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The other side of the anime god

by | Aug 31, 2022 | Office Space | 3 comments

In this week’s Great Mondaydact Browser Beater, the videos of #BasedTucker‘s specials featured several long segments in which he interviewed one Andrew Tate. Up until about two weeks ago, I had never heard of the guy, which tells you just hoe ignorant I am of much of the “red-pill” community these days. Since I don’t really talk or write much about game and GETTING DA GURLZ!!! anymore – not that I ever did anyway – I didn’t pay much attention to the story until I realised that he had been deplatformed spontaneously by pretty much everyone that mattered.

What the heck was going on? Why would all of the Big Tech goombas, and the payment providers, and all of “reputable” society, suddenly slam the doors shut on this one guy? What did he do?

From what little I could see about him at the time, apparently he simply offered up some basic truths about life, women, money, and so on – things which I’ve been saying for years, albeit increasingly from a Christian perspective, and therefore in a fashion that is quite contrary to the hedonistic point of view that people like Mr. Tate espouse.

Since he seemed to be “on our side”, as it were, I basically said that Mr. Tate had been shut down for telling the truth, and therefore he was dangerous to Clown World, and that is why he was shut down. So, in my view, he deserved our support.

This got quite a strong reaction from a number of my readers and my channel members on Telegram. Channel member Lee, in particular, sent me a bunch of videos and links that indicate Andrew Tate is being a bit disingenuous about a number of things.

Lee very helpfully supplied a bunch of links and videos. Here’s one from Big Bear:

Yes, he literally slaps a woman around – you’ll have to fast forward to about 21 minutes in. That’s just Owen being Owen.

Here’s another one, where apparently Owen gets to the point after the first 5 minutes or so:

If you can’t be bothered to sit through a 3-hour Owen Benjamin video – and I really can’t blame you, Big Bear isn’t for everyone – then the Cliff Notes version is that Mr. Tate has been shown on film physically assaulting a woman, apparently a professional escort, and has been caught hustling men for money.

This, from a man who promotes a “Gigachad” type of lifestyle, a bit like one Cuck Murphy did back in the day – y’all remember him?

In other words, it looks like Andrew Tate is yet another successful Manosphere grifter. And these are people whom we should stay well away from.

I bear responsibility here as well, because I didn’t do my homework and didn’t check up on his credentials. I simply assumed that, because he had been cancelled by The Powers That Be, perhaps there is something more to his story and the mainstream whorenalist version is simply wrong – which it always is, because presstitutes are lying sacks of shit that deserve nothing short of a traitor’s death.

Clearly, I made a mistake, and for that, I apologise.

It looks like #BasedTucker didn’t look into the background either, and I don’t really blame him for that. The problem with us on the Right is that we tend to give people the benefit of the doubt, thinking that most people are basically decent until they prove otherwise, even as we are highly suspicious of strangers in general. This is just how we are on the Right – it comes from being of a relatively K-selected mindset that understands both cooperation and competition as fundamental drivers of survival. I am certainly not going to criticise Mr. Carlson for failing to do what I also failed to do.

However, evolutionary psychology and bad background checking aside, it is clear that in this case, Mr. Tate is a hypocrite.

Does that mean he deserves to be cancelled?

Absolutely NOT.

The fastest way to expose hypocrites, is to let people see their misdeeds in the full light of day, and let them make up their own minds. Now, however, because he landed on TCT and has a full hour of a Tucker Carlson Today episode dedicated to letting him speak without any criticism or any presentation of the opposite side of the story, a lot of people are going to think that he’s on the level, when he plainly is not – because Big Tech and Big Media have made it difficult, though not impossible, for normies to go find out who this guy is.

The result will be a lot of normies being properly befooled by a grifter and a hypocrite. That is very much a mistake and a problem.

Cancelling people like that is not the answer. Mocking them, or ignoring them, IS.

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  1. furor kek tonicus ( "fake and gay" is not redundancy, it's emphasis of the syllable )

    “i am anime god.”
    he identifies as anime

    just like furries identify as dragonkin or some such stupid shit.

  2. Kapios

    I disagree with Owen Benjamin about Tucker Carlson. From the looks of it, Owen is a bit unhinged in those videos as well.

    I do agree about Andrew Tate being a scammer though. Even if he wasn’t violent with the women around him, the cam girl business is no more than a getaway drug for men who are desperate for even a tiny bit of attention.

    He fooled many people because he speaks fast and confidently, and he is able to communicate his ideas very clearly, no matter how messed up they may be. Most of the truths he was saying were already mentioned by Roosh and Heartiste about a decade ago and probably earlier than that, so for Andrew to get such attention now, just shows how charismatic he is.

  3. Robert W

    “Clearly, I made a mistake, and for that, I apologise.”

    100 Man-Points,

    “he problem with us on the Right is that we tend to give people the benefit of the doubt, thinking that most people are basically decent until they prove otherwise, even as we are highly suspicious of strangers in general.”

    In my ‘civics’ style classes at the undergraduate level, they emphasized there was a single fundamental distinction between the ‘right’/Conservative and the ‘left’/Liberal dichotomy in the USA.
    Short hand, the Right/Conversatives believed people are basically evil and require control.
    The left/Liberals believed people are basically good and require only assistance.

    It rang hollow in 2009 and it rings hollow still today. In my experience the progressive left is deeply suspicious and prone to purging their own ranks, while the right is open and welcoming to any damn fool who walks in the door. It may be a legacy of the Christian ethic, ‘he who is without sin throw the first stone’, that the right tends to be OK with you until it’s proven you’re a total piece of scum.


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