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The voice of the people

by | Aug 25, 2022 | Office Space | 2 comments

Seeing as how Bozo BoJo – once known, somewhat affectionately, around here as Boris the Floppy-Haired Sheepadoodle before he turned out to be precisely the kind of blithering idiot that he himself suspected he was – is on his way out, it is well past time for the Tories in PommieBastardLande to pick a successor. And, frankly, the prospects there are DEEPLY depressing.

The choice is basically between one Rishi Sunak, and another Liz Truss. Let’s take a look at these two worthies:

Ye cats. Things really are terrible in PommieBastardLande for the Limeys, if that is their range of choices. Clearly, no straight White men need apply for the job of Prime Minister in Britain anymore.

We can dispense with Mr. Sunak’s prospects almost immediately. As stupid and gullible as the British people are – and, believe me, they are EXTRAORDINARILY easily led, in part because their culture is so thoroughly pussified – they are still not ready to accept an Indian as their Prime Minister. And, yes, despite the fact that Mr. Sunak was born and brought up in Britain, he is thoroughly Indian – there is no getting away from this fact.

His mental attitudes, ways of operating, and approach to politics are all completely Indian, which means that he looks at the world through the lens of caste and creed. He is married to an Indian, and as such has a rich Indian’s hypocritical attitude toward taxes and residency – anyone who has ever associated with American desis knows what I’m on about.

So, even the thoroughly cucked-out and spineless Tories will never vote for Rishi to be Prime Minister – though they’ll make a great showing of how DUHVERSE and TULLERANT they are by putting him up as a candidate.

Oh, and he is, in fact, every bit as short as that photo suggests. The inimitable, irrepressible Katie Hopkins absolutely demolished him for his height and general oiliness in a classic video:

Even the Brits, as cucked and cowed as they are, will not tolerate a nipple-height Prime Minister.

That leaves us with Mrs. Truss, of whom nothing particularly good can be said.

She is… how does one put this politely… a few cards short of a full deck. Her knowledge of geopolitics is poor, and that is being extremely generous – I mean, on the level of giving some random homeless guy a million dollars for no reason. Here is Mrs. Truss making a complete arse of herself while trying to look “clever” in front of perhaps the world’s finest living diplomat – my apologies for subjecting you to a video from The Guardian, though:

Let’s put things more bluntly. She is dumber than a bag of hammers:

Russia’s Kommersant newspaper quoted two diplomatic sources as saying that during their closed-door meeting on Thursday Lavrov had asked Truss if she recognised Russian sovereignty over Rostov and Voronezh – two regions in the south of the country where Russia has been building up its forces.

Kommersant said Truss replied that Britain would never recognise them as Russian, and had to be corrected by her ambassador.

And that is before we get to her total unsuitability to be Prime Minister in the face of an actual crisis. Watch how she responds when the TV host at one of the televised debates between her and the Indian Nipple-Twister flat-out keeled over and collapsed:

As LRFotS WB pointed out in my Telegram channel‘s chat, that is the reaction of someone who will flee a crisis and cannot be trusted to take charge.

Seeing as the current leadership race in Britain is so profoundly depressing, I decided to lighten things up a bit by posing my channel members a Very Important Question about who would make a better Prime Minister for PommieBastardLande:

The results are in from this EXTREMELY scientific and ABSOLUTELY representative poll, and it is COMPLETELY CLEAR whom the Tories should put in charge of the entire country:

There you are, citizens of PommieBastardLande. THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!!!!!!!!

OK, look, in all seriousness, does anyone here think that Liz Truss would make a good Prime Minister? Of course not – she’s a moron, and to make matters worse, she thinks she’s very intelligent and capable. She is the living, breathing exemplar of the Dunning-Kruger Effect in action – a midwit who thinks she’s a genius and can fill Maggie Thatcher’s shoes.

In fact, let’s see who derped better in a tank – Truss, Thatcher, or Dukakis:

In the final analysis, it is simply impossible to take a woman seriously when she looks – and acts, and sounds – like CHUCKY:

Yeah. Good luck sleeping tonight with that mental image, especially if you’re British.

I shall leave you with a few tantalising glimpses of just how great Britain could be if Rowan Atkinson, the living legend who plays a complete bumbling blithering buffoon, could be, if only he were Prime Minister:

That man is an absolute national treasure.

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  1. Cato the Uncensored

    Your closing arguments are quite compelling. Someone should get the 1922 committee on it tout suite.

  2. Kapios

    Didact, as important as this post is, you need to absolutely stop everything your doing and go binge on the second season of Primal. Every since you recommended that series in an older post I fell in love with it. They still haven’t finished season 2, but it’s fantastic.


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