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Man plans – God laughs

by | Jul 12, 2022 | Office Space | 5 comments

I don’t follow or care about tennis very much anymore, ever since His Fedness more or less stopped playing last year – and it is not clear that Federer will ever come back. (He is nearly 41 with a dodgy knee – I am not much younger than he is, I have a dodgy knee, I am nowhere near his athletic and genetic abilities, and I know damned well that I can’t do some things that I used to be able to, just because of my long list of injuries.) But there was some very interesting news over the weekend with respect to the world’s most famous and prestigious tennis event, Wimbledon.

Now, you might recall that, back when the Russians invaded 404 and kicked off their Special Military Operation, the All-England Lawn Tennis Club straight-up BizANNED Russian and Belorussian tennis players from competing at British tournaments this year. This includes Wimbledon, the single biggest and most important of all of the four Grand Slams, and the only one to be played on grass courts.

Wimbledon, to be clear, is very special. It takes true greatness and skill to win on grass courts, which have fundamentally different bounce and spin characteristics from hard or clay courts. There are only a few grass court events in the tennis calendar, because the courts are much harder and more expensive to maintain than either of the other kinds. And the players who tend to win on grass courts, also tend to be very, very good on other surfaces.

So, winning at Wimbledon is an extremely prestigious capstone on a player’s career. Winning it multiple times is an incredible achievement, and only a very small number of players, relatively speaking, have ever managed that feat.

The AELTC’s ban was pure virtue signalling, nothing more. The Association of Tennis Players (ATP) and the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) responded, entirely correctly, by stripping all AELTC tournaments in 2022 from their ranking points, essentially turning them into exhibition matches with no real consequences beyond bragging rights.

Fast forward to last Saturday, when a Russian-born, Russian-raised, Russian-speaking, tall, beautiful, talented, very well-mannered young woman named Elena Rybakina (Елена Рыбакина), aged barely 23, won the women’s tournament:

Don’t be fooled for one moment by the fact that she plays for Kazakhstan. She is RUSSIAN, and both the Russians AND the Kazakhs will tell you as much. The reason why she plays for Kazakhstan is very simple – they offered her a buttload of money, which the Russian Tennis Federation couldn’t match. The Russians aren’t sore about it – they are happy that one of their own won.

So, basically, a Russian won at a tournament that hates Russians.

You couldn’t write a better plot line even if you tried.

But it didn’t stop there.

In a country that went completely crazy for not-vaxxes during the span of the Scamdemic, and which spent a month hyperventilating about how horrid Novak Djokovic was for refusing to get not-vaxxed and making a mockery of Australia’s laws back in January, that same man went on to smash an Australian superbrat in the Men’s final and lift his 21st Grand Slam trophy:

I am not a fan of Djokovic’s playing style, at all. I very much prefer Federer’s smooth, whisper-quiet, exceptionally fluid all-court movement-based style that emphasises technique and talent, over Djokovic’s grinding approach to the game. But I will be the first to admit that Djokovic simply has no equal at present – even His Fedness cannot match him right now, due to age and injuries and “court rust”.

The key takeaway here, though, is that a thoroughly based Serb – i.e. a Slav and a brother of the Russian people – and an actual Russian won the world’s most prestigious tennis tournament, in the face of all human attempts to stop them from doing precisely that:

Can anyone have any doubt that God has a very real, very sharp, sense of humour?

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  1. Bardelys the Magnificent

    Novak “is Wayne Brady gonna have to” Djokovic.

  2. JohnC911

    It is amazing time we lived in.
    Russia has replace USA as the Christian Defender. While the USA and the West in general has become the Morality backwards. Replacing Jesus with the old Gods (Demons) Seth, Baal, Lucifer Ashtoreth and Molech.

    Hey Didactic what are your thoughts on the death of the former Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe? He was shot while giving a campaign speech in Nara.

    Anyway I hope you are doing well

    • Didact

      We assuredly live in strange times, my friend. Russia is indeed the defender of Christendom now, despite their rather broken Orthodox approach to the True Faith. I have substantial disagreements with their doctrine and dogma, and on their emphasis on fear and religiosity over faith and forgiveness, but I have no doubt that the Orthodox Church is by far the most red-pilled of modern denominations.

      That is not to say that Russia has overcome all of its greatest flaws. Divorce and abortion remain rampant there. The situation is improving, from what I can tell, but it has a very long way to go before the population there starts to expand naturally in the right and proper manner of fruitful and healthy sexual relations between married men and women.

      As for Shinzo Abe – I must beg ignorance as to the man himself, as I simply do not know enough about Japanese politics and structures to have much of an opinion. From what I remember of him during my time in Asia, he was a very capable politician who really worked the Japanese system with immense skill. I also know that he wanted to rearm Japan and expand the power of the government, while attempting (and failing) to reform the country’s economy. But these are just broad-stroke points, and I lack any knowledge of the details. I have no particular view on his visits to the Yasukuni War Memorial either, since I have no axe to grind against the Japanese occupation of Asian nations, though I know that the Japanese themselves tend to be pretty touchy about it.

      I think that the best take on his death was from Vox Day. He believes that Abe was yet another Clown World globalist tool – perhaps he was, and perhaps he was not, I am neutral on this subject. But Vox believes that Abe’s calls for moderation with respect to Russia could not be tolerated by the Japanese establishment. Here, I agree with him. I believe that Japan is effectively an American colony and vassal state, and Abe’s power and influence within the LDP was winning over too many Japanese politicians who wanted to end the economic war of attrition with Russia. Japan is losing that war, badly. The effective nationalisation of the Sakhalin-2 LNG project was a severe blow to Japanese pride and prestige, as well as to its economy, which needs that LNG for manufacturing and technology outputs.

      Abe’s murder – I am unwilling at this point to call it an assassination, as this implies a political motive, and this is circumstantial right now – was shocking, especially to my Japanese friends. But I think that it MAY have been a warning to the rest of the Japanese establishment: comply with the Empire of Lies, or be destroyed.

      • JohnC911

        I agree with you. I don’t know much about Shinzo Abe other than the changes in Defence and wanting Japan to take a bigger role in the world. China and both Koreans went a little hysterical about the talks of rebuilding of the Japanese Navy. I do remember he keep the refugees out of his country during the crisis.

        From what I have read sounds like a lot of his politics and policies were like Trump just a little more pro Japanese (race). This is an upgrade to what we have in the west. The thing I got from the problems of Japan is the focus of free market economy and GNP over the real Domestic problems such as low birth rates.

  3. Jim S

    I haven’t been a big tennis fan in a long time. But, I am now a fan of Mr. Novak Djokovic for sticking to his “guns” in regards to the death vaxxes. Winning Wimbledon was his reward! God always has a plan for you, as long as you listen to him. I know he has laughed at my plans, because his plan is always better for me! Enjoy the ride!


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