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Rise and take command

by | Dec 22, 2022 | The Agoge | 0 comments

Brothers, as I said in my daily message to my Telegram followers recently, we are in for very, very difficult times ahead. Western political leadership has jumped straight off the Crazy Cliff, and we now face a situation where the people who claim to be “leaders”, are in fact completely and totally bugshit NUTS.

We are days away from Christmas – the time of greatest hope for us as Christians, the symbol of God’s everlasting love for us and His eternal covenant with us. On that day, Our Lord came to Earth in human form, humbled Himself to become one of us, to live as a man and to show us all a way out of the evil that confronts us.

Though Christmas is a day of hope for all of us, it also serves to remind us what we are up against – and why God had to intervene the way He did.

Our enemies are extremely numerous, and extremely powerful. They have sold their souls to the Devil, and they do not care in the slightest how much or how badly ordinary people suffer – as far as they are concerned, they have what they want. For them, food, heat, electricity, water, and other basic necessities of life are non-issues. Inflation only affects other people, the little ants who toil away every day to sustain their own lives.

In other words, you and me. That is precisely how they think of us – like little worker ants who exist only to keep them fed and watered, while they create ever more miserable conditions that drive us deeper into despair and squalor.

None of this should come as a surprise. We must always keep in mind that the objective of the Evil One is not to win the Great War – he has already lost it, and he knows that fact. His objective is instead simply to maximise collateral damage, and to take as many poor benighted souls with him as he possibly can.

Don’t let your soul be one of them.

In these darkening times of ever-increasing evil, do not permit your soul to succumb to despair. The struggles to feed your family, heat your homes, keep up with runaway inflation in a world of utter lies about the numbers, and simply survive, are all real – no one argues about this. The temptation to give in is overwhelming. Submit to their authority, take your not-vaxx clot-shots, eat your damn bugs, shut up, never question, never argue, just get on with being one of the “useless eaters” that they believe exist only to produce and consume and therefore can be safely killed off.

That does not have to be you, if you choose otherwise.

Do whatever it takes to protect your family from this evil. That starts by cutting out what you don’t need. And if you actually examine your life, you will quickly realise that you have a lot of clutter in your life that you do not actually need. You just want it. There is a huge difference. Ruthlessly weed out that which you do not strictly need, and then start looking at ways to downsize further and check out from their plan for you.

Move to the countryside. Learn how to grow your own food if you can. For those who are able, take up virtual work that does not require you to be in an office – including as a side gig, wherever possible.

All of these things are hardships and tests. Be in no doubt, these things are highly unpleasant. They are also necessary.

We are all, to a man (and woman) being tested HARD. We are being subjected to a tempering and forging, designed specifically to expose and burn out our flaws, to test whether we are worthy for use in a true spiritual war. This is as it must be – God can do whatever He pleases to destroy evil, but when the time for the final war comes, He will call every last sharp sword to His side. And, in fact, they will be outnumbered. BADLY.

But those sharp swords will still win.

So rise up and take command of your life. Do not sit and wait for the inevitable crash and collapse of the West to happen. Your family is your first priority – marry your women, pump them full of lots of babies, raise them up to be strong and worthy sons and daughters, and civilise them in the ways of righteous men and feminine women. Be as independent as you can be – as you can stand to be, for not every man actually wants to be fully independent.

You actually have plenty of options before you. One of those options is to sit and do nothing. Another is to take charge of your life and do what is necessary to protect those whom you love and care for.

Above all – act to keep your swords sharp and your garments clean. The Lord will need you and yours soon enough.

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