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The Deep State gods

by | Aug 17, 2022 | Politics | 4 comments

Given that we’re all nerds here – well, most of us are – and given that a few said nerds are big fans of the Warhammer franchise in either its regular or 40K flavours, I figured it might be useful to borrow an idea from that universe to describe the sheer clownishness of the world that we live in.

After all, we successfully utilised tropes from WH40K to meme the hell out of the Left during the blessed reign of His Most Illustrious, Noble, August, Benevolent, and Legendary Celestial Majesty, the God-Emperor of Mankind, Donaldus Triumphus Magnus Astra, the First of His Name, the Lion of Midnight, may the Lord bless him and preserve him. So why can’t we use it to describe the various factions of the Deep State?

In my view, we can split the Deep State into at least three factions, and possibly as many as four, each one represented by a different elemental god of Chaos. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the concept, go look it up, I just cannot be arsed to write out a full essay that covers what the Chaos Gods are and why they are so awful. The point is that each one of the Chaos Gods represents an aspect of Chaos itself, the concept, and is a single-minded presence that pursues a singular objective in line with the emotion that powers it.

The Clownate Berserkers

The neoclown faction of the Deep State are by far the easiest to classify and figure out. You know exactly who they are. These are the people who never saw a country that they didn’t want to bomb, sanction, blackmail, or coerce into doing whatever they think is good for the USA. And, of course, by “good for the USA”, they mean, “good for themselves and their corporate partners”.

These are the people who go absolutely berserk when they see anyone or anything standing up to them and their demented agenda, and who think that the answer to any given problem is to fire Tomahawks at it. Their first answer is always MOAR WAAAAAAGH!!! They give Orks a run for sheer belligerence and epic stupidity, but they lack the amusement factor that makes “da Orky boyz” so much fun to watch on the battlefield.

Of course, they inevitably end up failing over time, because they ultimately lack subtlety, nuance, and any sense of realism with respect to the limits of their power.

The Plague-Bearers of Furgle

The faction of the Deep State that wants to impose a particular vision of “health” upon the world is best represented by that megalomaniac dwarf that we know of as “Dr. Fauci”. Spreader of endless amounts of nonsense and medical malpractice related to vaccines, the actually unproven “HIV = AIDS” thesis, and plenty of bad dietary and medical advice besides, this is the part of the Deep State that actively works to make you fat, sick, and dead.

Their “cures” are almost always worse than the diseases that they are supposed to fight. Whether we are talking about Alzheimer’s, obesity, heart disease, depression, or vaccines for some of the world’s most common and dangerous diseases, these people have been catastrophically and repeatedly wrong on just about every issue. Yet they insist that they are right, because they presume themselves to be the Guardians of the HOH-LEE SAYENCE!!!, in a fashion that even isaac Asimov couldn’t have done justice to in his excellent Foundation.

The Disciples of Tzeentchary

These are the worst and most dangerous schemers of the Deep State. They are the people who have plans within plans within plans. They are more slippery than eels, and more dangerous than any kind of snake. They constantly shift form, accent, and shape, in order to appear pleasing to whatever audience that they might appear in front of. But always and everywhere, their sole objective is POWER. And there is no line that they will not cross to achieve that power. These people are terrifying and nauseating to behold because they are so obviously evil, yet they don’t realise it themselves.

Inevitably, therefore, their greatest representative on this Earth is, of course, The Hilldebeast. It is difficult to imagine pure evil personified more thoroughly in human form than this woman – except, maybe, George Soros.

Interestingly, though, their plans often do not work out, and end up backfiring upon them. The greatest of the Daemon Princesses of this particular ilk rarely, if ever, suffer serious consequences for their malfeasance – the power of Killary protects them quite well.

The Mammonites of FEDesh

Of all of the factions of the Deep State, this is the most self-absorbed, the most vain, and by far the most corrupt and corruptible. That is because it is the faction that worships money, above all else. It loves to acquire wealth for its own sake, and will do everything possible to take whatever money and wealth you have, for itself.

This is the faction that operates the system of fractional reserve banking, which promotes inflation and misery. It is the faction that controls the tax system and the rules that govern investments, savings, borrowing, and spending. These are the people who control your ability to have a bank account, buy a house, take out a car loan, and generally simply exist in a modern economy.

They are economically illiterate and amazingly ignorant of human nature, but that does not matter – as long as they can make money, that is all that matters to them. And they will make money, no matter what happens, no matter who is in charge – because that is what they worship.

Conclusion – the Factions of Evil

This is easily one of the most nonsensical posts that I’ve written in nearly 10 years of blogging and shitposting. I freely acknowledge this fact. Yet there is a serious point to be made in spite of all of the silliness. And it is this:

Evil is not quite the monolithic, completely coordinated, absolutely unified entity that you might think it is. A careful reading of your Bible will tell you that, originally, God created a divine council of sorts, of lesser elohim that would rule over parts of His Creation, while He sat at the centre of it all as King and Lord. But parts of this divine council rebelled against Him, and in so doing, they rebelled against righteous and Godly authority and became evil followers of Satan.

Keep in mind that Satan tries to corrupt everything that God does through evil imitation. Just like God, Satan has his own council of elder daemons, and each of those daemons has its own agenda. These agendas can and do conflict with each other, which is when you get all sorts of weird things happening between factions, and even within factions.

That is why, in the current 404 War, we see the neoclown War Faction at severe odds with the Mammonites of the Fed Faction. The War Faction wants BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD, SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE! But the Fed Faction recognises that this war is seriously damaging their ability to make money in new markets, as the world sees the Deep State for what it is and fights hard against it. This closes off markets and reduces opportunities to extract ever greater amounts of money from ever larger populations. And so, the two factions are at war with each other, just as the Deep State is at war with Russia.

In the same way, groups within the neoclown faction are at war with each other. That is how and why you end up with Pentagon-funded Izzlamists fighting against CIA-backed Izzlamists in Syria – if ever there was an example of the completely FUBARd nature of the Chaos State, that, right there, is the perfect one.

At the risk of torturing a metaphor beyond recognition and utility, we must always recognise that evil is not some monolithic entity, even though it does have the characteristics of a hive mind. Evil is in fact composed of different “strands” or factions, each one with its own view of how things should be done, and each in competition with the others.

Ultimately, they will all fail, because, as The Master himself once said, “evil cannot create anything new, they can only corrupt and ruin what good forces have invented or made” (or words to that effect). Evil creations always collapse in the end, because the few, the good, the true, stand up to them and fight back.

So it will be with the Deep State Gods of Chaos. They too will fail and fall. Let us hope and pray that whatever replaces them will be slightly less demented, corrupt, and incompetent.

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  1. furor kek tonicus

    you know, if Narcissists ever figure out how to cooperate with each other, the world would be completely screwed.

    • Dire Badger

      They do, that’s what leads to things like the United States of America.
      The thing is, it’s more of a redemption arc. When a Narcissist learns how to become cooperative, they cease to become narcissists.

  2. Robert W

    I’d like to add another class, although I am ignorant of Warhammer.

    Most Fantasy stories have a dominant priesthood, an order of acolytes loyal to a god/ideology/creed. The good ones refrain from gathering power, and the majority of them dominate others.

    There is a priest class in the West. We call them Professors, we should call them the Wyrms of Wordtown. They dabble in Marx whilst wearing their tweed. They heckle virtue while subscribing to sodomy. They scorn any specimen of manhood from their lofty ivory towers. They distribute their missives in coordination with publishing mages. Combined, they coalesce conversation around empty words. Ayn Rand and CS Lewis knew them best in Atlas Shrugged and That Hideous strength. These are Joyless souls orbiting around vapid power struggles, crashing into a future by stealing the minds of other people’s children.

    Their most potent power is in line with their wyrminess. They can add a gloss of castings and wiggle up some academic rigor for their allies to appear larger and more potent to the common man. In this, their scorn and contempt serve them well, for they trample down the simple and wise with foolish ‘progress’.

  3. JohnC911

    But He, knowing their thoughts, said to them: “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and a house divided against a house falls. If Satan also is divided against himself, how will his kingdom stand? Because you say I cast out demons by Beelzebub.
    Luke 11:17‭-‬18 NKJV


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