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Friday T&A: De Facto the Matter Edition

by | Mar 24, 2023 | fat girl jihad | 2 comments

This past week has seen earthshaking changes, the likes of which only come along once or twice a century. I do not exaggerate when I state that we are witnessing the collapse and rise of entire empires before our eyes. That is the magnitude and import of the summit meeting that took place earlier this week between the Neo-Tsar of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and the New Huangdi (basically, “mandarin”, or “Emperor”) of China, Xi Jinping, which has turned a de facto alliance into very nearly a de jure one.

The two-day summit between the two great Eurasian powers started on March 20th – and they did not pick that date by mistake. It marked the 20th anniversary of the launch of the damned fool Syracuse Expedition by the American Empire into Iraq. That in and of itself was a very clear signal to the USSA, the EUSSR, and their various satrapies and vassal states. It said: “we will remind you of your mistakes, and we will not repeat them”.

Beyond that, the discussions in Moscow sparked nothing less than full-blown hysteria in the West, with contradictory claims flung from one day to the next. Before the visit, the jackals and hyenas among the Western presstitute corps cackled gleefully about how Russia had been reduced to begging China for weapons – and after the conference, those same Tabaquis chortled about how China had refused to give Russia any weapons.

Never mind that there was not even a shred of evidence the Chinese have ever even considered giving the Russians weapons of any kind, or that Russia has shown no sign whatsoever of running out of ANYTHING during its war against the combined might of all of NATO. The whorenalists failed completely to understand the true impact of the meeting.

China and Russia are in the midst of a strategic and economic envelopment of the entire combined West. You can see the signs of this emerging every single day. In just the past week alone, Iran and Saudi Arabia reestablished diplomatic relations – with Chinese help. Then, Egypt restored diplomatic relations with Turkiye. And, astonishingly, Syria reestablished relations with the Saudis.

On top of that, Indonesia announced the need to move away from VISA and MasterCard for its payment systems, multiple African nations announced their willingness and keen interest in doing business with both Russia and China, and Brazil’s (possibly fraudulent) old-new President mentioned his intention to travel to China for a five-day visit.

All of this, combined with the worsening and rapidly intensifying banking crisis in the US and Europe, speaks to a Western empire in a state of rapid and irreversible collapse.

None of us can know exactly when the American empire will collapse, exactly. But there is no doubt or question any longer as to where the trends are going. The “liberal democratic rules-based international order” is falling and failing – and about bloody time, too.

How many of you want to be part of a world order that glorifies homosexual “marriage”, paedophilia, endless war, economic rapine and pillaging, financialisation, the outright destruction of the middle class, and the total demolition of Christian values? I sure as hell don’t, and I live in the West.

None of us want to die for GloboHomoPaedoSatanry. None of us are remotely interested in risking our lives and futures so that Ukrainian neo-Nazis can celebrate the glories of buttsecks.

The Eurasian powers are assuredly not democratic. I rather fail to see why this is a bad thing. My opinions on dumbocracy are well known by this point – I regard it as the most moronic of all systems of government, the most absurd of lies. At least with oligarchies, you know who is screwing you – but with dumbocracy, you have to pretend that the total destruction of your freedom and livelihood, is a matter of popular will.

All of it is Feikh & Ghey, and I for one am very glad that its time is rapidly drawing to a close.

No one knows what the Eurasian Century will hold. Signs so far indicate it will be one of considerable upheaval, difficulty, and pain – but, it will also involve immense opportunity. The Eurasian powers are far less warlike and rapacious than the Western ones have been in the past. As I have stated many times, the Chinese are a low-trust bunch, and are easily the most racist people I have ever met. They are also primarily interested in trade and business – they will screw you HARD, but they will not invade your country and steal everything you have at gunpoint.

As for the Russians – they primarily simply wish to be left the hell ALONE. As a deep introvert that actively dislikes most people, I thoroughly sympathise. They have their own history, their own culture, and they want to enjoy those things in a vast and sparsely populated country.

What will happen to the rest of the West? I do not know. But I will say that America will remain a relevant power – for as long as it stays united, which I suspect will not be very long. I expect Europe will become an economic backwater, given it has castrated itself so thoroughly by rejecting cheap and plentiful Russian energy supplies, and has opted instead for expensive and unreliable American ones.

Whatever happens, be under no illusions – all of this is happening for a reason. The signs are coming together, and events are moving rapidly toward a culminating point. Even the daemonic realm senses this – exorcists who speak of such things, tell us that daemons themselves sense their time is coming.

None of us knows the time or the hour. But it is coming – of this, I am certain.

And that is enough such seriousness for now. Let us get to the real reason why you are here.

This week’s lovely lady is Polina Malinovskaya (Полина Малиновская), age 24, originally from the small town of Slonim, Belarus. She is actually of mixed heritage, with an Italian father and a Russian (well, Belorussian) mother. This makes her a hybrid, so it is rather just as well that her parents didn’t call her “Prius”, or whatever the Eyetie/Russian equivalent is.

Now, as Longtime Readers know full well, around here, we think very highly of Russians and Eyeties. So when you come across someone who is a bit of both, well, that is impressive. Apparently, she lives in Italy and makes a living as a really-for-real model (whatever that means).

Happy Friday all. Enjoy your weekends, rest up, and prepare for what lies ahead.

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  1. furor kek tonicus ( US has just as much reason to be in Syria as Russia has to be in Ukraine )

    Paulina’s account is showing as private for me. maybe i suxors at the interwebs.

    • Didact

      Yeah, looks like there was something wrong with the Instagram embedding process. I unforked it and put the images in directly, but it’s definitely annoying.


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