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The Western banana republics

by | Jul 28, 2022 | Office Space | 1 comment

The name of Graham Phillips probably will not be familiar to you, unless you follow his work on Telegram. I routinely forward his reportage from the LDNR territories in my Telegram chat channel, as I think he does an excellent job of providing the other side of the story. This is the one that the presstitutes and whorenalists of the Western so-called (((media)))))))))))) always refuse to show – the one in which civilians in the LDNR territories are terrorised by hohols bombarding purely civilian areas with thermite shells and artillery strikes designed purely to maim and kill and inflict misery.

As Graham himself noted in a post on his Telegram channel yesterday, he has been blocked, blacklisted, and sanctioned by his own government:

So, on the way to Severodonetsk today to check on the situation there, it came to my attention that i’d been put on the UK government sanctions list, and all my assets frozen – ie money all confiscated.

What to say about this. Well in the first place, my thoughts are with Severodonetsk, and will soon be arranging another humanitarian aid distribution there, at this difficult time where the will of the people has been achieved, but there is also the aftermath the war it took for that to happen.

As for the situation with the UK, well to quote a certain tennis player, you cannot be serious, right? So all my assets have been frozen, and i’ve been slandered on a state level by the British government without any notification, without any opportunity to defend myself. No official charges against me, not even any actual accusations against me. Just that…. the British government don’t like my work. And for that they can seize my bank accounts from me, for starters, as other machinations are doubtless afoot.

So, now we know, the UK government don’t need to present any actual charges against you, don’t need to give you any notification, or opportunity to defend yourself against their non-charges. They just need to not like your work, slander you, and steal your money. So at least we know what we’re dealing with here.

This should serve as a wake-up call to each and every one of us that values so-called “Western liberal ideals” – notions like the right to face your accuser, the right to a trial by a jury of your peers, the right to speak your mind and criticise your own government, and the right to your own private property.

Contrary to what you were taught in school, these are not “Enlightenment” values. They are Christian ones, derived from both the Old and New Testaments, and upheld as laws from God Himself. These rights do not come from governments, they stand apart from them.

The West flourished and succeeded precisely because it respected individual rights and liberties, for the most part, as sacrosanct. Today, however, those same Western governments are busy trampling all over those rights.

If you still believe that you have freedom of speech and thought in the West, you are a moron. I’m sorry to put it so bluntly, but it is true. The very same Western nations that supposedly value “freedom of the press” and “free speech”, now very clearly value neither of these things.

Gonzalo Lira breaks down the British persecution of Mr. Phillips, and the German persecution of a young lady named Alina Lipp, for us:

I rather dislike his speaking style – he makes it out to be one big joke, as if seeing your bank accounts being frozen and the government simply stripping you of all of your rights is funny. It isn’t. But he does have some good points to make.

Alex Christoforou offered up his own take today on the sanctioning of Mr. Phillips as well:

This is a very disturbing and dangerous precedent, and comes hard on the heels of the entire Western world’s persecution of Julien Assange for doing nothing more than publishing documents that exposed some very uncomfortable things about some very powerful people.

This, then, is the reality of the corrupt and broken Western world:

You don’t live in a society bound by the rule of law. You live in a democracy, and that is nothing more than mob rule. Worse, you live in a representative democracy, where you vote for people in fancy suits who make glib-sounding speeches that mean absolutely nothing, and you pretend to believe them. They then pretend to represent your interests. In reality, they simply vote for more money, power, and influence for themselves.

Is it any wonder, then, that I argue that monarchy is a far better, more sensible, and more Godly system than democracy?

Moreover, if you live in Europe, the USA, or (God help you) Canada, Australia, or New Zealand, then you live in what is effectively a kleptocracy.

Your assets are not safe. If the bastard love-child of Fidel Castro that is now in charge of things in Canuckistan doesn’t like you and your politics, he can seize your bank accounts, and you can do nothing about it. If the so-called “conservatives” in PommieBastardLande think that you are a Russian stooge, they can, on the basis of absolutely no evidence, put you on a sanctions blacklist that will effectively “un-person” you. And if you are an American citizen, well, you will be taxed no matter where you live in the world, and you can potentially invite a drone strike upon your head because extra-judicial killings are apparently within a President’s powers to order – just ask the ghost of Anwar al-Awlaki.

This is the reality of life in the Western world. The West is no longer free, and has not been for some time now. Future historians will look upon the thirty years or so gone past, and will place an arbitrary line somewhere in that span and state that such-and-such-year was the one in which the West moved from democracy to plutocracy.

It is not quite accurate at this point to state that the West is a set of banana republics, wherein corporate interests control everything – if you go by the dictionary definition of the term. I argue that, at this point, it is simply splitting hairs at the atomic level. For those of us who live in Western nations, we are effectively living on borrowed time.

Consider the fact that the USSA is now over US$30T in debt, against a total annual output (even if you believe the doctored numbers, which I assuredly do not) of US$23.5T. The Federal unfunded liabilities alone exceed US$170T, depending on how you measure them. These liabilities will NEVER, EVER be paid out. There is no hope whatsoever for a nation so indebted, with such extravagant benefits.

Where is the USA going to get the money to pay off its debts? The answer is simple:

From your private 401(K) pension plans, your bank accounts, and your household wealth.

You don’t believe it could happen in the USA? Just ask the people of Cyprus whether they would agree with you. At least one Greek Cypriot reads this site. Ask him whether the bank account haircut that his fellow citizens had to endure, back in 2013, resulted in any great protests on the streets and the overthrows of governments. It just didn’t happen.

The Cypriot government sold that idea to their people on the basis that the haircut would affect “only the wealthy” – and did so AFTER the fact. They put the levy on those “foreigners” using the country as a tax haven – which included quite a few wealthy Russians, and in fact Cyprus is still a go-to destination for Russian individuals and companies who want to avoid the hefty income tax rates on the continent.


Do you believe that something similar cannot happen in the UK, or the USA? You are dreaming.

Americans argue that their 2nd Amendment would prevent such a thing from happening – I am deeply and cynically amused by the sheer amateurishness of this argument. Your 2nd Amendment has not stopped a litany of abuses and usurpations that would have had your forefathers rioting in the streets and hanging government officials decades ago – what makes you think that, in a country where Whites are now a majority-minority, and precious few among that minority even understand what the Constitution actually says and means, people would actually take up arms to defend their rights?

The Brits just proved that they will happily sanction and blacklist one of their own – a true Englishman – simply because he says things that their politicians and presstitutes and corporatists don’t like. Yet they preen and strut and pretend as if they are somehow morally better than the Russians.

I assure you that Russia is radically different. I was there in late 2018 when massive protests erupted – led mostly by the yoot, actually – against proposed pension reforms that would have raised the age of eligibility for pension payments. Tens of thousands of people marched in the streets of Moscow and other Russian cities in protest against the Neo-Tsar’s plans, and even he had to partly back down.

In Russia, you can criticise the government, and you can do so openly. The lines for doing so are clear. You cannot spread disinformation about the military, and you cannot abuse or vilify their soldiers. But, if you disagree with the way that the Russian government is doing a particular thing, then you can post your views on their social media channels, without much fear of retaliation.

If you accept funding from foreign sources, or if you spread libel and slander, or if you insult the religious views of various Russian peoples, then, yes, you assuredly open yourself up to prosecution. But the Russians are very clear about their red lines – because they understand full well, in ways that Westerners do not, that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS “FREE SPEECH”.

Instead, the Russians have anti-blasphemy laws, and they USE them. Which is exactly how it should be.

In Russia, as long as you do not seek to meddle in the affairs of the government, and do not act as an agent of foreign powers, they generally leave you well enough alone. Some of Russia’s harshest critics are themselves Russians – Igor Strelkov comes to mind – and they live in Russia without being molested.

We are now coming to the point where the Western peoples will have to choose the lesser of two evils, and both are quite odious.

Either Westerners must submit to the rule of politicians that are completely disconnected to them, and work only for their own interests and those of their corporate backers…

Or they must rise up in open revolt, overthrow their own governments, and re-establish the rule of kings, thereby running the same old risks of inbreeding, tyranny, and reckless and dangerous entanglements and alliances that have sunk past monarchies and empires.

It is clear enough to me, though, that the current system cannot stand. One way or another, it WILL break.

As for you – what can you do to protect yourself? Remember, the government WILL, at some point, come for your money, your freedoms, and your safety.

One of the most important posts in this history of this site is my article about protecting yourself from Big Tech. It is even more relevant today, because there is effectively no real distinction between Big Tech and Big Government any longer. Everything starts with getting yourself a VPN and establishing independent sources of income.

You must then seek out ways of establishing bank accounts and assets overseas, diversifying your risk. It is impossible to diversify away your risks completely – this simply cannot be done, you will ALWAYS be exposed to some level of risk of some government seizing your assets. But you can minimise the risk eventually. Over time, I hope to be able to point you to ways that will help you do precisely that.

Ultimately, you have to embrace the reality, as Mr. Phillips has, that when the crisis comes, you are largely on your own, and you will need to have the stomach to fight back. Very few people really do, which is why governments almost invariably win legal battles against their own people.

But, if you take some basic steps to protect yourself, and if you move away from high risk jurisdictions toward those which are lower risk and more willing to tolerate a bit of free thinking (which by the way rules out China and much of Asia), then you can protect yourself, at least for a while.

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1 Comment

  1. rpt

    Right after the commencement of SMO our government passed a law one can go to prison for a year for spreading Russian propaganda and I’ve already mentioned blocked sites like RT on Telegram discussion.

    As for Russia, you may correct me but their system of government seems to be basically a social democracy. In time, they will probably decline in terms of budget and ruling class quality. The system is bound to fail and you described how. The biggest temptation is paradoxically to finance project to enhance people’s life and then basically whatever the ruling class pursues as common good. That’s how progressivism or left liberalism or social democracy as I call it came to birth. Perhaps they transform it into something else.

    In your text about monarchy one point you hurried over is the difference between societies antiquity which were basically city states and medieval societies. The latter were much more legally polycentric with all sorts of customs, ancient rights, statutes and other legal burdens that hindered the power of kings. The aristocracy was not some appointed stewards or office-holders. That came much later. They ruled on their own right.

    I mention this because modern society and to certain extent the city states of antiquity are completely different beast with all the layers of society leveled to just one – the citizen. All the sources of law, rights, customs and liberties, canon law reduced to just one – legislative branch of government. All of this done for the sake of a more enlightened, more efficient and rational rule. It is difficult to see how this is not going to end up sooner or later in some sort of totalitarian state.

    Fustel de Coulanges describes life in the ancient city and it is not a place where I would like to be. And modern life rushes towards similar mode – either the woke semi-totalitarianism of niceness and gratification or a technocratic full or semi-totalitarianism, think China. The medieval option (somehow translated to modern circumstances) turns out to have a little bit more room for freedom than the other two.


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