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Friday T&A: Crash and Burn Edition

by | Oct 21, 2022 | fat girl jihad | 4 comments

This week has certainly been eventful in the world of geopolitics. Prime Minister Chucky is out, as I pointed out yesterday, after a brief, disastrous, and totally ignominious reign that saw the fastest collapse ever observed in a British government. The result is a British political class and system in extreme crisis – literally no one knows what to do, where to go, or how to proceed, now that one premier after another has been exposed as useless.

That crisis of confidence is spreading throughout the Western world, in the wake of the most stupid and ill-advised sanctions war in history. Russia is plainly winning on the battlefield, and has now mobilised and readied itself for a real war with NATO – not merely with Ukraine, but with the entire collective West. It is a war that the Western powers believe they can win, but what they believe does not match the facts on the ground.

The reality is that the Western world is heading for collapse, at high speed, and with no chance any longer of avoiding the final smash. This collapse is long overdue – we are coming up to the very end of “Extend and Pretend”, the policy engaged in by most of the West’s central banks and governments, in which they printed money into oblivion and monetised debt in a desperate attempt to avoid a sharp and extremely painful, but absolutely necessary, financial reckoning.

That reckoning would have cleaned out many of the structural inefficiencies and malinvestments accrued over decades of wasteful and stupid spending. But that did not happen, and now the combination of an energy crisis, loss of geopolitical power, and the division of the world into mutually hostile armed camps, will hasten that final collapse.

All I can say is: it’s about bloody time.

Make no mistake, this collapse will cause untold suffering and misery. The future is dark and very grim. Hundreds of millions of (mostly) innocent people will feel terrible economic pain in the months and years to come.

The fact is, however, that most of them voted for the very policies that have landed them in this present mess. Stupid ideas have real consequences, and now we are seeing that play out in real life. This cannot be avoided, and should not be. Humanity in the Western world needs a very harsh lesson, and will get one.

If there is any good cheer to be found in all of this, it is in the fact that, once the bitter medicine has been swallowed, and the healing process begins, the organism usually cleanses itself and becomes stronger and wiser over time. Let us hope that the Western world will become better – less imperialistic, less willing to embrace suicidally stupid policies, less insane.

The alternative is complete collapse and utter ruination. And that fate is too terrible to contemplate.

Let us put aside such bleak thoughts briefly, though, for it is, after all, Friday, and we all know what that means.

This week’s lovely lady is Diana Lukmanova (Диана Лукманова), age 29 from Sterlitamak, a city in Bashkortostan, deep in the Russian hinterland. She originally trained at Moscow Pedagogical Institute, presumably as a teacher, and is now a model of some kind. Going to school to learn how to teach didn’t do her much good in some areas, though – she is inked up, which is annoying as hell.

Happy Friday, gentlemen. As bad as things are now, and as bad as they will become, remember that this is necessary medicine for the entire Western world. Stupidity has consequences, as I have said so often before, and now we are seeing those consequences play out. Let them do so, and learn from the lessons.

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  1. Cato the Uncensored

    Inked up?

    She looks pretty much stock-parts to me.

    • Didact

      That’s due to some careful shot selection to go along with the thot selection. She definitely has ink:

      Exhibit A
      Exhibit B
      Exhibit C (shoulder)

      On the plus side, she doesn’t appear to have any “augmentations” done, other than perhaps some lip fillers. Russian girls love that crap, for some reason.

      • furor kek tonicus ( the "Speed of Science to Market" is when you're going so fast you don't have time to look at the data ... on purpose )

        i was going to say that at least her tats weren’t trash like that chick from a couple of months that had an outline of a heart that looked she’d gotten it in prison

        i then i noticed the right shoulder.

  2. Dire Badger

    No offense, but if you honestly don’t believe that the ///global money is going to take their money and run, and then set up an even harsher regime with even more power, You may have another think coming.
    It’s been their pattern for the last couple of thousand years. Fund war after war, strip and destroy power after power, and each and every time they wind up in an even better position to start the next power bid.
    They did it in tiny countries during the ‘dark ages’ to keep them fighting each other eternally and break the power of the church, they did it in Europe time after time, and every time they are finally ejected from a country, they make sure to leave it a devasted, stripped-bare flaming wasteland behind them. Never before in history, however, have they had nearly the entire planet on their golden leash.

    The West doesn’t need to wake up, the world does. It may be past the time rational actors can stop ‘the meek from inheriting the earth’ as they carry the sword of Satan ever forward.

    Yes, a million people have claimed that the end times are coming, but before now, the signs have never involved the entire world. The great war between truly good and true evil is already being fought, and I expect the dead to rise any time now. I believe that Christ is already among us, but don’t look for him in the organized religions that have been gleefully corrupted for hundreds or thousands of years. Most of them would turn their back on him and call him a monster the moment they guessed who he might be.

    Organizations fight for their own existence. The return of the true church of Christ would mark them all as failures and destroy them. No. You cannot trust the churches of men. Read the bible, not the interpretations of ‘saints’ and ‘scholars’ that have tried to replace it through the ages. The declarations of Constantine and the words of Francis are not the words of Christ.

    Even the great and holy churches have been thoroughly corrupted. Expect the purge.

    Sorry, I have written like 26 chapters in the last couple of weeks. It gets me into the mode where I need to say what I don’t put in my scifi and fantasy books 🙂


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