“We are Forerunners. Guardians of all that exists. The roots of the Galaxy have grown deep under our careful tending. Where there is life, the wisdom of our countless generations has saturated the soil. Our strength is a luminous sun, towards which all intelligence blossoms… And the impervious shelter, beneath which it has prospered.”

Scrubbing away the veneer

by | Jul 8, 2022 | Politics | 1 comment

Quite a while ago, when he appeared as a guest on THE GREATEST TV SHOW OF ALL TIME, a certain Boris Johnson was asked by Ye Greateste Livinge Englisheman, the legendary philosopher Clarksonius, to explain exactly what his core characteristics are. The words uttered by Mr. Johnson were prophetic in their import, but it is only today that we understand just how well he assessed himself:

I mean you can’t rule out the possibility that, y’know, beneath the carefully constructed veneer of a, y’know, blithering idiot, there lurks, in fact, a blithering idiot.

— Alexander de Pfeffel Boris Johnson, circa 2008

That was Boris, many years ago and many kilograms lighter. Time has not been kind to an utterance given in jest – and assuredly not to him who uttered it, either.

Rumours of His Demise…

Given the events of the last two days, in which the Prime Minister of PommieBastardLande, that very selfsame Boris Johnson, had to resign after suffering a BRUTAL rash of defections and resignations from his own government, one might say that those words were prophetic.

Indeed, there is a certain poetic irony in all of this, because Bozo BoJo is himself a classical scholar, and one of considerable talent. You can find a video of him quoting passages of Homer’s Iliad, from memory, because why not:

I bring this up because The Iliad is full of prophecies of doom and death by Cassandra, that were ignored, and eventually and inevitably came true. In Johnson’s case, his own prophecy came VERY true indeed – beneath that veneer of a blithering idiot, lay a blithering idiot, and that is precisely why he has been thrown out of office by his own party.

Why did this happen? And what lessons are there to learn from Johnson’s spectacular failure?

The Greater the Rise, the Harder the Fall

Back in 2019, when the Tory Party won an historic majority in the British Parliament, I wrote a post on the subject, pointing out that Boris the Floppy-Haired Sheepadoodle, as I used to call him, had taken his party to victory by focusing ONLY on what actually mattered and doing what the British people really wanted. His message was very simple: GET BREXIT DONE. And that allowed him to get past a lot of the other waffle and contradictions in his Party Manifesto, especially with respect to the Green Delusion.

In that post, I warned that Boris was not, and never has been, a true conservative in the “small-c” sense of things. He was (and remains) an extremely flawed man with a lot of problems, who has very little understanding of the true problems facing the country that he wanted so badly to govern. I closed on an optimistic note, pointing out that God uses broken men to do His work, but I made clear in that post that I viewed Boris’s victory with, at most, cautious optimism.

Time and hindsight shows that my concerns and reservations – and I was far from alone in voicing them – were entirely valid. Boris has proven to be an utter and complete disaster, failing to deliver on every aspect of his plan, even including Brexit.

This happened, in my view, because Boris forgot the basic reasoning behind Brexit – and that is because he never actually UNDERSTOOD the reasons for Brexit in the first place.

We must never forget that BoJo was always an opportunist with respect to Brexit. He waited until it became very clear that the country actually wanted Brexit before he weighed in and took the Brexiteer side – he could just as easily have come out as a Remainer instead. His opportunism, and his refusal to commit to one particular vision or view of the future beyond the Green nonsense, combined with his already loose morals, has undone him.

The Invalid Defence

Now, some of BoJo’s defenders insist that this is the Revenge of the Remoaners and the Deep State Swamp that exists in PommieBastardLande. They point to his achievements in getting Britain out of the EU, delivering on a rapid vaccine rollout, and opening up Britain faster than any other industrialised nation after the Scamdemic.

This is pure hogwash. (And, by the way, if you have to stoop so low as to get a butt-buggerer to defend you, then you’ve got far bigger problems than you realise.) In reality, Boris Johnson paid far too much attention to the fear-mongers and nonsense-peddlers of his Cabinet, like Matt Hancock – the disgraced former Health Secretary who was caught canoodling on camera with his assistant, to the immense amusement (and irritation) of the Limey public – and Michael Gove. He locked down the country, hard, then only reluctantly reopened in the summer of 2020, only to lock down yet again in the winter.

None of the lockdowns made ANY sense whatsoever. And BoJo KNEW it, what’s more, which is why he had no problem holding parties in the garden areas of Downing Street, without masks, and without “social distancing”. The Kung Flu was ALWAYS an attempt to control and terrify the population, and it worked.

Even in April of 2021, when the UK FINALLY began to reopen, Boris repeatedly delayed the full reopening of the economy until July, stretching out the agony as much as possible before giving the British people back the freedoms that they should NEVER have given up in the first place.

In the winter of 2021, only the threat of outright revolt by a substantial number of his own MPs stopped him from implementing another winter lockdown.

In reality, BoJo was never some cuddly and affable slightly goofy friend of the people. He was always a tool of the GloboHomoPaedo forces.

The Collapse

The scandals surrounding Bozo BoJo are too many to count by this point. But, as Alexander Mercouris pointed out in yesterday’s excellent video summary, other Prime Ministers have survived scandals – some of them much worse than what BoJo got himself into. They have been able to do so when supported by a strong economy, public purse, and foreign policy. Not ONE of those conditions applied to BoJo before he fell.

In reality, BoJo was undone by his own complete inability to understand what needed to be done to solve the unparalleled cost-of-living crisis now facing the British people.

Inflation in PommieBastardLande is officially running at 9% and higher. In reality, it is AT LEAST twice that amount. If you look at supermarket shelves in British cities, the price of basic necessities has jumped anywhere between 20% and 40% year-on-year. Eggs, milk, bacon, bread, vegetables, butter, and basic meats are all up 20% or more.

I’ll give you three simple examples to show the magnitude of the problem. Sunflower oil – which is horrible for you, so don’t use it – disappeared from British shelves for a while. Rapeseed oil (also absolutely awful for you) then followed suit. And then lighter olive oils, which are MUCH more expensive than either of the previously mentioned cooking oils, disappeared too.

This all points to a collapse in living standards never witnessed by the British people in the past 70 years – which is to say, in an entire lifetime. This has never happened in living memory to the British, and they are, rightly, seething.

They can see for themselves that their politicians do not understand these issues, do not care about them, and continue to focus primarily on ramping up the conflict in the 404 War – which they themselves caused. And it is that selfsame war which is making this crisis vastly worse.

The British people can see clearly that there is no real substantive difference between the Conservative Party, the Labour Party, and the Liberal Democrats on the policy issues that actually matter. None of them have any answers for getting new sources of energy to offset soaring natural gas and petrol prices – the latter have jumped over 40% in one year. None of them understand the need to cut government spending and raise interest rates in order to contract the money supply and thereby reduce overall inflation.

And none of them seem to understand just how vulnerable the British economy is to supply chain shocks. Britain IS NOT capable of feeding itself, even with respect to the very basics. It has a highly productive dairy and meat industry, to be sure, but it depends on imports of grains, oils, nuts, fuels, and fertilisers.

Yet its political class has gone to war with, essentially, the world’s largest producers of fertiliser inputs – Russia and Belarus – and supported a third – Ukraine – that is now crippled in terms of its ability to export anything.

This smacks of blind stupidity and opportunism, not grand political strategy or sensible long-term thinking.


Nobody has a plan. Nobody has the first clue what to do. All of the Old Etonians with their fancy Oxbridge degrees in airy subjects like “Philosophy” and “Classics” and “Economics”, have no understanding of what it means to actually produce ANYTHING of real value.

There is no better distillation of this lack of knowledge, foresight, self-awareness, and productive ability, than Boris Johnson. And THAT is why he has failed.

Keep in mind, this is BEFORE we get to the fact that Bozo BoJo is DIRECTLY responsible, more than any other man, for convincing King Zarnulf of Hy-Bandera to backtrack on negotiations with Russia and keep fighting. Thanks to the lockdowns, the not-vaxx mandates, and his stupidity with respect to the 404 War, it is assuredly not an exaggeration to say that Bozo BoJo has the blood of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS upon his hands.

For this, he will be rightly judged by a wrathful God.

Now What?

Things are unlikely to get any better for the Limeys. They do not seem to understand that their entire system is geared toward preserving the power and status of their elite classes.

Take a look at the picture above, and go lookup the people in it, and you immediately get an idea of the sheer scale of the problem.

Defence Minister Ben Wallace is a neoclown and intellectual lightweight of the worst kind.

Former Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak is about as “British” as I am – considerably less so, actually – and is severely compromised by the fact that his wife is the daughter of an Indian billionaire who, until recently, claimed “non-domicile” tax status in order to avoid paying, very steep, British income tax rates.

Former Health Minister Sajid Javid cannot be trusted with power, for he has shown every instinct for stabbing his own people in the face when he sees fit, repeatedly. Nor can new Chancellor Nadim Zahawi, for apparently he was the one who knifed BoJo by telling him to go.

Foreign Minister Liz Truss is an imbecile of the worst kind – just watch her press interview standing next to her Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, in which she gets completely flummoxed by the names of Russian cities and claims that they are not part of Russia, to get an understanding of just what a dim bulb she is. That woman thinks she can be the next Margaret Thatcher, but in reality, she would be a completely incompetent disaster, worse even than BoJo, and that is a spectacle that is terrifying to contemplate.

Note, by the way, just how many of the supposedly “British” politicians above, are in fact NOT BRITISH AT ALL. It would be the ultimate irony to wake up one morning and find that the former British Empire is now governed by a non-White descendant of the former British colonies. Keep in mind that, wherever Indians and Afghanis and Africans go, unless they renounce the ways and beliefs of their birth, they INEVITABLY end up turning their new homes into their old ones.

Given that India and most African countries remain – and I make no apologies for using this word – shitholes, more than 70 years after the end of colonialism, that does not bode well for non-British rule of Britain.

Nor can any of the opposition parties be trusted with power. Sir Keir Starmer has all of the personality of a wet dish-rag, and even fewer useful policy ideas. The Labour Party has shown no evidence whatsoever of having any bright ideas as to how to get Britain out of its present mess. The Liberal Democrats are basically the party of tofu-munching metropolitan elites living in the most prosperous London postcodes, who care nothing for the real concerns of ordinary Britons.

Conclusion – No Easy Way Out

About the only politicians who can save Britain from itself are themselves deeply compromised or incapable of ruling over the country.

Jacob Rees-Mogg is a fine man in many ways, and I see much evidence in him of the Alpha steel and strength needed to be a true patriarch of the British nation, but he is very much an elitist toff, who lacks the art of the common touch. Furthermore, he has unfortunately sullied himself by being so blindly and foolishly loyal to BoJo, even to the point where he pushed for policies and procedures that dishonoured himself and his party.

That is before we get to the fact that he is a staunch Roman Catholic, in an “Anglican” country. (Not, of course, that this particularly matters – the Anglican, Presbyterian, and Roman Catholic denominations are ALL thoroughly corrupted by this point, and Britain long ago turned its back on God. And never mind the very lustful and un-Godly beginnings of the Anglican Church itself, founded in no small measure because King Henry VIII simply couldn’t keep his pecker in his pants with respect to Anne Boleyn and wanted to divorce his barren Spanish wife.)

Nigel Farage is about the only other man I can think of, but he is intensely Russophobic and is unlikely to put aside that silly hatred of Russia and Putin to sit down and do what must be done. Being outside of the traditional LibLabCon flim-flam of the political apparatus, it is impossible for him to get the necessary votes to become Prime Minister in an actual election. All he can do is create a Britain-First sort of party that would serve as a strong opposition and split off votes and influence from Labour and the more small-c conservative Tories.

That is the absolute state of PommieBastardLande today – a broken country, bereft of honour and decency, with no way out of the problems that it has created for itself.

Be under no doubt, my friends – Britain is under God’s righteous judgement. Bozo BoJo was a clown of a leader, an unserious man in serious times, incapable of true leadership, who did childish and stupid things while in power, and who wasted literally God-given chances for greatness. The worst part of it is that he had every possible opportunity to be a truly GREAT leader, greater even than his idol Winston Churchill, by simply delivering on Britain’s interests FIRST.

He did not. He proved to be just another globalist. And he will be judged by God for his failures – after he is first put through the wringer by his true master, the Prince of this World.

His reckoning was swift and brutal – but it is not finished, even though his political career is.

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  1. Kapios

    You can pretty much replace Britain with every other country in Europe right now. If all the fools who rule as presidents or prime ministers were to step down, I doubt there would be anyone good enough to replace them. These people are so out of touch with reality or neck deep in globohomo ideology.


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