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Friday T&A: Stupid Prizes Edition

by | Aug 19, 2022 | fat girl jihad | 1 comment

The past week has been an exercise in watching really stupid people doing really stupid things and winning really stupid prizes as a result. We are watching the literal self-imposed disembowelment of the Western world, as the Europeans insist on following literally insane economic policies that are eviscerating their own economies and industries, and as America follows the incoherent ramblings and mumbling of a barely-animated zombie clearly controlled by warring factions within the US government.

It seems as if sense, logic, and rationality no longer have much of a place among the political leaders o Western nations. They all seem to be willing and able to play amazingly stupid games, but we’re the ones who end up winning the stupid prizes.

Living standards are deteriorating sharply across the entire Western world. Inflation has shot up to levels not seen since the 1970s, and possibly not since the severe inflationary crises that followed WWI in many parts of the world. People are having to choose between feeding themselves and heating their homes – and, increasingly, between sending their children to school, and eating.

All of this was ENTIRELY avoidable, and all of it calls into question a core tenet of economic theory, that inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon.

In my view, it is increasingly clear that inflation starts due to a severe derangement of monetary policy – but that is not the ONLY culprit. Profligate money-printing alone is a sufficient, but not a necessary, condition for high inflation – that is to say, you can have inflation without a lot of money-printing, but if you print a lot of money, then you’ll rather inevitably get inflation.

In the modern context, supply-side policies have to play a part in generating or reducing inflation. After all, even if the monetary base stays exactly the same, if you insist on cutting off 20% of the total available supply of a vital commodity to the economies that depend on it the most, it is only logical that the price of that commodity will shoot up for those nations.

The way to solve that problem is to ease the supply restrictions. In terms of the economic war of attrition being waged by the West against Russia, that means getting rid of all of these plainly idiotic and amazingly foolish sanctions on Russian energy products – and on everything else.

But this would be sensible, logical, and sane. We don’t live in a sensible, logical, or sane world. We live in a world run by uneducated, historically illiterate, and almost entirely innumerate overcredentialed idiots who couldn’t figure out how to change a tire on a car, much less manage an actual economy.

It isn’t all doom and gloom, though. Playing stupid games also cuts the other way. And we have no better example of this than the fact that Li’l Gamma Doughboy Stelter of the Clown News Network, just lost his job.

Normally, I am the last person to take pleasure in watching someone lose his job. I’ve been through that exact experience three times, and I have watched far too many competent and capable people lose their jobs, because reasons, for far too long. But Brian Stelter was neither competent nor capable. He was and is an utter embarrassment to the already thoroughly discredited profession of whorenalism.

Imagine my amusement, therefore, when his much-deserved comeuppance arrived. He spent years pushing fake narratives and spreading bullshit all over the television screens of his viewers, and now he’s won the appropriate prize – years too late, to be sure, but better late than never.

All of this is a reminder to make sure that you avoid doing stupid things in your own life. As long as you stick to what is logical, sensible, and above all TRUE, you will easily be able to avoid the missteps and follies of your less sensible comrades. More than anything else, you will be able to avoid stepping on more rakes than you have to as you go through life.

And that is about enough philosophising for one day – in all honesty, this is about the only productive thing I’ve done all day long, and I think it is best to quit while I am ahead. After all, you’re not here to read my Wise and Important Thoughts – you’re here for da gurrlz.

This week’s closer is Katelyn Lordahl, age 20 from somewhere in Clownipornia. She is known for doing stuff on something called “TikTok”, which I gather is a train station where influenza spreads from person to person – or something like that, I’m too much of one of Ye Olde Phartes to figure out what the kiddies do these days.

It’s worth pointing out that she is rather obviously not a natural blonde, and it is probably quite fair to say that is not the only artificial thing about her, ifyaknowhatimeanrite.

Happy Friday, gentlemen. The ancient Chinese curse about living in interesting times probably couldn’t have imagined times this interesting, because we appear to have gone from Clown World into Potato Parlour in truly record time. But, we’ll make it through – we always do.

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