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Friday T&A: Unification Day Edition

by | Sep 30, 2022 | fat girl jihad | 1 comment

It’s been a very long and crazy week, yet one which whizzed by very quickly, somehow. Today, however, was a momentous day to end it all. The world changed forever today, and we have the Neo-Tsar and the Russian Federation to thank for that fact. Today, the four liberated (or occupied – take your pick) territories that were once part of Ukraine, have now formally joined Russia.

This changes everything, make no mistake about it.

The speech that the Neo-Tsar gave at the Kremlin today made absolutely sure of that fact. It was a real barn-burner of a speech, too. The Neo-Tsar is not perhaps the best of orators – his content tends to be dry and legalistic, reflecting his training as a lawyer, and so he is not normally given to flashes of high oratory. But today was a bit different. His speech, while factual and precise, was devastating in its indictment of the Western world and everything that the West has done to destroy the peace and happiness of the rest of the world for the past century.

While he was perhaps a bit loose with history – the Western world has brought tremendous good to the world, for all of the harm that it has caused – he did get the basic points about the modern Empire of Lies exactly right. In his speech, he pointed out that Russia has every right to protect its children from the Satanic ideologies of transgenderism and the LGBTQWTFISTHISSHIT crowd, for example. He practically stated that outright, in so many words. And he essentially dynamited whatever few bridges remain between Russia and its former Western partners.

This is not surprising. Nor is it a bad thing. The West has antagonised the Motherland for so long, and so thoroughly, that no other course of action was possible.

More than that, the four former regions of Ukraine are now part of Russia, and that means the “Special Military Operation” now becomes a direct defence of the Motherland itself. That completely changes the nature of the game.

Whereas previously, the rather doctrine-bound and sometimes overly careful Russian military would refrain from striking civilian targets, and would avoid damaging civilian infrastructure, and would only deploy essentially an oversized expeditionary force to protect the peoples of Donbass, now the Russians will act in full force to secure the future of Novorossiya.

The fake state of Ukraine has lost anywhere between 5 and 8 million people, along with much of its economic base. Russia has gained much of the land, territory, industry, and resources east of the Dnieper River. I have no doubt that the deeply afflicted and persecuted Russian speakers of the Donbass and southern “Ukraine” will be far better off as part of Russia, where they will be treated with dignity and respect, and not be persecuted and marginalised simply for wanting to live by their own national identities and rules.

This is a great day for Russia, and an important day for the world. The West does not see it that way, of course, but then, the West is a civilisation and an empire in terminal decline, trapped in delusions of its own making, and lashing out viciously at anything that does not agree with its ideology.

We do live in interesting times. But for now, we should put the fear and worry about the future aside, and celebrate with the Russians, for they have won a great victory today. And we should celebrate with the people of Donbass, as well, for they are finally home.

Take it from someone who knows what it is like not to have a real homeland, or a sense of true national identity and belonging – this is a great and wonderful thing to have. It is a true blessing to know that your motherland loves you and wants you to be safe, and that your nation and people are behind you, supporting you, fighting for you.

And that’s about it for today, as I am quite exhausted and need to get some shut-eye. But I will not leave off without putting up another instalment in this series.

This week’s lovely lady to close out proceedings is Alyona Shatskaya (Алёна Шатская), age 28 from Kostroma in western Russia. It is a city located about 350Km northeast of Moscow itself. She has assuredly had some “work” done, as you can see, but that is perhaps to be expected in this day and age – at least she isn’t inked.

Happy Friday, gents. Get some rest and prepare for whatever comes next. All we can say for certain is that the Empire of Lies is not finished lying, or with acts of economic and ecological terrorism. As interesting as things were before, they will be much more interesting now.

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