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Friday T&A: The Winds of Winter Edition

by | Aug 26, 2022 | fat girl jihad | 4 comments

The title of this week’s bookend has sort of a double meaning. In part, of course, it makes a mockery of George Rape Rape Martin‘s long-promised and never-delivered 6th book in his A Song of Ice and Fire epic fantasy series. This is the book that he has been promising to finish for – and I’m not making this up – ELEVEN YEARS. I think it’s fair to say at this point that he’s probably going to eat himself to death before he ever actually finishes the stupid thing, and besides, we kind of already know how he planned to end the show anyway.

I never bothered watching Game of Thrones on HBO, because honestly, I just cannot be arsed to care about what everyone else considers “cool” or “trendy”. To the great amusement and considerable irritation of those closest to me, I’m a boring old stick in the mud. Besides, I had already read the books, so I knew pretty much what happened anyway.

And I wasn’t actually all that impressed.

The first three books were amazing – the third, A Storm of Swords, might just have been the best high-fantasy novel that I had read in ten years up to that point. But after that, it all went downhill, quickly, and horribly. The next two books were grinding, tedious, miserable exercises in nihilism, exposition, and navel-gazing, from a writer who had clearly lost the threads of his own plot.

The worst thing about Rape Rape’s series, of course, was the sheer lack of anything Good, Beautiful, or True in any of it. There were absolutely NO heroic characters doing great things and being rewarded for them. His entire worldview, his whole ethos, was essentially that “life sucks and then you die”. And that was it. There was no uplifting message of hope or decency, no moral lesson to learn, nothing to elevate a man’s soul and kindle the fires of his spirit.

The female characters were one of the worst parts of the series. Either they were venal manipulative sex-crazed harpies, or they were stupidly overpowered and flawless in every way. Neither depiction was realistic. Since GRRM clearly hates all that is Good, Beautiful, and True, today’s lady is an example of exactly what he seems to despise – because he is, after all, a serious Gamma.

The other part of the meaning of the title has to do with the fact that winter is coming in a way that the Western world has not experienced or understood in decades, perhaps CENTURIES.

Thanks to its own suicidal SANKSHUNS policies against a Russia that clearly was prepared and ready for them, energy costs in Europe went first from “ouch”, then to “prostate exam”, onward to “colonoscopy”, and are now at “impalement WITHOUT grease”, in a matter of just six months. Electricity prices have gone up 500%, and gas prices have gone up a brain-melting 3,400% in some European markets.

All of this was avoidable. None of it needed to happen. And yet, the European elites, and the European people, allowed it to happen.

In this respect, I am very much in agreement with Grandpa Grumpuss when he says that he feels very little sympathy for the European people – because they voted for this shit.

Yes, it is true that not all of them did. It is true that millions of Frenchists voted for Le Pen and not Macaroni, for instance. But it is also undeniably true that the European people got comfortable, fat, and lazy, and decided that an unaccountable and out-of-control elite could run their lives for them, as long as they got fancy pants and lollipops.

Look now at the result: the suicide of Europe, the self-imposed wholesale destruction of a once-great and once-proud group of nations that no longer can afford its own civilisation.

This winter is going to be very, very hard for hundreds of millions of people. The times ahead are going to be WORSE than those of the Coof – and that was a living nightmare for most of us.

How, then, are we to prepare? How are we to stand in the face of clearly insane policies created by elites that will not suffer from their own recklessness and stupidity?

We must do what we have always done – by walking away from the system that depends on us, forging our own paths, building our own independent futures.

You start by praying for wisdom and guidance – ask, and you will receive. You continue by taking action wherever appropriate – move out of cities, reduce your expenses, flee Europe if you must, and move to countries that have abundant food and energy if you can. (This inevitably means avoiding the shitholes of the world – Africa, India, etc.)

Above all, though, do not lose faith, hope, and love.

Here, courtesy of my old friend Kyle Trouble, is a glimpse of what a life without these three critical attributes is like:

For those of you lucky enough to have found a good woman – ask God for His blessing, marry her, and pump her full of babies. Which, by the way, is more or less exactly what Kyle himself did – I believe his daughter is due any day now.

Getting married and having kids might sound like the worst possible advice in the midst of the worst cost-of-living crisis in living memory. It assuredly is not. Children are the manifestation of hope, and marriage is the manifestation of love, and trust in God is the manifestation of faith. You will need all three to get through the times ahead.

Our ancestors faced harsher times than this. They never lost faith, hope, or love – which is why YOU are reading this. Why, then, should you lose those things? Cut your expenses, find a woman who shares your values and isn’t interested in trinkets and shiny things (tall order – believe me, I know), and build a life with her.

Winter is coming, to be sure. But you can face it, and you will persevere. Don’t waste your time chasing frivolous things, don’t give money to people who hate you, do take care of the people who love you and care about you, and above all, honour and fear the Lord your God.

Everything else is just commentary.

And that’s about enough heavy philosophising for one day, and for one week. The real reason why you’re here follows immediately below.

This week’s lovely lady is Kristina Romanova (Кристина Романова), age 27 from St. Petersburg, Russia. She is a model, dancer, and participant in something like the Russian version of The Bachelor, apparently, though these days she seems to spend her time doing actual legitimate modelling shoots.

Happy Friday, gents. Keep in mind that, as bad as things are now, they will assuredly get worse before they get better – but they WILL get better. It remains to be seen how much of a price the West must pay for literal decades of stupidity, corruption, and malfeasance, but it assuredly will be extreme. That, of course, is inevitable – the West has had things far too good for far too long, and now the bill has come due. Focus, therefore, on what matters, and let the rest take care of itself.

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    You had a video a while back (probably in one of the browser crashers) about what to do if your knees crack when you squat. I searched but can’t find it. Can you help a brotha out?

  2. furor kek tonicus ( Britney Griner solution: Putin should send her to Singapore ... with ALL of her luggage )

    that chin could be used to open cans.
    but you can see why Slavic women have been in demand for millenia.


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