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The twenty-one year emergency

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You all know what today is. You all remember where you were, 21 years ago today. Think about that span of time carefully. If your child was born in that year, that same child would already have passed the ages of maturity for driving, voting, and drinking in the United States of America.

During that time, has America become more free, more stable, more cohesive, and more advanced?

To ask that question is to answer it.

The past generation has seen disaster follow catastrophe with almost monotonous regularity. Under President Bush #2, America launched a war against Afghanistan that lasted nearly 20 years, and ended in ignominious and categorical defeat. A year ago, America withdrew from Goathumpistan in chaotic fashion that drew uncomfortable and all-too-raw comparisons with the pell-mell retreat from Saigon in 1975.

That same President forced America into a Syracuse Expedition in Iraq, on entirely false pretences, and that occupation is now approaching its 20th “anniversary”. Already, we are seeing evidence that the occupation in Iraq is breaking down, the puppet government installed by the Americans is collapsing, and the indications are that another American retreat might be on the cards next year.

In spite of all of these challenges to American power and authority – which the country’s government is in no position to reinforce – the current, entirely fake, “President” has extended the “emergency” that his actually legitimate predecessor asked for, nearly 21 years ago:

US President Joe Biden has renewed the national emergency declared by former president George W. Bush in the days following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 for another year.

The “terrorist threat” behind the attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people “continues,” Biden wrote in a Thursday memo published in the Federal Register, adding that the “powers and authorities adopted to deal with” the attacks “must continue in effect beyond September 14, 2022.” 

The 9/11 emergency declaration is just one of several Biden has extended this week alone. Also on Thursday, the president prolonged a national emergency he had declared the previous year regarding sectarian violence and human rights abuses in Ethiopia, while on Tuesday he announced the renewal of an emergency declared by his predecessor Donald Trump in 2018 regarding the threat of “foreign interference in or undermining public confidence in” US elections. 

Biden has declared at least six national emergencies since taking office in January 2021 and extended several more, including the Covid-19 pandemic emergency. The National Emergencies Act endows the president with over 136 powers, most of which do not require congressional approval to wield. Since its passage in 1976, more than 60 national emergencies have been declared, with only about half of them officially concluded.

The president has largely abandoned predecessors’ focus on external terrorist threats like the al-Qaeda hijackers held responsible for 9/11, opting to focus attention instead on domestic terrorism, which the FBI has declared to be the primary threat facing the nation.

There are, of course, multiple problems of fact and logic involved here.

First, an eternal emergency is, by definition, not an emergency. It is a contradiction in terms. Either you have a temporary, very severe, situation that justifies emergency powers and authority, that can then be laid aside – or you have a dictatorship. And if you look at America today, and you look at the extraordinary degree of separation between the ruling elites and the people that supposedly elected them, it is impossible to conclude that what America has today is anything other than a Deep State dictatorship.

Second, the “war on terror” is a misnomer if there ever was one. It is an idiotic name for any kind of war. You do not declare war on a tactic, you declare it on an enemy. As someone wrote all the way back in 2003 or thereabouts, declaring war on terrorism in the wake of 9/11, is rather like the USA declaring war on the Nakajima B5N Kate bombers that hit Pearl Harbour on December 7th, 1941. It’s just plain stupid.

That stupidity is, of course, the entire point. With a full generation’s worth of hindsight, we can safely conclude that the point of the “Global War on Terror” was to reduce the liberties of the people of the West, while allowing a globalist agenda to operate in secret. This agenda included a “Great Replacement” that forced us to believe the lie that Islam is a “religion of peace”, and humiliated and marginalised anyone who said otherwise. As a result, Western nations experienced unprecedented waves of Muslim immigration, with the rather predictable consequence that some areas of certain cities in the West, like Paris, are now no-go zones for White European natives.

Third, the obstinate, indeed utterly spineless, refusal of Western elites to name and confront the true enemy, the false religion of Islam, has resulted in severe confusion as to what to do next.

The answers should have been entirely clear. Shut down ALL immigration from Islamic nations. Deport Muslims back to their home countries. Make the practice of Mohammedanism a crime. Wind down trade with Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, especially in oil and natural gas, and develop domestic production of the same.

None of this happened, because the entire point of the last 21 years was to spin a wizard’s spell over the people of the West, to deceive them and lull them into a false sense of security, and thereby loot and destroy their freedoms.

Let us be honest: it worked. Far too well.

Where does this leave us now?

Well, fortunately, there is plenty of good news. The Empire of Lies is visibly collapsing around us, before our very eyes. Russia, of all countries, is forcing the collapse of the American Empire, which has clearly become overextended, unwieldy, and deeply corrupted and evil.

Furthermore, Islam itself faces a severe existential crisis. In the West, tens of thousands, if not MILLIONS, of Muslims become apostates to their own faith every single year. They are leaving in droves, because they are being exposed to the realities of Islam and the clear differences between the Islamic way of life, which treats its adherents like mushrooms – keep them in the dark and feed them crap – and the relative openness of information available to non-Islamic societies.

Christianity is making a roaring comeback, particularly in the parts of the world that are not under the thrall of the Empire of Lies – and even within the Empire itself, the rural areas are turning hard against modernity, retreating back to that which works and makes sense, and away from the evil that landed us all in soup in the first place.

We may one day wake up to find that the endless emergency declared twenty-one years ago, amid the entirely correct outpouring of grief and sympathy around the world over the atrocity committed on 9/11 , has finally ended. The long nightmare will finally be over. And not before time, either.

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