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Friday T&A: Faceplant Edition

by | Aug 5, 2022 | fat girl jihad | 3 comments

Gents, we sometimes get a little hyperbolic around here and say that “THIS is the week that changed the world forever!!!”. But, in all honesty, THIS week actually qualifies for the moniker, because that is precisely what happened over the past few days. It has been a busy time, full of import and fateful consequences.

As I pointed out a couple of days ago, the Chinese took a tactical loss when Nasty Pelosi, aka the Wicked Witch of the West, flew in on her broomstick to drop a pointless load of crap all over Taiwan. (Like most American politicians, and not a few American corporate types, Poolosi is a “seagull manager” – flies in, craps all over everything, makes a huge mess, flies back out, leaving it all for others to clean up.) They are furious from losing “face”, but, as I said, they are willing to take the short-term L in order to strike back for long-term strategic gain.

Keep in mind that the Chinks themselves literally wrote the manual on strategy and warfare. (Quite whether it was actually applied as thoroughly as the Chinese themselves claim, is another question entirely.) So these are people who know what it means to think for the long-term.

And we are already seeing long-term repercussions across the Taiwan Strait.

The Chinese have blocked shipments of sand to Taiwan, which doesn’t sound like much – until you realise that the Taiwanese depend overwhelmingly on the Chinese for imports of sand, which then are used for their construction and semiconductor industries. When you account for the fact that some of the world’s top semiconductor manufacturers and R&D plants are in Taiwan, you quickly realise that not only will this kick Taiwan in the nutsack, it will smash their chestnuts so hard that the Americans will feel the pain.

More than that, the Chinese and the Russians have now solidified their Eurasian alliance, and it will no longer be possible for the West to break it.

This is nothing short of a catastrophe for the Western neoliberal world order. That same order rested on the idea that the globalists could simply get whatever resources they need from any country that they want, while keeping the native populations of those countries under firm control. But this is no longer possible, because the neoliberals are no longer welcome in either Russia OR China.

Make no mistake, both countries have, or had, neoliberals among their ranks. The Russians booted theirs out shortly after the start of the Special Military Operation in 404, which they are WINNING in brutal, bloody, and extremely effective fashion. The Chinese, by contrast, still have quite a few of the more squishy business-minded neoliberals who seek Western passports, money, and status – because, let’s face it, China isn’t actually a very nice place to live, given its often-crazy and quite dystopian government.

Those same Chinese neoliberals have now been given a direct ultimatum, thanks entirely to Poolosi’s visit. She forced the Chinese government into a corner, and now they have virtually the entire native population of China behind them, plus a considerable majority of the Taiwanese, who think that the Wicked Witch’s visit was extremely destabilising and foolish. The neoliberals have to choose between allegiance to their overseas wealth, and allegiance to their people.

Most of them will likely choose to flee. I can’t really blame them – I sure as shit wouldn’t want to live in China, under the CCP’s rule. Hell, I wouldn’t want to live under the government systems of most Asian countries, because they are either highly incompetent, or highly authoritarian, or both. But that’s me – I don’t have skin in those games. The CCP’s leadership, on the other hand, really does have skin in the Great Game between the USA and China.

So in effect, we have watched the entire Western establishment commit one gigantic collective faceplant over the past week. But they are so deluded that they think they are winning.

They assuredly are not.

Russia is winning the war in 404, grinding the Ukrops into bloody pulp – there are leaked estimated from within the hohol high command that indicate total irrecoverable losses (i.e., KIA and severely WIA) of 191,000 men, which means that their true losses are on the order of 300,000 and more. This, from a pre-SMO total military force of around 600,000, means that the Ukrainians are weeks, perhaps days, away from complete military breakdown, followed soon afterwards by political breakdown.

China now sees the entire collective West as its mortal enemy, and will react accordingly. They already are reacting in that way, severing ties and cooperation with the USA on a number of issues. They no longer trust America, and nor should they.

I wager that future historians will look back on this week and conclude that the last few days were the ones that destroyed American hegemony and unipolarity for good.

And that’s about it as far as political analysis goes, because to be honest I’m too tired and a little too sloshed to think much further. It’s Friday, after all, and that means only one thing.

This week’s weekend opener is Rachel Cook, age 27 from Seattle, WA. She does actual modelling stuff, whatever that means, with a management company and real brands and the whole nine yards. Mostly, though, she’s known for looking pretty and having nice curves. Not, of course, that any of us are complaining.

Happy Friday to all of you, my friends and brothers. Enjoy your weekends, but keep your heads down and your eyes open. Things are going to get really freakin’ interesting very soon, as Western economies continue to implode under their self-inflicted stupidities and gunshot wounds, so be ready for action when it becomes necessary.

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  1. furor kek tonicus

    hold up. these breasts look … vaguely plausible?
    oh my. the side scroll arrows are actually functional? i thought those would just be static images. nice handfuls indeed.
    on actual news:
    how likely is it that Oz could export silicon grade sand? Taiwan should have been avoiding dependencies on mainland China all along if they’re going to pretend that they are a separate country.

    • Didact

      how likely is it that Oz could export silicon grade sand? Taiwan should have been avoiding dependencies on mainland China all along if they’re going to pretend that they are a separate country.

      Sure, the Aussies could, in theory, export silica-grade sand. So could the Philippines, for that matter – and they are much closer. But it would be FAR more expensive, since Chinese sand is much closer.

      And that is before we get to the fact that China has the means and the will to blockade all of Taiwan’s ports anytime it wants.

      I agree that Taiwan should have found ways to be independent, but they definitely have not – they do not have sufficient arable land, energy resources, food, water, power, or anything important necessary to maintain a modern industrial civilisation.

      Partly, that is because they are an island. Very few islands are self-sufficient in anything. The sensible course of action for Taiwan is to recognise its very precarious position, and align itself closely with the Chinese mainland, while still doing whatever it can to maintain the independence of its political system.

  2. Lurking Legend

    This post is a cut above the normal Friday feature, and Friday’s quality is quite good.

    She’s featured in an NFT art piece that is possibly worth the $30,000 investment. It’s an incredible piece. Beats the pants off the Bored Ape Yacht stereotype nft.

    Even obfuscates the stealth tattoo.


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