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Friday T&A: Hamilton’s Warning Edition

by | Nov 4, 2022 | fat girl jihad | 2 comments

I’ve been pretty much out of it most of the day, and I’m not quite sure why, but it is clear that the last few weeks of VERY hard work really took their toll. Now that a major project has successfully been completed – or at least, this phase has been – it would appear that the fatigue is catching up with me. Normally, I’d have written four posts by now, but I spent much of the day sleeping and the rest of it procrastinating.

However, the world does not wait for the sleeper to wake. And in a few days, Americans will line up in their millions to go to the polls for some sort of election, which will determine who controls the legislative branches of their government.

Precisely why this matters so much to so many people is, frankly, rather beyond me, at this point. I really don’t get it. Are any Americans still operating under the illusion that their government actually cares what they think? Do they honestly believe that their votes count?

If this were 2020, or 2016, I would have absolutely agreed with the need to get out and vote. That is the one and only way in which people in most Western countries can really make their opinion felt.

Yet, ever since the election of 2020 was stolen from the American people, and EVERY SINGLE LEVEL OF GOVERNMENT, up to and including the Supreme Court, the Vice President, and even the supposed last line of defence of American freedom, the US military, FAILED TO DO ONE DAMNED THING TO STOP IT, I have simply lost faith in dumbocracy and anything even remotely related to it.

Let us be really clear about this. In a modern dumbocracy, your vote does not matter. Your voice is irrelevant. And it is YOUR fault.

Why? Because you and your people have chosen security over freedom. Alexander Hamilton was wrong about a great many things, but he was absolutely right when he warned that “a nation which can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master, and deserves one”. This is precisely the situation in which most Western nations find themselves, and this is exactly how Cicero’s great cycle of governments works.

Dumbocracy always – ALWAYS – ends in tyranny. If you are very, very fortunate, the tyrant in question will be relatively benign. The Russians have such a situation, in which they are ruled over by a popular, highly competent, very wise, exceptionally capable, and unusually restrained Neo-Tsar who loves his country and his people, and rules over them with a relatively light hand.

If you are unlucky, then the dictator that will rule over you, will be a madman, an incompetent, a fool, or possibly all three. That appears to be where most Western nations are going at this particular point in time. And, let’s be honest, they deserve this fate.

Never forget that incompetent, foolish, stupid, and useless rulers are God’s way of punishing a stiff-necked and wayward people. The American system of government was intended for a God-fearing and self-restraining White Christian people. It was NEVER meant for a hodgepodge mix of people that cannot define what a woman or a man is, never mind what a nation is.

Vote on Tuesday, if you feel that it will make the slightest bit of difference. As far as I can tell, it will not. Cuckservatives have utterly failed to preserve the ladies’ room, never mind the Second Amendment – in many Blue states, the 2A is basically a dead letter in their biggest cities, and has been for decades. Republicucks have lined up, one after another, to bend the knee and pronounce fealty to Elensky the Piano-Pecker-Playing Clown Prince of Banderastan, and the few who have not done so, plainly will be railroaded into doing so whenever the Deep State pleases.

America’s dumbocracy is DONE. It’s over. Its electoral system no longer matters and is no longer relevant, and the sooner that Americans accept this and make way for a proper dictator, who can hang traitors and presstitutes from bridges and begin the very necessary cleansing of American society with fire and steel, the less painful the required adjustments will be.

Again, that will happen if God has mercy. If He does not – and I do not see Him as being inclined toward mercy with societies that allow grown men to dress up as women and molest and groom young children – then you will get a Leftist dictator who will happily starve and shoot xis or xer people in their millions, for the sake of “social progress”.

Don’t say you weren’t warned. This is the inevitable end-point of mob rule.

The same is true for much of the West. You cannot claim with a straight face that dumbocracy works when 70,00 Czechs and 50,000 French and 30,000 Germans march in the streets of their cities, and their governments ignore both them and the opinion polls that show the extreme unpopularity of the war that the elites support. Nor can you claim this when PommieBastardLande, which was once 90% White and Christian, and is now barely 50% White and 20% Christian, is now ruled over by an Indian who never won a popular election in his life.

And on that rather despondent note, let us try to cheer ourselves up by reminding ourselves of all that is Beautiful, if not necessarily Good and True.

This here is Kristina Gorbunova (Кристина Горбунова), age 22 (or thereabouts), from St. Petersburg, Russia. Apparently she has roots in Siberia, and was involved in some sort of modelling competition where she was a finalist in 2020. (The sponsor of that competition was Playboy Russia, so you can kind of guess the rest.) Supposedly she is a student in the Faculty of Law at the Institute of Economics and Management, though I’m not clear as to whether that is a school in Moscow or Irkutsk. (I’m guessing it is the former, but who knows for sure.)

Happy Friday, gentlemen. Despite the rather despairing tone of the words above, take heart and be aware of the fact that, at the end of all of these troubles and tribulations, there will emerge a stronger and better world in which nation-states, not globalist Pharisatanism, is the order of the day.

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  1. RJ

    The precursor for 2020 was the 2018 election, where the Dems used ballot harvesting and other hijinks to steal the House. That was the trial run. And Trump and the Republicans knew it and didn’t do a damn thing about it. In fact, there is evidence that top Republicans were also the beneficiaries of vote fraud in their elections in 2020 as well.

    At the federal level, Americans are screwed. There may – MAY – still be legitimacy to local and state elections, although in blue cities and states there is still evidence of vote fraud. I live in a blue city (state university is located here) and there is good evidence that the local Dems are committing vote fraud in city council elections.

    The only solutions are to ban mail-in voting, early voting, and machine counts of the votes. All 3 of these voting procedures are known to be used to steal elections. Until that happens, no election in the U.S. should be considered legitimate.

  2. Don't mind me

    I have to agree with everything you’ve stated above.
    I’m an American although I was born in London. Moved here to the states when I was 18. This is a very different country than it was back in the 80’s.
    If I was in my 20’s I would consider moving.
    The one thing we do still have in the US is our guns. It’s coming to that point soon and it will be very messy, but hopefully we’ll win and we can try to fix this mess. Abolishing all but the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution would be a good start.


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