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On behalf of our resident Badger

by | Dec 10, 2022 | Announcements | 6 comments

LRFotS Dire Badger is a chap with whom many of us are familiar. He’s been a regular at both this site and its predecessor, the old Didact’s Reach blog, for many years. Though he rarely comments nowadays, he always has something interesting to say. He wrote to me recently about his own side projects as an author, and I am more than happy to advertise those projects for him. His latest work is called The Chronicles of Alandia, and it is up and free to read right here.

In his own words:

My wife and I have just finished collaborating on a new book, and are hard at work on the second one…

We have it on Royal Road currently… The genre is fantasy/litRPG with a bit of a scifi twist. About a guy that gets stuck in a kobold’s body on a fantasy world that is being used as a fake MMO.

I try to keep the politics low key, but he is definitely Christian and a firm believer that hard work and sacrifice are required to become a worthwhile person…

I dunno if you know litrpg, but in the genre, there is a definite MMO-style game system. In this case, however, the game system is the ENEMY, which was a fun twist.

Currently it is free to read, and the link is ongoing (like webfiction) and currently covers book 1 and part of book 2 (The Troglodyte Acolyte).

After I start book 3 (A Murderhobo’s apprentice) I am pulling down book 1 and sending it to Kindle Unlimited.

I have read a few pages of it and can heartily endorse and recommend it to you. Please go check out DB’s work at that link above, and please take a look at his other works as well.

I should say that I have more than a passing interest in this subject. Some of you may remember that DB had some health problems not that long ago. He wrote in the comments asking for prayers and good thoughts – and the Didactic Mind Ecumene responded.

More than that, DB has said in the past that my Monday posts – those epically epic smorgasbords of epicness, which take A LOT of time and effort to put together – helped him focus on exercising and lifting. His own wife wrote in to tell me what that did:

I want to say thank you for two things. The first is for driving him weekly to work out which we think saved him from his heart attack, and the second one is this article.

Check out the last message he put up.

It’s all your fault 🙂 That’s when he started writing, and then sucked me into it, and then our kids got involved 😛

That is the kind of comment that makes all of this shitposting worthwhile, believe me. I don’t do this stuff for anyone but myself, but it is deeply gratifying and very humbling to see that you guys actually get something out of what I do. I don’t think I would be able to keep writing and posting at the same frequency and quality (or lack thereof – you be the judge) if it were not for the support, commentary, and involvement of the community.

So, many thanks indeed to Dire Badger for writing in, taking the time to put thoughts to paper (as it were), and writing his book. Please do check out his work – his other books are available at Royal Road – and show your support by buying them outright.

Oh, and apparently, his neighbour is a musician, too – a pretty good one, at that:

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  1. Dire Badger

    Err, not sure about the other book.
    I mean, I think it’s awesome, but there are some pretty… descriptive scenes in there… We are an old married couple, and some of those scenes are kinda porny-ish. So fair warning.

    • Daniel Dolz

      I am a monday post fan too

  2. Robert Wood

    Badger, Is there a kindle / epub version of this for purchase?

    • Dire Badger

      I am going to put it up on KU, and probably kindle, but there are a ton of hurdles I have to go through first.

      Mostly involving money. I was able to do some awesome covers for my alchemyst series, and it’s ready to publish, but Kobold… The artists I can afford I don’t want, and the ones I want I cannot even come close to affording 🙂

      But please be assured it is getting there. I’ll leave a note in one of Didact’s monday monster truck rallies when I have it past the process.

      • Robert Wood

        Please do, I’ll pick up a copy so it integrates with my regular reading pattern more easily.

        How are you sourcing your artists? I have a childrens bible I’m working on and basically cruised through fivver, found I didn’t like anyone, then sourced an artist that grew up in the same church as my wife. The art is lovely and on point but taking way to long and I’m interested in looking elsewhere.

  3. Robert W

    For any internet wanderers who come through here, buy this book at read it. It’s fun and well structured and keeps you guessing as the characters develop.


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