, resources, and fidelity.

Be aware that running away abroad will not necessarily improve your odds of finding a good woman to date and marry. Foreign women come with baggage of their own. Latin American women have NASTY tempers. Eastern European women are ferociously demanding and can become huge resource- and time-sinks. Southeast Asian women bring with them their entire family as extra baggage – if you take care of her, you take care of her whole family, too.

If you are prepared to deal with these issues, then good luck and Godspeed to you, but I can assure you from long and sometimes painful experience with dating Eastern Europeans, it can be extremely difficult to manage such relationships.

With respect to Western women – they will not improve until we demand better of them. And that will not happen until we demand more of ourselves as men.

That means going right back to the basics. Everything else is just noise.

The “get ripped, get rich, get laid” philosophy of one part of the Manosphere is sort of a start, but from a Christian perspective, it is a spiritual and psychological dead end. (Actually, it is considerably worse than that – the last bit of that mantra is the road to damnation.) The black-pilled “check out completely and let the world burn” philosophy of the MGTOW/MRA crowd is simple surrender.

Instead, focus on building a connection with God. Focus on what HE wants for you, not on what you want for yourself. Fix yourself only on what is Good, Beautiful, and True – the rest will eventually take care of itself.

Do not be in a hurry to settle down or get married. It is true that, the younger you do it, the better, but these days, far too many of us are too starved for masculine role models, and God needs to beat far too much of the STUPID out of us first, before we can fulfil His law and His template for patriarchal masculinity.

Let Him beat you up first. It is immensely painful – but, trust me, it’s worth the cost. When you emerge from the forge of God, as the spiritually tempered blade He needs you to be, then you will be ready for what awaits.

We are all in for times of severe testing. The superficial women – the hoes – will not survive it intact. Neither will the simps. Do not support or help either of them. Instead, support and help the men who truly need it – the ones struggling to find themselves, the ones trying desperately to understand what it means to be a man.

Show them what it means both to be a good man, and what it means to be good at BEING a man. The rest will follow in due course.

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  1. randale6@protonmail.com

    Better the challenges of foreign women than the reformation of occidentalis whorus (pardon my pig latin). Such a task requires a miracle worker… perhaps literally. I vote for the southeast asian and latin girls, Natasha alas becomes babushka in record time…and her demands will not cease with her beauty. I will also tip my hat to the arab women of the levant and to the persians (and their circassian cousins), if you can tolerate their various religions they could be worth it.

    • Didact

      Better the challenges of foreign women than the reformation of occidentalis whorus (pardon my pig latin).

      I don’t disagree. I’m just saying, it is not as easy as men think it is.

      I will also tip my hat to the arab women of the levant and to the persians (and their circassian cousins), if you can tolerate their various religions they could be worth it.

      You have no choice when it comes to Izzlam. Muzzies are not allowed, by their own religious standards, to marry anyone outside of their own faith – and if they do, they commit apostasy, which is a death sentence. So either you convert to their bonkers Fake Religion, or you go without.

      Personally, I do not find Arab women attractive, but that’s me. Persian women, on the other hand, can be gorgeous.

      • randale6@protonmail.com

        Even if the path is not easy, it it still better than the alternative…and nothing of worth was bought without price.

        Note I said religions…you can find Christian and Jewish women there as well ( why you would want a Shiska I have no idea). Although the Christians are pretty much being exterminated by the other two. As for Arab beauty I think the levant girls to be more attractive than their Egyptian and gulf Arab relatives…but the levant girls have a decent amount of crusader and colonial blood in their veins. Plus they don’t suffer from the inbreeding that the gulf Arabs are infamous for.

  2. furor kek tonicus ( Hated by Heterophobes )

    notice how many of these are blaring air raid sirens about their Cluster B neural deviancies.
    in the 3rd vid, the “christian” Only-Fan whore actually says that if her child were to commit suicide due to bullying at school because the classmates found her porn that SHE was the one being oppressed. this isn’t Narcissism dialed to 11, it’s been rocket boosted over 9000.
    there isn’t zero concern about anyone else in her life, there is Negative concern for others. ie – everyone else is required to endure ANY AND EVERY consequence of her life choices, with the only concern being to shield her from the obvious negative consequences that anyone could see coming a mile away. and quite a few of the other bimbos on the panel are as bad as she is.
    also notice the constant over-talking. numerous times, the women are even doing it to each other. they know perfectly well that no one can make out what they’re saying. the object is Social Dominance via shutting out the person saying the thing they know is True. to exclude them and minimize them socially.


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