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The season finale of Lvov Boat

by | Nov 5, 2022 | Office Space | 1 comment

I am assuredly WAY behind the times on this one, but all I can say is that I have been extremely busy for weeks now, so my appetite for tabloid trash has been rather in abeyance of late. However, for those of you who have been paying attention to such things, you may have noticed that everyone’s favourite English White Trailer Trash Soap Opera, has concluded in spectacular blow-out fashion.

Since we are kind of jerks around here, let us break down how it all ended. (Spoiler: not quite as badly as most of us would have expected, actually, given how it all started.)

Season Recap

For those of you who weren’t keeping up with the full season of this most unusual of soap operas, let us remind ourselves of all that happened:

  • A Ukrainian woman from Lvov – not Kharkov or Kiev, therefore nowhere near the worst of the Russian attacks on 404’s infrastructure and facilities – fled to the UK and took up residence with a family in north Yorkshire, and then proceeded to winkle out the man of the house from his partner and kids in the space of just ten days;
  • The lovebirds shacked up together and went on a magic-and-mystery-tour of the British tabloids to explain how they were totally happy and blissfully in love and wanted to get married and have kids and all of that good stuff;
  • Cracks started to appear in these feel-good stories when yet more hohol refugees came over to the UK and started breaking up marriages, including some rather important and wealthy ones;
  • Then it turned out that Ms Karkadym, the, uh, “protagonist” of this whole saga, could become violently angry and dangerous when drunk (surprise, surprise) and Tony Garnett threw her out of the house they shared after a particularly nasty fight in which she stabbed the walls with a knife;

I swear, you cannot make this shit up. The people behind all of this could easily write their own soap opera, and it would be a hit on par with British staples like Eastenders and Coronation Street.

Hell, given that “Corrie”, as the Limeys so affectionately call it, is all about the trials and travails of the lives of people in working class areas of northern England, and given that Lvov Boat took place in northern England, this real-life dramedy could have been a HUGE hit.

Batty and the Beta

When we last left our intrepid couple, Sofiia Karkadym had tried to batter her way back into the home where she had stabbified the walls, and ended up arrested and chucked into the clink:

The Ukrainian refugee who has been dumped by her British lover she seduced under the nose of his partner when she moved into their home has broken her silence about the heartbreaking split.

Sofiia Karkadym, 22, says she is devastated after father-of-two Tony Garnett, 30, ended their four-month relationship – and at her arrest for trying to kick down the door of their rented property and screaming ‘Tony, I love you’ last night.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, Sofiia said: ‘I am lost. I am heartbroken and I still have feelings for Tony.

‘I have nobody here. No home, and no money. I have no friends. I am staying here in a disgusting place which the police have put me into in Bradford.’

She said she had been warned by police not to contact Tony, either by telephone, messaging or personally, and if she broke those conditions she would be re-arrested and charged.

The blonde IT manager has already been detained twice by police and held under suspicion of coercive and controlling behaviour. Her latest detention came last night outside Tony’s rented Bradford cottage.

He urged police not to press charges after she allegedly kicked the front door of his house and began screaming.

She told MailOnline: ‘ I never hurt Tony. I never attacked him. I was very upset about somethings regarding his partner, Lorna and their children.

’But he promised he will look after me and make everything alright.

’We were going to get married, but I knew that he could not have any more children( he has had a vasectomy which he stated he was going to reverse) and I thought we could have kids in five or six years’ time.

’But now I don’t not know what to do. I will probably go back. But I am very upset.

‘I dreamed of my life with Tony. I do not understand how this has happened.

‘He hasn’t allowed me to go to our own house and got me arrested twice because I wanted to talk to him in private.

‘He broke up with me through a message and has thrown me out on the streets and doesn’t care where I am of if I am safe.

‘He is showing a completely different face to what he was showing before.

‘Tony says that he wants to help people, but he doesn’t care about his partner and he has just thrown me out.’

All I can say is that, if your woman stabs a wall when drunk, then it doesn’t matter HOW good she looks, either with or without clothes – you need to BTFO her immediately. That is not a problem you can fix.

The Blame Game

Inevitably, the entirely sensible actions of self-preservation taken by Mr. Garnett in this situation resulted in vast amounts of abuse being heaped on his head by the woman in question:

A Ukrainian refugee who began a relationship with a security guard when he dumped his long-term partner days after she moved into their home has branded him a ‘liar’ who treated her like a dogsbody

Sofiia Karkadym, 22, was welcomed into a home in Bradford owned by Tony Garnett, 30, and his then girlfriend Lorna, 28, under the Homes for Ukraine scheme following Russia‘s invasion earlier this year.

But Tony dumped his partner just ten days after Sofiia had moved in so he could instead pursue a relationship with her.

However, Tony has now also ended their relationship amid a furious bust-up in which he accuses her of not being able to handle alcohol and using a knife to damage a wall at their rented home.

Remaining defiant, though, Sofiia says she is ‘glad he is no longer a part of my life’.

She told The Sun: ‘I really loved him and thought we’d spend the rest of our lives together and have children but he changed. I think the pressure got to him.

‘Even his own mum stopped speaking to him over what he did to Lorna. He knew when he threw me out that I had no money, nowhere to go, no other friends in this country.

‘It will be a long and hard journey for me now but I will rebuild my life and when I do I will be glad he is no longer a part of it.’

That being said, as we have made clear in previous instalments of this epic series, there are no good guys involved in this saga:

Sofiia, an IT manager, continued: ‘I’m heartbroken, I really believed his bulls**t. He’s a liar. He started making moves on me when I’d only been living with him and Lorna for two days.

‘We didn’t have sex until we’d moved out. I wouldn’t do that. But he would hold my hand when we were alone and cuddle me.

‘It was all him, he started everything. I didn’t split him and Lorna up, that was over long before I arrived.’

She also accused Tony of treating her like a dogsbody, adding that he gambled his money away – losing £500 in one day while playing an online casino game.

Read that highlighted bit again. This is important. It shows a couple with poor impulse control on both sides, with limited ability to plan and adapt for the future, and with rampant narcissistic tendencies. None of which makes for a healthy or successful relationship, of any kind.

Shippin’ Up to KEEEEEF

Ms Karkadym is now back in Banderastan, where she always belonged in the first place, and since her arrival, has spoken to the whorenalists of the British (((media)))))))))))).

The Ukrainian refugee dumped by her British lover after he left his partner and two children for her has arrived back in the war-torn country.

Sofiia Karkadym, 22, still tearful after her break-up with security guard Tony Garnett, has been reduced to tears again after she witnessed the funeral of a Ukrainian soldier killed by Russian troops as she travelled home by bus.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline from her home in Kolomyia, south of Lviv, she said: ‘My country needs peace and so do I.’

The 22-year-old who began an affair with British father-of-two Tony 10 days after moving into his home with his two children and partner, was greeted by her elderly grandmother in Western Ukraine after a 24-hour journey by car, plane, bus and train which began in Bradford on Monday.

Strolling through the streets of her hometown, close to the Prut River, she added: ‘I am happy to be home. I miss Tony a lot, but I don’t want to cry over Tony anymore.

‘I feel as comfortable as I can be while the Russians are in my country. . . I felt better when I got to Ukraine and able to speak my own language.

‘But I was scared when I arrived in Lviv because an alarm went off at the train station. And people thought there maybe some sort of attack by the Russians.

‘I can feel that my country is in depression because of the war and everything that is going on globally.

Here’s the thing, though: everything about Ms Karkadym smacks of calculation and deception.

As you will be able to hear if you listen to or watch that video above, you will notice that she speaks excellent English – much better than a typical hoholina would ever pick up from living in PommieBastardLande for just six months. It is clear that she had been preparing to leave Lvov and go to the UK for some time. I will come back to this, as it is rather important.

All’s Well that Ends Well

Rather inevitably, the devolution and destruction of this “relationshit”, which started inauspiciously, ended in the same fashion. Despite this, the woman at the centre of it all still thinks that hope springs eternal:

The Ukrainian refugee dumped by her British lover after he left his partner and two children for her flew back to the war-torn country tonight.

Sofiia Karkadym, 22, still tearful after her break-up with security guard Tony Garnett, boarded a plane home from Manchester Airport. She is travelling to Ukraine via Poland.

Ms Karkadym was seen off at the airport by Mr Garnett, 30, who ended their four-month relationship after accusing her of getting repeatedly drunk and stabbing a kitchen wall with a knife at the rented home in Bradford, West Yorks.

She said she was still hopeful that Mr Garnett might change his mind right up until the moment she boarded the flight.

Ms Karkadym told MailOnline at the airport: ‘I have booked a return ticket because it was only a few pounds more than a single ticket.

‘I can only come back if Tony changes his mind which I’m still hoping he will.

‘There is no other man for me and I’ve asked him not to meet any other girls if he can help it because we might still be able to work it out. We can talk in the future.

‘I love Tony more than words can tell you. I have told him that I am sorry that I have hurt him too. ‘

She added: ‘I am sorry for everything that’s happened and only understand now how much Tony has done for me.

‘I’m very sorry for everything that has happened. I wish I could change his mind.’

That’s easy – change his mind by not being drunk and stabbing the walls. Simple, really.

As for Mr. Garnett himself, well, after all that has been said and done, he was able to go back to his ex-partner and was able to see his daughters again, for the first time in weeks. Good for him, and good for them – I mean that in all sincerity. There is nothing so devastating as the destruction of a family – it is a great evil and should never be visited upon anyone by an outsider.

The Didactic Lessons Learned

What, then, are we to learn from this whole colossal fustercluck?

The first point that we need to keep in mind is the fact that Ms Karkadym actually spoke excellent English. I assure you, knowing what I do of Ukrainians and Russians who try to learn the language, that her English far exceeds the level of many Slavs who have studied English for years in their own countries – it even exceeds the linguistic skills of women who have spent considerable amounts of time in the West. I personally sort-of-dated a Ukrainian woman who now lives in the USSA, and has been there since mid-2018. Her English is nowhere near as good as Ms Karkadym’s, and she has been living there for years.

This indicates to me that Ms Karkadym’s “escape” from Lvov had actually been planned for a while, and the war simply accelerated her plans. I would like to think better of her than this, because despite appearances I am not a completely cynical heartless bastard, but the evidence is what it is.

And that is the reality of Ukrainian women these days.

Westerners really do not understand just how straitened Ukraine was even before the war. Try to imagine, if you can, living in a country that started out its independent life in very late 1991 with basically no real sense of identity or cohesion, stitched together from bits of other countries, comprised of Hungarians and Romanians and Poles and Slovaks and Czechs and a VERY large contingent of Russians, plus a big chunk of “Ukrainians”, whatever that means.

A Short History Lesson

You can skip this next bit if you want, but it is relevant, if only tangentially so. I have stated repeatedly, both here and on my Telegram channel, that “Ukraine”, as a country, is a non-existent entity, because it meets NONE of the five criteria of a nation. As a reminder, any nation must, by definition, have at least one of the following 5 things in common: race, faith, language, culture, and history. Ukraine, within its current borders, has none of these whatsoever.

The Banderites in charge of that benighted country have argued for years that Ukrainians are the “true” Slavs, which in their minds somehow means a mix of Germanic and Varangian bloodlines, while the hated “Moskals” (Russians) are a “mongrel” race with “dirty” Asiatic blood from the Mongol invasion of the 13th Century. Looking at the country without an asshat on one’s head, one can reasonably conclude that there are a number of different races in the country.

Ukraine has no common language, either. The “Ukrainian” language is not exactly Russian, not exactly Polish, not exactly Lithuanian. It is some weird admixture of all three, and to someone trained to speak and listen to Russian (like yours truly), it makes next to no sense.

The Ukrainians do not share a common faith. Parts of the country, especially toward the West, are heavily Catholic. But most of it is straight-up Orthodox. And that is before we get to the issue of the schism of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which broke away from the Russian Orthodox Church and no longer recognises the Moscow Patriarchate as the final authority on spiritual matters.

Their culture is all sorts of mixed up, and messed up. The ethnic Russians of the east and south have strong cultural roots that make them largely indistinguishable from the Russians living in Rostov-on-Don and Voronezh and Belgorod and Kursk. But the ethnic… whatevers in the north and west of the country, do not easily fit into any given culture – not Polish, not Lithuanian, not Hungarian or Romanian or anything.

And their history is one of constant flux, where they didn’t even have “Ukraine” as presently defined until, basically, 1922. Crimea was never theirs – it was GIVEN to them by the Soviet Presidium by special ukase in 1954 by Krushchyov, himself a Ukrainian.

Back to the Front

All of this adds up to a country that has no sense of identity whatsoever. And that was the kind of country that found itself, in 1991, with COLOSSAL amounts of Soviet-era infrastructure and manufacturing capability and resources – and no sense of responsibility or oversight for any of it.

The inevitable end-result was corruption on a staggering scale. When you have no sense of national identity, and therefore no sense of responsibility for anything that happens in your country, to your people – because you have no idea who “your people” even ARE in the first place – then of course you get the kind of looting operation that has taken place in Ukraine for the past 30 years.

Ukraine in 1991 had everything it could possibly need to become a greater and more powerful economy than Germany. It had all of the resources, industry, and excess electrical power generation capacity to create an industrial economy the likes of which had never been seen anywhere on Earth up to that point.

And they blew it. Completely.

Their entire infrastructure has wasted away. Their industry has been strip-mined and looted by corrupt politicians and oligarchs – considerable overlap – many of whom happen to be from (((one particular tribe))), rather inevitably. And their people were demoralised and broken as a result.

The life expectancies of their men plummeted as a result, to among the lowest in Europe. Their fertility rate plummeted likewise. And all of this adds up to a situation in which the average Ukrainian woman faces two choices:

Use her beauty and femininity wherever possible to eat – and if that means spending time on her back or knees to have a decent life, so be it; OR

Starve and freeze.

Which do you think most rational hoholinas – and, for all of their lunacy, they are rational, in their own way – do you suppose most of them would choose?

Go West

The results were entirely predictable. Ukrainian women have been fleeing the country to go west for decades. The country’s population, last time anyone bothered to run a census, which was all the way back in 2004, was around 40 millions. Today, with the loss of Crimea, and now of Lugansk, (half of) Donetsk, (most of) Zaporozh’ye, and (most of) Kherson, plus the losses of population in terms of refugees streaming into Europe and Russia itself, that number is probably less than 20 million.

And a very large proportion of those fleeing Ukraine have been women. Ukraine is demographically doomed. There is simply no way out of its mess through the wombs of its women, because those who can, have chosen a better life elsewhere.

If that means learning English and breaking up marriages or relationships to do it, well, so be it. Once again, they actually ARE “apex predators unleashed”, to use the phrase coined by Our Beloved and Dreaded Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH) Voxemort the Most Malevolent and Terrible, which started off this whole crazy soap opera.

What To Do About It All

The answer to these problems is really very simple:

Send every last Ukrainian refugee back to Ukraine. Lift every last sanction on Russia and beg their forgiveness for being so rampantly Russophobic and hate-filled toward a thousand-year-old culture and a country that simply wanted to be left the hell ALONE.

Let the Russians and Poles deal with the Ukrainians. The Russians have already shown considerable ability to integrate their Ukrainian refugees – because those refugees are actually basically Russians themselves. The Poles, on the other hand, are fed to the back teeth of being invaded by fussy, entitled, “GIBSMEDATS!” Free Shit Army troopers who spout Banderite slogans and believe in Nazi ideology and pollute their streets with their stupidity and nastiness.

Don’t take my word for it – no doubt plenty of hohols and their supporters will tell me that I’m a vile racist piece of trash for writing something like that. All you have to do is look at how hohols behave in the countries that have taken them in:

(The videos are in Russian, so if you can’t read or understand it, well, tough, but the second video should have English subtitles. And I’d say the content makes the conclusions pretty obvious. We are now in a world where you CANNOT count on the Western presstitutes to report on anything related to Ukraine with anything even remotely resembling objectivity, so you have to go to the other side to get the, very biased, alternative point of view. There is simply no choice – I would rather listen to and read Russian propaganda, since I understand full well where they are coming from, than to Western propaganda, which is 100x worse.)

This is the overriding lesson of this entire giant snarled-up ball of stupid, as I have repeatedly called the whole refugee crisis. Ukrainians should have been housed humanely and decently in facilities at the borders of their country, wherever possible. The western parts of Ukraine, which were never in serious danger and have only very recently come under real attack, and then only with respect to electrical infrastructure, should have been used to hold Western-funded refugee camps. And there the Ukrainian refugees should have been housed – never to be permitted to settle in Western lands.

This sounds cruel and harsh. It assuredly is not. Western and Ukrainian cultures are radically different. Ukraine doesn’t even have a coherent and cohesive culture, and what it does have is thoroughly broken. The evil of Nazi ideology festers like a gangrenous wound in the midst of western Ukraine, particularly in the Galicia region, where the Nazi collaborator – and Ukrainian hero – Stepan Bandera was born.

Under no circumstances can we reasonably conclude that such a culture has any place in the West – unless, of course, the West actually wants to become a racist, Russophobic, Nazi-sympathising bloc. Which, given its current trajectory, may well be the inevitable end result.

Conclusion – End This Crazy Cruise

This particular season – and, hopefully, the entire series – of Lvov Boat appears to be over. Unfortunately, the hoholina at the centre of it all holds out hope that things will somehow work out, and that twoo wove will triumph in the end. Given the fact that the cost of such a triumph is a broken family and two thoroughly broken people breaking all of the rules of sensible and stable relationships, let us hope in turn that sense prevails instead.

More generally, let this whole sordid sorry saga serve as a warning for all of us. Bringing in refugees from foreign lands seems compassionate and kind. But doing so is a fundamental misreading of Scripture – and indeed it is only Western nations that seem to be susceptible to this particularly egregious brand of nonsense and stupidity.

The Russians understand this. They have welcomed with open arms millions of refugees from Ukraine. BUT – and here’s the key – most of those refugees are RUSSIAN to begin with. For them, they are simply returning to their Motherland – as wrenching and painful as it is to leave their ancestral homes in the Donbass and Novorossiya. And they now have solid assurances that one day, they will be able to return to those homes. The Russians have made this clear through their actions – they are busy rebuilding the nearly-destroyed port city of Mariupol’ in Donetsk region, with spectacular results, and they will undoubtedly end up doing much the same for the rest of the new territories that they take over.

The Ukrainian refugees streaming westwards have no such hope. The Western nations aren’t actually interested in giving them homes and futures – they are really only interested in virtue signalling. That is not a strategy or a policy. It is merely wishful thinking.

The humane and decent thing to do would be to end this war tomorrow by opening peace talks with Russia, lifting all sanctions, forcing Kiev to give up Odessa, Nikolaev, and all territories east of the Dnieper River forever, and live as a rump state. This is the only chance that the West has to save itself from economic ruin and utter devastation.

Which is, of course, precisely why they will not choose it. The West needs to be humbled on the battlefield, broken and destroyed, before it accepts its own failures and reforms itself.

And the Russians are only too happy to oblige.

Postscript – Shots and Chasers

As is customary with posts in this series, since the whole soap opera was essentially one big set of warnings to all men as to how to spot and avoid a hoholina – trust me, they ain’t nothin’ but trouble – we close with a specimen of the same.

As always, lads – look, don’t touch.

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  1. Robert W

    How do they keep calling her an ‘IT Manager’, like that is some kind of job 22-year-old women pick up and hang on to while refugeeing across a continent?

    “Which is, of course, precisely why they will not choose it. The West needs to be humbled on the battlefield, broken and destroyed, before it accepts its own failures and reforms itself.”

    Nice fractal of the poor impulse control man and woman in the center of this story. Hopefully they repent, find Jesus, and replace this train wreck lifestyle.


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